• Everyday Employee Thank You Ideas

    Share your workplace thank you with bright colored mugs and a heartfelt thank you.

    Any time is a good time to say thank you to employees! Workers who feel valued and appreciated will be happier, more productive and more loyal.

    The transition from spring to summer presents a wide variety of established opportunities to show appreciation that naturally fit into this season, but don’t lose sight of the impact of saying thank you and showing gratitude any day of the year.

    As American philosopher and psychologist Williams James astutely observed:
    “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”
    Saying thanks in the workplace matters really does matter to the success of your business!  Check out these numbers from O.C. Tanner’s “The Business Case for Recognition”:
    • O.C. Tanner revealed that 94% of regularly recognized employees said it motivates them to do great work
    • WorkHuman shared that 89% of regularly recognized employees are highly engaged
    • The Wall Street Journal reported that 81% of employees say they work harder for a grateful manager
    • Glassdoor disclosed that 53% would stay longer at their company if they felt more appreciation from their boss


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  • Secrets to Being a Great Place to Work

    Diverse, happy workers
    An insightful Forbes article described culture as the backbone of a happy workforce.  That’s a great metaphor because a positive company culture favorably impacts recruitment, increases job satisfaction, inspires collaboration, boosts morale and reduces stress.  It’s the secret to being a great place to work. A referenced Deloitte study examining core beliefs and culture revealed there’s a link between employees who say they are “happy at work” and feel “valued by their company” and those who say their organization has a clearly articulated and lived culture.
    Speaking of culture, cultureIQ gathered their “favorite culture and employee engagement statistics” into one handy spot.  Their statement about the impact of culture is a strong reminder that:
    Culture impacts every corner of your business. Leadership stays on the same page. Employees are happier and, therefore, more engaged and productive. Prospective employees are more interested in joining and staying with your company. Perhaps most importantly, all these components work together to give your company its competitive advantage.
    In today’s extremely tight labor market, you need every competitive advantage that you can get!
    Beyond the data they share, the team at cultureIQ has a free downloadable guide of 60+ culture tips – don’t miss it!
    Building a sustained positive company culture takes time and a dedication to purpose. Senior management must model company values and train middle managers to be culture ambassadors to their teams. It involves all aspects and areas of the business from hiring to tying into performance measures and incentives.

    Let’s take a closer look at how some companies achieve workplace cultures that are distinct and positive and year after year are recognized as great places to work. Want to dive into the data? Take a look at Great Place to Work, the organization that certifies the best workplaces. Their website has a free downloadable report, “2019 Fortune 100 Companies Best Trends:  Employee Experience at the Best Workplaces in America” which has lots of insights, data, helpful infographics and yes — even some “secrets.”



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  • Why You Should Celebrate Easter in the Workplace

    Celebrate Easter in the workplace with fun holiday-themed decorations such as colorful Easter Eggs.
    Spring officially begins today, March 20th! Hold on, spring weather is coming soon too.
    Fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer, known for her bright and sunny prints, had this advice:
    Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.
    In the meantime, it’s the perfect time to plan your springtime employee appreciation activities. Not sure you should celebrate Easter in the workplace? Read on and learn why you should and how to take advantage of the joy of the arrival of spring and Easter to celebrate and appreciate employees and customers.

    Why Celebrate Easter in the Workplace?

    Sharing Easter employee appreciation is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate colleagues regardless of employee religious affiliation; it marks the beginning of spring and celebrates the joy, hope and gratitude that come with the changing seasons.

    It’s an opportunity to show you care.
    Frequent employee appreciation is key to a productive, happy workforce which is good for the long-term health of your business. Easter employee appreciation puts gratitude front and center. Invite company leaders to write Thank You notes to employees using this popular gThankYou guide, “Writing Thank You Notes Employees Will Treasure”.  Include the notes in Easter gift baskets or have managers hand them out personally at an Easter employee party. Add a small seasonal gift or not. A sincere note of thanks can stand alone.

