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Contact our Customer Service team from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday (Central time) and Sunday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

During business hours, contact us at: 888-484-1658 or use the chat tool in the bottom right corner of this page.

In addition, you can reach us anytime, during or after business hours, at:

Contact gThankYou en español

Also, contact Spanish Speaking Customer Service during the holiday season (October through December).

El servicio al cliente en español está disponible durante la temporada de fiestas – (octubre a diciembre).

Para obtener más información sobre los certificados de gThankYou y descargar una referencia gratuita en español – haga clic aquí para preguntas frecuentes.


Additional Contact Information:


Address: gThankYou, LLC

2918 Marketplace Dr. #202

Fitchburg, WI 53719-5328


Only need to know where you can redeem gThankYou Gift Certificates?

Contact information for gift certificate redemption.You can redeem your Certificate at major U.S. grocery stores that honor Manufacturer Coupons.

For specific store brands in your area visit our Participating Retailers – Store Locator.

Stores that do not honor gThankYou Gift Certificates are those that do not honor any Manufacturer Coupons such as the Club stores Sam’s and Costco, specialty stores such as HoneyBaked Ham, and the Aldi chain. We do not recommend redeeming gThankYou Coupons at discount general merchandise stores such as Walmart, Target, and most Dollar stores as they often do not accept Gift Certificates.

If you prefer to shop at a store that does not honor Coupons such as HoneyBaked Ham, a local butcher shop or Club store such as Sam’s or Costco, gThankYou can reimburse you for your qualified purchase.

Just mail your Certificate and the store receipt for qualifying merchandise to gThankYou and we will quickly reimburse you with a check.

Got gratitude? Contact gThankYou

Contact or connect with us and share your workplace gratitude stories!

How gThankYou Certificates Work

Step 1

Order Certificates

Choose the gThankYou Certificates you want and order them online or by telephone.

Step 2

Ship directly to your business

Your order is delivered by UPS. Nearly all orders ship the day received. Overnight shipping is available.

Step 3

Distribute to your employees

Personalize your gThankYou Certificates with Giver name or logo (both optional) and give them to employees.

Step 4

Redeem at any grocery store

Recipients redeem Certificates at major U.S. grocery stores and select the items they want.