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Workplace Gift Ideas and Where to Buy Them

Uncover a treasure trove of workplace gift ideas that will delight and inspire your employees. From personalized tokens of gratitude to innovative recognition programs, find the perfect gifts that convey your heartfelt appreciation. Moreover, we’ll guide you on where to buy these exceptional gifts, ensuring convenience and quality.

Employee Engagement, Appreciation, and Recognition

Boost employee engagement by fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition. Discover effective strategies to cultivate open communication, strengthen teamwork, and create a supportive work environment. Empower your employees to thrive and contribute their best, resulting in enhanced job satisfaction and overall organizational success.

Celebrations of Gratitude at Work

Infuse your workplace with a spirit of gratitude that transcends holidays and special occasions. Learn about unique and meaningful celebrations to honor your employees and strengthen their bond. From creative team-building activities to heartfelt appreciation initiatives, create an environment where gratitude thrives year-round.

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  • 6 Easy Employee Thank You Ideas

    Everyday Employee Thank You Ideas


    Any time is a good time to say thank you to employees! Team members who feel valued, appreciated, and overtly recognized will be happier and more productive. But are you drawing a blank on where to start?  We can help! Here are employee thank you ideas that anyone can do – anytime!


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  • 11 Positive Workplace Quotes for Inspired Employees

    Positive Workplace Quotes and notes are a great idea



    Gratitude quotes, gratitude notes, gratitude goats? Sure, we’ll take ’em all! Is the concept of sharing gratitude regularly embraced in your organization? Sometimes it just takes a moment to remember how much a statement or action of gratitude can make an incredible difference in someone’s day — and overall experience in the workplace. At gThankYou, we are proponents of finding everyday ways to express appreciation.

    We’ve gathered up 11 positive workplace quotes that may serve as a timely reminder to share thanks with those around you. Let these positive workplace quotes help inspire an everyday culture of workplace gratitude among your leaders, teams, volunteers, partners, and other stakeholders.

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  • 10 Amazing Summertime Workplace Celebration Ideas

    summertime workplace celebration ideas

    UP AHEAD: summertime — sunny, lazy, distracting summer, with vacation days and “summer Fridays” tempting employees at every turn. In other words? A recipe for disengagement. And your task is keeping employees engaged. Summertime workplace celebration ideas are plentiful AND enjoyable.

    Keeping up engagement levels through the summer months depends on a good balance that integrates fun, freedom, fitness, and focus. If employees have opportunities for regular, low-key summertime celebrations that center on accomplishments, family, and/or wellness, they’ll be more likely to be productive the rest of the time.

    Let us inspire you with the following summertime workplace celebration ideas to plan your own engagement calendar for the season. (more…)

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  • Amazing Summer Gifts: Ice Cream Certificates

    Ice cream are the quintessential summer gifts


    Summer gifts keep employees engaged through the distractions of the season. The ability to leave the office early on Friday afternoons — “summer Fridays” — is a popular perk. But showing appreciation with schedule flexibility just doesn’t work in all businesses and industries. What always works? Food gift certificates! And ice cream is especially special and fun in the summertime (or popsicles or other frozen treats). A gThankYou gift certificate for ice cream is affordable, quick, and brings a smile to people of all ages.

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  • 8 Budget-Friendly Staff Gifts

    8 budget-friendly staff gifts


    Employee appreciation gifts that send a meaningful message of thanks don’t need to break your budget! Here are 8 budget-friendly staff gifts that can be more effective than even expensive bonuses because the focus is on your gratitude and on a thoughtful gift that has personal significance.

    Consistently engaging employees – or even reengaging detached employees – doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. (more…)

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  • 7 Benefits of Starting a Thank You Note Habit

    Start a thank you note habit today!


    According to the New York Times article, “Do Thank-You Notes Still Matter?”, the author states, “The thank-you note may seem to be an archaic holdover from a time of Rolodexes and rotary phones. But etiquette experts and social observers argue that a handwritten expression of gratitude has never been more important. It can even be a gift itself.”

    The article goes on to say, “And while an emailed thanks is a nice gesture, many experts say that, in this virtual age, a traditional, physical note is more powerful than ever.”

    One of the best ways to say thank you is with a handwritten note. It’s a classic, meaningful way to show appreciation and motivate employees with a keepsake of your gratitude. Start your own thank you note habit and share the benefits with your team for a shift in workplace culture.


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  • Great Employee Appreciation Gifts for All Occasions

    Employee appreciation gifts are perfect for every holiday

    Employee appreciation gifts are the perfect way to thank employees, volunteers, clients, and customers — and gThankYou has one for every occasion!