    Easter is a springtime holiday with cultural, non-religious traditions which appeal to everyone.
    Finding celebrations that appeal to a diverse workforce can be challenging. Easter-time is an opportunity to find ways to brighten everyone’s day with the focus on spring and the secular aspects of Easter — fresh flowers, spring decorations, Easter baskets and treats like chocolate eggs and fun themed cupcakes.

    Easter’s themes of renewal and resilience are universal.
    Regardless of religious affiliation, we can all identify with and appreciate Easter themes of renewal, growth, gratitude and new beginnings. Easter-time is a chance to honor the hope and joy of the spring season, invest in employee resilience and celebrate growth. We all enjoy the optimism that spring brings. It’s an opportune time to invest in employees’ personal growth and giving back to the community.

    When you show gratitude to employees at family holidays, you’re communicating you value work-life balance.
    Thanking employees for a job well done is one of the most reliable, affordable ways to motivate excellent performance. But it’s also important to recognize employees outside of their work, as people. Communicating that you value work-life balance is important to today’s workers.

    Chocolate Easter Bunny and Thank You Card - a sweet and thoughtful employee Easter gift

    It’s fun!
    After all, if you want a workplace culture that employees love and that attracts others, having the occasional workplace fun and making sure employees feel appreciated and valued are important ongoing investments. Take advantage of the ability to tie into everyones’ excitement about the emergence of spring and build workplace camaraderie with a little Easter holiday fun. Who doesn’t enjoy an unexpected “thank you – we’re so glad you are on our team” and a chocolate bunny?


    Tips for Managing Religious Holidays in the Workplace

    Worried about what is and isn’t appropriate? Consult HR expert and TalentCulture founder Meghan M. Biro’s blog post on how to approach religious holidays as workplace celebrations.

    “No sheaves of palms or crucifixes allowed,” writes Biro “bunnies, ducks, candy, chocolate, colorful eggs, flowers and other items commonly associated with Easter shouldn’t offend anyone”.

    The folks at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) always offer sound advice. This blog on making holiday celebrations more inclusive focuses on the winter holidays, but there are still valid takeaways to apply to Easter.

    Here’s a quick recap of their advice for holding more inclusive events:

    1. Create a diverse planning committee.
    2. Avoid scheduling mistakes.
    3. Make it voluntary.
    4. Create awareness of other religions.
    5. Offer floating holidays.
    6. Invite feedback.
    7. Be forgiving (of yourself if you make some missteps).


    Easy, Fun & Affordable Ways to Celebrate Easter at Work

    Here are several tips to make Easter celebrations in the workplace special (without busting your budget). For even more ideas, check our blog post, “Employee Appreciation Gifts for Easter and Spring”:

    Festive spring and Easter-themed treats are a beloved way to celebrate Easter in the workplace

    1. Decorate the Office or Break-rooms
    Remember the “Hawthorn Effect”? Respondents change their behavior because they think supervisors care simply by changing something simple in the workplace environment.

    Show employees you care; fill your workplace space with inspiration from spring and Easter – plants, flowers, butterflies, bunnies, colorful eggs and festive Easter baskets. Pinterest is full of seasonal decoration ideas!

    2. Host an Easter Egg Hunt
    Adults like a good Easter Egg hunt too! Weather permitting use outdoors. Use an egg hunt as an opportunity to do team building. Create teams along department lines or mix them.

    Fill large plastic eggs with candy as well as other prizes such as gift cards, game tickets, restaurant gift certificates and other fun surprises. Or, have employees turn eggs in for prizes that their teams can share. End the event with holiday inspired treats and an opportunity to connect with coworkers and management.

    3. Have a Party with Fun Holiday-Themed Treats
    You don’t need to break the budget to host a party with fun Easter-themed treats. If you can’t afford to cater an event, scale it back and provide drinks, Easter candy and cookies. Be sure to provide a big helping of gratitude and employees will appreciate the festive break.

