Give the Gift of Groceries this Easter

Spring is always a season of hope, and after the past year of dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on our work and personal lives, the promise of a hopeful and bright spring of 2021 seems especially important.

“Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.”
Anita Krizzan

Give the Gift of Groceries in Celebration of Spring

Many companies have a long tradition of celebrating Easter or spring in the workplace. It’s still important to share that sense of appreciation to employees, particularly when we take a moment to reflect on the challenges of the past year. No matter how you and your team celebrate Spring, the practical gift of groceries is something that will resonate with everyone in an meaningful way – especially during our pandemic recovery. It’s one gift that is always welcomed and appreciated by all.


gThankYou Grocery Gift Certificates can be redeemed for any combination of food items at major grocery stores anywhere in the U.S.
Recipients can choose the center piece of a holiday meal such as an Easter ham, healthy basics like fruits and vegetables and/or a special dessert. They choose what their family needs and will enjoy most. Recipients will appreciate your thoughtful gift and acknowledgement of their role in helping your organization weather the challenges of the past year.
Give the Gift of Groceries with gThankYou Grocery Gift Certificates

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If you are looking to tie into spring holidays here are some practical tips to celebrating in the workplace and key dates:

Passover, March 27 to April 4th
Easter, Sunday April 4th

Spring Brings Hope and Renewal

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.”
Ladybird Johnson

It’s hard to believe that we are at the one year anniversary of the global pandemic but as vaccines become more available, there seems to be a brighter and lighter mood in the air accompanied by more sunshine and the signs of spring.

Did you know that increased hope comes from nature itself?

Mental Floss reported on scientific reasons why spring is a delightful season. Here are just a few:

  • After the spring equinox, days get longer and nights get shorter and Daylight Saving Time means even more light hours which can boost moods.
  • Birds migrating north means cheerful chirps and colorful sights – a British study in 2017 found that people’s mental health was better when they could see and hear more birds in their neighborhoods!
  • A University of Michigan study showed a link between spending 30 minutes or more outside in the sunnier, warmer spring air and better moods and memory (additionally, being outdoors also increased participants’ capacity to be open to new information and creative thoughts).
  • More varieties of vegetables and fruits are harvested in the spring (think asparagus, peas, rhubarb,etc) and consuming more fruits and vegetables into your diet is good for the body and the mind. A 2016 study in Australia when participants increased fruits and vegetables in their diet, they felt happier and more satisfied with their lives.

Encourage Spring Cleaning

Looking to engage employees during this seasonal transition?

We associate spring cleaning with de-cluttering and welcoming in the optimism of spring.

Spring cleaning can be a fresh way to welcome the season at work whether your employees are back in the office, working remotely or a hybrid of the two. And the clarity that comes through de-cluttering will help increase positivity and productivity.

So encourage spring cleaning at home and at the office! Provide a whole company day off. If on site, provide supplies. Consider delivering lunch or providing a stipend for remote workers to buys supplies/lunch.

Here are some ideas to consider and ask employees what they suggest:

  • Make cleaning supplies readily available.
  • Dedicate a day to spring cleaning.
  • Collect shredding (keep secure if needed) and schedule a shred day.
  • Tie in an IT desktop/laptop spring cleaning. Software updates up to date? New tools or services? Return/recycle technology that’s no longer in service, etc.
  • Reward employees who donate clothes, office supplies and household items to Goodwill and other local charities by entering them in a prize drawing upon receipt from the donation (that prize could be a gift certificate to a professional cleaning service or storage supplies from Ikea or The Container Store or the gift of groceries).
  • Start your own company-wide “Little Library” and ask staff to donate books they no longer need.
  • Give everyone a spring plant to brighten there newly picked up office space!

Invest In Year-Round Employee Engagement and Appreciation

For more ideas and inspiration to engage, celebration and show appreciation to your team, download our free, “2022 Employee Celebration Calendar” and start planning today!

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