    From on-the-spot recognition to workplace wellness incentives to milestone celebrations, and from New Year’s to 4th of July to Thanksgiving, we’re on the job and ready to help. gThankYou offers nine types of grocery store gift certificates in a variety of values to meet your company’s specific needs and budget.


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  • Turn “Sorry” into “Thank You”

    Turn I'm sorry into thank you.

    It’s one small word that may be holding your team back from building a stronger culture of workplace gratitude. Apologies have their place, but people often say “sorry” when “thank you” would be better. How often do you find yourself apologizing when it’s possible to be reworded into a more positive message?

    Think of it this way… If you had to choose to be surrounded by an abundance of genuine “thank you” messages among colleagues or a lot of people saying, “sorry” all the time, what would you prefer? (We think we know the answer.) However, it takes a little bit of awareness and effort to rewire our tendencies.


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  • How to Thank Our First Responders

    It's important to show gratitude to first responders

    First responders serve on the front lines, heroically risking their own safety and wellbeing. While they received the spotlight throughout the pandemic (and they deserved it), it’s important to keep these hard workers feeling honored, respected, and cared for. High stress and trauma are part of their reality, so handwritten thank you notes (and food gift certificates) are a wonderful way to say, “Our community is grateful!” 


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  • What’s Trending? Welcome Gifts for New Hires



    Roll out the red carpet! Welcome gifts for new hires are trending as a way to help employees feel appreciated from day one.

    First days can be challenging, even for the most seasoned professionals. People don’t yet have their footing yet, don’t know all the jargon, the processes, the overall vibe. The most successful managers see onboarding as an opportunity, not just a checklist.

    Welcome gifts — accompanied by a nice introduction letter — are a great way to kick off effective onboarding and making a good first impression. You want to send the message right away, so each employee feels welcome, needed, and appreciated.


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  • Keep Remote Workers Happy with these 5 Solutions

    Keep remote workers happy

    As the workplace continues to change into remote and hybrid models, defining ways to keep remote workers happy and engaged is of utmost importance. Remote working isn’t new to the world of work, but for many industries and people, it’s a new endeavor.

    According to WFH Research, here’s a breakdown of the workforce according to work arrangements: In-person: 61%; Remote: 12%; and Hybrid: 26%.  While the majority of workers still work primarily from a physical office, a significant portion now benefit from some level of remote work flexibility.

    As passionate champions of happy, productive workplaces, we’ve gathered some suggestions for embracing remote workers to keep the engine running on all cylinders. (more…)

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  • Customer Loyalty Gifts to Show Appreciation

    Customer Loyalty gifts are always a wise budget item.


    How would you rate your customer relations efforts? Do you feel like you show gratitude on a regular basis to customers who choose to work with YOU? The best time to give a customer loyalty gifts is whenever appreciation strikes.

    Expressing gratitude can bond you with customers, which is essential to long-term retention. When you build relationships with customers, you also build loyalty, which helps your business prosper. 


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  • Remember to Recognize Customer-Facing Employees

    Make sure to show appreciation to customer-facing employees.


    How often do you recognize your customer-facing employees? Do you employ servers, cashiers, delivery people, or customer service representatives? Because of their position, these employees are often overlooked and not as supported as higher-ranking staff. Yet transactions between customers and these employees make or break the image of a business. Their happiness and job satisfaction can affect your future relationships with customers and deserve to be shown appreciation. It’s simple — yet very important!


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  • Teacher Appreciation: The Importance of Expressing Gratitude

    It's teacher appreciation week!

    Teacher Appreciation Week
    is the first week of May, and we’re here to help everyone yell, “THANK YOU” from the rooftops! (But get down quickly before a teacher catches you.)

    There are more than 4 million public and private school teachers in the U.S. Of course, that number multiplies when you expand into higher education and into the world of training, development, mentors, and other roles. It’s generally agreed upon that teachers are amazing people who are underpaid and underappreciated. YOU can make a difference in how teachers feel – this week and year-round.

    According to Zippia.com and WeAreTeachers.com:

    • The average teacher impacts more than 3,000 students throughout their career.
    • 83% of students credit teachers with improving their confidence and self-esteem.
    • 87% of people wish they had expressed more appreciation to their teachers.
    • 88% of individuals acknowledge that teachers played a significant positive role in their lives.
    • 79% of students have been encouraged to follow their dreams by a teacher.
    • 54% of students have had a teacher who helped them through difficult times.
    • 75% of students view teachers as mentors and role models.