    4. Give Easter Baskets
    Just like the Easter Bunny, share Easter baskets anonymously or have managers hand them out as employees arrive for an unexpected surprise! Don’t limit yourself to candy.

    5. Give the Gift of Something Green
    A small flowering plant or seeds and a pretty pot are a thoughtful way to share the excitement of spring. For work-groups or workplace cultures less inclined to the sugar and the treat focus of Easter, consider this thoughtful alternative.

    6. Organize a Community Service Project
    Most of your employees would be thrilled for the opportunity to help local organizations along side of colleagues. Consider finding a community project that your organization can get behind supporting and can accommodate your workforce. How about planting a flower bed for a service organization or fixing-up a local park? Provide materials for employees to assemble Easter baskets for an elder-care home or families in need. Host egg dying or cookie decorating at a shelter. The options are endless. Find ones that make sense for your organization and culture and spread Easter joy and hope to those who need it most.

    Healthier Easter Treat Alternatives

    While many us would be happy to have a celebration full of sugar, there are easy ways to provide great-looking and slightly healthier food choices to your Easter baskets or parties. Once again, recipe sites and Pinterest can help with healthy Easter treat inspiration.

    Here are several easy ideas to consider:

    • Chocolate dipped fruit
    • Fresh fruit – skewers, pineapple flowers, etc.
    • Trail mix (with a hint of colorful candy)
    • Hard boiled eggs
    • Fresh carrots and other raw vegetables
    • Fruit juices (Naked®, Bolthouse Farms®, or if you can, offer a juice bar)
    • Fruit and yogurt smoothies (in fun spring colors)
    • Granola Easter eggs
    • Carrot cake


    Why Sharing an Easter Ham is a Popular Workplace Gift

    Women in kitchen cooking Easter Ham for family celebration


    Eating a ham at Easter is a tradition going back hundreds of years, as far back as the sixth century.

    It’s the centerpiece to a big family meal that marks new beginnings and a new season. Many of us fondly remember gathering with family to celebrate Easter around a savory holiday ham.

    The gift of an Easter Ham is one that’s family friendly and meaningful. Everyone appreciates the gift of the centerpiece of their family holiday meal. By sharing the gift of a ham, your thoughtfulness and generosity will be remembered long after the holiday meal has passed. Sharing an Easter Ham gift is good for your business.

    Celebrate Springtime with gThankYou! Easter ham gifts for your workplace!gThankYou makes it easy for organizations to buy and share a holiday ham gift, even with distributed work-forces.  gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificates allow recipients to choose any brand and any preparation of half or whole ham, at virtually all grocery chain stores in the U.S.  Recipients choose the ham they want for their family and redeem their Certificate at checkout just like a Manufacturer Coupon. It’s that easy!

    For a more diverse workplace, giving Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates provides recipients the choice of centerpiece to their family’s springtime celebration.  This year Passover begins on April 19th and turkey is a welcome part of a Seder dinner.

    Easter Cards from gThankYou

    It’s easy to add your holiday appreciation to employees with free customizable gift Enclosure Cards with any purchase of gThankYou Gift Certificates. Check out our range of Spring and Easter Card Designs and be inspired!

    Easter also has a strong association with candy, which can include chocolate in all shapes and sizes, from eggs to bunnies, and baskets of colorful jelly beans.

    For a cost-effective fun workplace reward, share gThankYou! Candy Gift Certificates for the candy of their choice. Who won’t love that! Distribute alone or add to Easter baskets and employees will get a candy treat today as well as a chance to pick out their own favorites for later.

    To learn more about how gThankYou Gift Certificates work, check out the gThankYou “About Us” Video and our FAQ.

    Springtime is the Perfect Time to Thank Customers Too!

    Your business depends on loyal, happy customers so why not share some springtime appreciation and brighten their lives too. You’ll not only make their day, you’ll feel happier yourself. Gratitude is like that. The more you share your gratitude, the better you feel and the more you inspire others to share theirs.

    Attracting new customers is much more expensive than investing in making sure existing customers feel loved by your business. This spring, share your company appreciation with customers.

    Did you know that the third Thursday in every January, April, July and October are all designated “Get to Know Your Customers Day”? That means Thursday, April 18th is the perfect time to engage, thank and celebrate customers with spring and Easter in mind!

    For inspiration and fun ideas for thanking customers, check out gThankYou’s “6 Easy, Affordable Easter Customer Appreciation Ideas” and enjoy Help Scouts’s “25 Ways to Thank Your Customers”. You’ll have a long-list of good ideas in no time.

    Here are some of our favorite ways to acknowledge customers:

    Celebrate Easter in the Workplace with Handwritten Notes of Thanks for Employees and Customers

    Write Thank You Letters
    Provide stationary and treats and have your team write thank you letters to customers. Putting your company thanks in writing makes a great impression – and handwritten notes are a way to make your business memorable.

    Throw a Customer Appreciation Party
    Send out invitations and throw a party for customers. Make sure employees are invited and management is there to personally and publicly thank customers. Be creative. If your organization is small and customers are local, take them to a sporting event, rent out a movie theater or host a picnic. If you are a brick and mortar business, celebrate longer and offer customers a service, experience or product for free.

    Take Advantage of “Get to Know Your Customers Day”
    Invest in getting to know your customers better and you’ll learn insights into improving your business. Embrace customer feedback. Here are: “10 Ideas for Every ‘Get to Know Your Customers Day’ “.

    Make a Personal Thank You Call
    Can you remember the last time you got a “Thank You” call from a business contact  — not selling anything, not responding to a customer service issue, with no other purpose other than to express appreciation? It’s rare! And that’s all the more reason to do it.

    Share a Team Thank You Video
    For customers who are remote, consider creating a thank you video. It doesn’t have to be big-budget. Just go for sincere, thoughtful and consistent with your workplace culture. Customers will appreciate that you took the time and effort to share a thoughtful and creative thank you. Grab your tissues and enjoy this version of a customer thank you video – “This Bank’s Awesome Thank-You Video Will Have You in Tears” shared at vidyard.

    Send an Affordable Gift
    If some or all of your customers are remote, they don’t have to miss out on the celebration! Include them in the fun by sharing an Easter holiday treat like pie with a $5 Pie Gift Certificate from gThankYou.


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  • Every Day Can Be Employee Appreciation Day

    While some may pick the official Employee Appreciation Day to celebrate their employees’ contributions, really any day is the perfect day to thank employees for their hard work and dedication to your business!

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  • March: Time to Build Workplace Happiness!

    It's easy to build workplace happiness with gThankYou's Employee Celebration Calendar.

    Check out gThankYou’s free 2019 Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar! Every month is full of great ideas for sharing appreciation in the workplace.

    Get your calendar out and start scheduling some fun – happiness will follow! March is the ideal month to build workplace happiness – winter is dragging on and for most of us, spring seems a long way off. Luckily this month is FULL of opportunities to share workplace appreciation and inspire some easy fun.
    Hopefully you have already downloaded our free Day-to-Day Employee Appreciation Calendar for 2019 so these celebrations may already be on your radar. If not, click the link above and let’s get started!

    March is full of occasions to build workplace happiness:

    • March 1 Employee Appreciation Day
      It’s always the first Friday in March (wow February seemed to fly by even faster than usual).  You can check out some our blog posts about this day from prior years for more ideas and to learn why employee appreciation is so important but here is a key takeaway – just share your sincere appreciation – that’s it.

      “Your Employee Appreciation Day party-planning doesn’t need to be extravagant, expensive or time-consuming — what matters most to employees is hearing a heartfelt, honest “Thank You” directly from company leaders.”