    “The job of an educator is to teach students to see vitality in themselves.”
    – Joseph Campbell

    How to Say Thank You to Teachers

    Expressing gratitude to teachers is essential, as they play a pivotal role in shaping our lives and futures. Here are some heartfelt ways to thank teachers year-round:

    A Sincere Thank You Note: Write a heartfelt thank-you note expressing your appreciation for their dedication, guidance, and impact. Whether it’s a handwritten letter or an email, your words will mean a lot to them.

    Personalized Gifts: Consider giving a small gift that reflects a teacher’s interests or something related to their subject. It could be a book, a grocery gift certificate, or even thoughtful classroom supplies.

    Public Recognition: During Teacher Appreciation Week or other school events, publicly acknowledge teachers’ hard work. Share positive stories about teachers in your organization, make a donation to a local school, or find other ways to share your gratitude for this important profession.

    Volunteer Your Time: Offer to help in a classroom, assisting with tasks, organizing materials, or assisting during events. Teachers often appreciate extra hands.

    Remember Special Occasions: Celebrate teachers’ birthdays, Teacher Appreciation Week, or other milestones. A small token of appreciation on these occasions goes a long way.

    Spread Positivity: Share positive stories about how teachers are making a difference in your organization or community. Word of mouth can create a ripple effect of appreciation.

    Additional Ways to Celebrate

    Teachers of Tomorrow offers some wonderful ideas for how to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. Here are some of our favorite ideas from their list:

    • Organize a Lunch for Teachers
    • Gift Cards (Gift Certificates)
    • Refill Classroom Supplies
    • Create a Thank You Book
    • Put Together a Gift Box
    • Create a Staff Spotify List
    • Plant Trees in a Teacher’s Name
    • Present Certificates of Appreciation for Teachers

    Whether you lead a district, partner with schools, or simply respect the world of teachers, there are many ways to show appreciation to these people who shape the future of our world.

    Learn More About gThankYou Certificates of Gratitude:

    Top Photo by ThisisEngineering on Unsplash

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  • The Secret to Motivating Teams: Say Thank You!

    Motivating teams with a "thank you."

    Motivating teams couldn’t be simpler — just thank your employees for their efforts and they’ll feel more valued. When employees know you’re grateful for their efforts, they work harder, and productivity improves. It’s remarkably easy but it takes a little bit of effort and consistency.

    It’s important to thank your employees for accomplishments both large and small. Besides, when you feel and express gratitude, it lifts your spirits too! In fact, a Harvard Business Review study found that 95% of employees agree that a grateful boss is more likely to be successful. This suggests that expressing gratitude is not just beneficial for employees, but also for leaders themselves.


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  • 10 Affordable Receptionist Appreciation Ideas

    Receptionist appreciation time

    You don’t have to break the bank to show your receptionist appreciation!

    National Receptionists Day is always the second Wednesday in May. It’s a day set aide to recognize and appreciate all the work that receptionists do to help organizations run smoothly. If your office has receptionists, this is a wonderful time to acknowledge their very important role.

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  • Why and How to Start Building a Healthy Workplace

    healthy workplace matters to every business.

    Employee Health and Fitness Day is Coming Up!

    Held annually on the third Wednesday of May, Employee Health and Fitness Day is an excellent opportunity to show support for all things wellness. Why? Because employee health should be prioritized year-round, and this is a great day to share that commitment with employees. Read on for why you want to create and maintain a healthy workplace and ideas for how to celebrate.


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  • Nurse Appreciation: Ideas for Nurse Week

    Nurse Appreciation Week


    Nurse appreciation is the focus of National Nurses Week, which begins May 6. Be sure to plan your Nurses Week celebrations now so you can adequately thank the fabulous nurses you know or employ!

    Nurses remain the most trusted profession, with 78% of U.S. adults currently believing nurses have high honesty and ethical standards, according to Gallup’s 2023 Honesty and Ethics poll.  In addition to being trusted, nurses are universally respected due to their deep knowledge, kindness, and overall care for people. Anyone who has needed healthcare in any capacity is likely to underscore that nurses are truly the heartbeat of medicine.


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  • Build An Employee Thank You Program

    Every workplace should have an employee thank you program.

    Why start an employee thank you program? Because it has been proven that employees need it. Recognition and appreciation can significantly impact employee morale and engagement. A Glassdoor survey showed that over half (53%) of employees indicated that feeling more appreciated by their boss would make them stay at their current company.


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  • Where to Shop With Your Gift Certificate

    Where to grocery shop with your gift certificate


    Wondering where you can shop using your gThankYou! Gift Certificate?

    You can choose your favorite grocery store chain anywhere in the U.S. As long as the store honors manufacturer coupons, they have the ability to accept your gThankYou gift certificate. You can also use our store locator.


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