    • March 10 International Day of Awesomeness
      Any day that has a tagline of “No one’s perfect, but everyone can be awesome” is indeed awesome.  Start gathering some tips to help get your awesome on in the workplace.
    • March 20 International Day of Happiness
      This year’s theme is Happier Together. “Because life is happier when we focus on what we have in common, rather than what divides us.”  Get daily “happiness action” messages when you download the app at www.dayofhappiness.net.
    • March 14 Pi Day (3.14 get it?!)
      How about a pie baking contest?  Or how about some Pie Gift Certificates from gThankYou?  Or an office challenge to see who can recite the most digits of pi from memory? Let’s not forget that pies can be savory too – order pizza for your staff at lunch.


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  • Making the Most of Valentine’s Day in the Workplace

    Fun, easy and affordable ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day in the workplace

    Our favorite candy heart saying is “ur kind” but “you rock” is always welcome!  Check out this Reader’s Digest article if you’re curious about conversation heart messages.
    Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

    We spend more of our waking hours with co-workers than we do with our significant others, so take advantage of Valentine’s Day and celebrate colleagues! If you focus on gratitude and appreciation, it’s perfectly appropriate and thoughtful to do.

    Valentine’s Day in the workplace should be about celebrating workplace colleagues and a culture of kindness and compassion. Steer clear of romance and relationships. The opportunity is to communicate value for great working relationships and a culture supportive of compassion and camaraderie.

    Celebrate Workplace Friendships – They’re So Important

    Gallup always seems to have their fingers on the pulse, so when Annamarie Mann reported on data about workplace friendships, we’re inclined to pay attention.

    It turns out that our friendships at work are quite significant:

    We want work to feel worthwhile and having trusted confidants and supporters helps foster that feeling. We go to our work friends when we need to celebrate and commiserate about our personal and professional lives.

    Gallup’s research has shown a link between having a best friend at work and the amount of effort expended by employees in their job. Women who strongly agree they have a best friend at work are more than twice as likely to be engaged (63%) compared with the women who say otherwise (29%).

    Gallup has consistently found that for women and men having a best friend at work leads to better performance.

    When employees possess a deep sense of affiliation with their team members, they are driven to take positive actions that benefit the business — actions they may not otherwise even consider if they did not have strong relationships with their coworkers.

    Here are some ways leaders can encourage friendships at work:

    • Promote open communication and collaboration – communication and collaboration are cornerstones of an inclusive culture and provide a natural pathway to friendship.
    • Encourage people to get to know one another – when employees are involved with projects with employee outside of their immediate team can lead to opportunities for personal connections.  Participation in philanthropic events can benefit the community and allow employees to make connections with colleagues they wouldn’t have interacted with.
    • Promote and participate in social activities -leaders set the tone for workplace culture and through their actions make it acceptable or unacceptable for employees to become friends.


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  • Let’s Make February Workplace Kindness Month!

    February is Kindness Month – Share Yours!

    Acts of kindness are one of the most powerful ways we have to connect with others.

    February is the perfect month to share workplace kindness  – with Random Acts of Kindness Day (17th) and Week (February 17th though the 22nd), and Valentine’s Day! Take advantage of these dates and inspire kindness in your workplace.

    Planting seeds of kindness yields improved moods and productivity. Better yet, it’s contagious. Share a little kindness and see how it ripples through your office.

    Easy Ways to Share Workplace Kindness

    Here are some fun and easy strategies you can try out in February (or anytime):

    Build workplace kindness with compliments! Download this free compliment poster for your workplace.

    Build workplace kindness with compliments! Download this free compliment poster by Kind Over Matter for your workplace.

    • Create a kindness wall
      Add some prompts and provide lots of colorful post-it notes. Encourage everyone to participate. Take pictures and share the workplace love socially – #RAKDay #MakeKindnessTheNorm #KindnessMatters
    • Spread messages of kindness
      Blanket the workplace with fun posters, notes, emails, etc. of appreciation and encouragement. Delight colleagues with little gifts of appreciation.
    • Help colleagues learn something new about each other
      Be creative! Have work groups select “get to know you questions” and answer out-loud. Send departments that don’t work together to a lunch together and provide thought provoking questions on the table.
    • Share a thoughtful Candy or Ice Cream Gift Certificate
      A homemade treat is heartwarming but impractical with a large organization. Keep it easy and affordable with a $5 gThankYou Gift Certificate for Candy or Ice Cream and a note of thanks!
    • Plan a week of workplace kindness activities
      Plan an entire week to celebrate and spread kindness in the workplace. Here’s your guide to keeping it easy, fun and focused on kindness:  7 Days of Workplace Kindness”

    Kindness is Contagious – Help Spread It Year-Round

    As Emilia Earhart once said, “No kind action ever stops with itself. One kind action leads to another.”

    Make 2019 the year to build your kinder and happier workplace. Begin with these inspiring and helpful resources:

    Spread workplace kindness with Random Acts of Kindness free downloadable materials for the workplace.

    Spread messages of kindness throughout the workplace. Take advantage of Random Acts of Kindness’s FREE posters, calendar, work-plans, etc. to promote kindness!

    • Download and share gThankYou’s “2019 Employee Celebration Calendar”
      This popular resource is full of ideas and the research behind building a kinder, happier and more loyal workplace all year-long.

    Simple Acts of Kindness to Start

    LiveLoveWork.com has provided a prompt to boost kindness at work for each week of the year!

    Most of these ideas are really easy to do but could really have an impact on a co-worker’s day (and your day too!).  Here are some of our favorites –we kept their original numbers from the list of 52:

    • Hold the door open for the person behind you. (#9)
    • Make a mental list of all the things you enjoy about your work. (#10)
    • Be a cheerleader for someone else’s idea or project. (#18)
    • Let go of a grudge. (#24)
    • Give someone the benefit of the doubt. (#31)
    • Share an uplifting blog post. (Like this one from gThankYou…) (#36)
    • Bring in books you loved and pass them on. (#38)
    • Start and end meetings on time. (#43)
    • Pass on coupons you don’t need. (#47)
    • Create a custom playlist for a co-worker. (#50)
    • Be responsible for the energy you bring to your workplace. (#52)

    Here’s another list we love for posting in the workplace. This acrostic contains 20 tips from O.C. Tanner about random acts of kindness in the workplace. It underscores how being kind can be simple, but isn’t always our default setting, especially in the workplace.

    Here’s just a teaser with the word “random”:

    R: Recognize when someone is having a bad day; find out what you can do to help.

    A: Ask a coworker a thoughtful question, then listen (really listen!) to the response.

    N: Nix gossip when you hear it.

    D: Drop off a delicious snack at someone’s desk.

    O: Offer to help with a task a coworker doesn’t enjoy.

    M: Make time to connect with a former colleague.

    Check out the rest of their acrostic (acts of kindness) for more great ideas.

    Mini-Case Study: “Send a Snuggle Day” for Acts of Kindness Week

    Best ever workplace kindness idea - send a snuggle for Random Acts of Kindness Day!

    Our favorite idea for sharing workplace kindness is from the Monroe County Humane Association in Indiana. We love this idea so much it’s in our 2019 Employee Celebration Calendar!

    Monroe County Humane Association in Indiana raises money through its “Send a Snuggle Day” for Random Acts of Kindness Week. For the annual event, which began in 2014, the public can donate money to send “animal ambassadors” to spread a little cheer and kindness to a person or team of their choosing.

    The snuggly emissaries have included dogs, kittens, rabbits, goats, a miniature horse, and an albino snake. (No one ever sends the snake, MCHA executive director Rebecca Warren notes.) Volunteers accompany the animals into banks, schools, and other workplaces.

    Warren told the Indiana Daily Student that when Send a Snuggle visits a workplace, it’s usually not just one person who reaps the benefits.

    “It becomes an entire facility response. Everyone is so excited when they see the animal. Everyone’s taking pictures and getting down on the floor. At least three people cry,” Warren said. “Send a Snuggle is the best day of the year to do my job. It’s wonderful to see people get so excited and emotional about it.”


    We’d love to hear your workplace kindness stories.  Share them with us and we will share them on social media and highlight them in our blog!

    We hope your new year is off to a great start and wish you and your colleagues a year that is full of hope, happiness and kindness.

    The gThankYou! Team


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  • How A Yale Class Can Help Your Employees Be Happier

    Help employees be happier with these practical, science based recommendationsWith an acceptance rate under 7% and ACT scores of admitted students hovering around 32-35, the likelihood of most people having access to an Ivy League education in Yale’s hallowed halls are slim. But we can all benefit from the fascinating and completely practical information that is shared in one of that revered educational institution’s most popular courses, “Psychology and the Good Life.”
    Psychology Professor Laurie Santos specializes in evolution and animal cognition, but after living among undergrads when she became head of Yale’s Silliman College (think the Houses of Hogwarts), she realized just how stressed out and depressed they were.  Reviewing mental health surveys from the National College Health Assessment she learned that the issues Yale students were having were similar to those of college students across the country.  Students report already high and increasing rates of anxiety, depression and hopelessness.
    Santos set out to design a course to convey not just the science behind positive psychology research but how putting those concepts into practice could have a profound impact on students’ happiness and quality of life.  Santos did not anticipate the the overwhelming interest in her course from students (1 in 4 students at Yale have taken her class), nor did she predict that it would become a sensation with articles in the New York Times, O Magazine, national television appearances and international media coverage.


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  • 2019 Employee Engagement Planning – A Resolution You Can Keep

    Start your 2019 employee engagement planning with gThankYou's free Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Guide to inspire and make planning a breeze!

    New year…new plans for building employee engagement and sharing appreciation!

    We all know that New Year’s resolutions are often hard to keep.  But if one of your workplace goals was to get a better handle on employee engagement planning in 2019, that resolution is now easier to keep with the use of gThankYou’s 2019 Day-to-Day Employee Appreciation Calendar!

    If you are familiar with our annual calendar chock full of engagement and appreciation ideas, then you’ve probably already done the free download because you know what a valuable (and fun) tool it is.

    Not familiar with it?  Start by filling out the short online form and you’ll have a FREE, indispensable and inspiring guide at your fingertips.  Here’s what to expect for each month in addition to meaningful, compelling (yet easy-to-read) articles on an array of topics meant to inspire your planning and workplace activities:

    • Key stats (in case you still need to prove to leadership how critical employee engagement and appreciation is)
    • Ready-to-Go Celebration examples (so even if you think you aren’t creative you’ll have turn-key approaches to create more fun in the workplace)
    • Mini-case studies (learn what’s worked for other organizations)
    • Plenty of graphics (which make this ebook feel like fun, not work)


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  • Day-to-Day Employee Appreciation Calendar for 2019

    Download your free copy of our 2019 Employee Appreciation Calendar and share with collegues!

    It’s here!! Our very popular Day-to-Day Employee Appreciation Calendar is newly updated and back for 2019!

    Users have told us they love the monthly and daily idea format and the updated content on how to build a loyal, happy workplace culture through engagement and gratitude. It’s our holiday gift to anyone who wants to build a better workplace.

    New Employee Appreciation Calendar + New Year = New Opportunities

    Our annual employee celebration calendar is full of creative engagement concepts and festive year-round celebrations. It’s a wonderful resource for supporting employee engagement and recognition planning for the new year. Whether you have big budgets or need no or low-cost ideas, we have content and suggestions for you.

    Every year we strive to update our calendar with the latest research and thinking about building great workplace cultures. You’ll find mini-case studies, research, and how-to’s in addition to daily and monthly celebration ideas.

    This month to month Calendar highlights easy opporunities to share your thanks with your workplace.

    Our intent is to provide a fun resource that helps workplace leaders:

    • Stay current in the space of employee engagement and recognition
    • Provide actionable gratitude-based engagement and celebration how-to’s for busy HR personnel
    • Share new ways to engage and celebrate employees
    • Spark creative thinking for building the workplace culture you want


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