• Pie Gift Certificates for National Pie Day Say ‘Thanks!’

    gThankYou Pie Gift Certificates make it easy to share the all-American gift of pie!

    National Pie Day is Tuesday, Jan. 23! Share a pie with gThankYou! Pie Gift Certificates to celebrate. (Photo via Dave Herholz, Flickr)

    National Pie Day is coming up this month on Tuesday, Jan. 23. It’s the perfect opportunity to start off 2018 right with a sweet “Thank You” gift for staff or customers: gThankYou! Pie Gift Certificates.

    Pie Gift Certificates from gThankYou are good for any brand of pie, cake, cheesecake or similar items — fresh from the bakery section or frozen. Recipients redeem their Pie Gift Certificates at major grocery store nationwide.

    Coincidentally, January is National Thank You Monthand nothing says “Thank You” like pie.

    Pie is the traditional all-American treat, “as American as apple pie.” We share pies at the holidays, on picnics, at parties and as a special treat. Besides being a delicious indulgence, pie means something. Making a pie is a labor of love. Pie symbolizes togetherness, love, comfort and family. Pie has healing powers.

    And, everyone loves pie! It’s a thoughtful gift that is appreciated by all.

    National Pie Day isn’t your only chance coming up to enjoy and share pie — National Pi Day, a celebration of the mathematical constant π, or “pi,” is Wednesday, March 14. (It’s a math celebration, but mathematicians love pie too!)

    There’s a pie for everyone! Don’t believe us? Read on for delectable examples of how gThankYou! Pie Gift Certificates can be redeemed.


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  • Savvy HR: Train Managers in the Art of Thanking Employees

    Make training managers in thanking employees a workplace priority this year!

    Thanking employees effectively is an important skill. Are your managers learning it?

    Happy New Year! Is thanking employees more frequently in 2018 on your management team’s list of resolutions?

    How about a “Thank You training”? Make it a company resolution this year to train managers in the art of thanking employees!

    January is National Thank You Month. This year, do more than resolve to thank people more. It’s time to recognize that showing appreciation isn’t just a nice-to-have soft skill but integral to successfully managing a team.

    A recent HR Dive Spotlight on workplace culture includes a focus on meshing training with company culture.

    “Walk into just about any company that says it prioritizes culture and you’ll see it in everything, from the casual dress code to the cool furniture. But can the same be said for training and professional development?” writes HR Dive’s Tess Taylor.

    “To an up-and-coming generation of talent, what and how you teach them has a great deal of importance,” Taylor writes.

    It’s not enough to include a line in the new-hire training manual about how your company values employee appreciation. To meaningfully demonstrate your company’s commitment to a culture of gratitude, managers need coaching in how to build that culture.

    3 Benefits to Teaching the Art of Thanking Employees

    Don’t assume that managers understand the value of employee recognition, or have the skills to communicate appreciation effectively and sincerely. Many managers aren’t hired or promoted based on people skills, but on other skills and expertise related to the job.

    Employee recognition training at its best teaches managers why recognizing and thanking employees is so vital to engagement and productivity.

    Companies that focus on the ‘why’ of learning often have training programs that are far better aligned with their cultures, according to HR Dive.

    “Companies will get better performance from employees when they spend more time helping people understand the essence of what they do and focus on the experience of why they can benefit from doing things a certain way,” WalkMe president and co-founder Rephael Sweary tells HR Dive.

    Three core benefits emerge from teaching managers the art of thanking employees:


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  • Merry Christmas from gThankYou: Our Gift to You

    Share your holiday greetings with free Enclosure Cards: Say "Merry Christmas" from gThankYou.Merry Christmas from gThankYou!

    We hope you have a peaceful and happy holiday celebration. Whether you’re spending the holidays with family, friends or colleagues, we hope it’s a time of gratitude and joy.

    With the end of 2017 upon us, we’re reflecting on our gratitude for our customers, our Certificate recipients, our email subscribers and blog readers, and our hard-working team!

    As a token of our appreciation, we’re sharing several of our ebooks to help you through the holiday season and plan for an engaged and productive New Year — all FREE.


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  • How to Use Your gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificate

    Redeem your gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificate at any virtually any chain grocery store in the U.S.

    Redeem your gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificate for any brand of whole or half ham, at major U.S. grocery store chains that honor Manufacturer Coupons.

    Redeeming your gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificate is easy!

    For the best service, we recommend choosing a traditional chain grocery store such as Kroger, Safeway, Shop-Rite, Publix or other similar types of grocery stores in your area.

    Redeem (and enjoy!) your Ham Gift Certificate today — or whenever works for you. Your holiday gift is good through the end of April of next year. You get to choose when to enjoy your gift and where to redeem it. It’s all up to you!

    Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to redeem your Ham Gift Certificate from gThankYou.


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  • Turkey Or Ham Gifts for Christmas — Order Today!

    Share your workplace gratitude with Turkey or Ham Gifts for Christmas. The gift everyone will appreciate!

    With gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Gifts, let recipients choose the centerpiece to their holiday meal!

    It’s not too late to order Turkey or Ham Gifts for Christmas for your workplace!

    gThankYou! Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates allow you to give recipients the practical and appreciated gift of a holiday turkey or ham to share with family and friends.

    And gThankYou offers same day shipping so your Turkey or Ham Gifts for Christmas can arrive as soon as tomorrow!

    Not only are gThankYou Gift Certificates fast and convenient, they’re a meaningful gesture of gratitude that your workplace will love. gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Gifts for Christmas provide a holiday meal centerpiece — without the stress of handing out actual frozen turkeys or hams.

    Our Turkey or Ham Gifts can be redeemed for any brand, any size and any preparation of whole turkey, or whole or half ham, at major groceries nationwide. gThankYou Gift Certificates redeem as Manufacturer Coupons, just like the cents-off coupons everyone is used to.

    Plus, you won’t need to worry about finding Christmas cards to accompany your gifts at the last-minute. All gThankYou Gift Certificates come with customized, personalized “Thank You” Enclosure CardsFREE.

    Celebrate the Power of Holiday Gratitude with Turkey or Ham Gifts for Christmas!

    Gratitude is essential to your holiday gift-giving — and sharing gratitude is revolutionary in the workplace, according to the Greater Good Science Center (GGCC) at the University of California at Berkeley.

    Holiday gift Enclosure Cards to go with your employee Turkey Or Ham Gifts for Christmas.

    gThankYou provides free gift Enclosure Cards for your personal message of holiday thanks.

    Thanking others is disruptive “in the realm of hierarchies and promotions, where everyone is trying to get ahead and may be reluctant to acknowledge their reliance on — or express emotions to — their coworkers,” writes GGCC’s Kira M. Newman in the article, “How Gratitude Can Transform Your Workplace.”

    Recent research shows “building cultures of gratitude and appreciation can transform our work lives, leading to deeper connections to each other and to the work we’re doing.”

    One mindfulness expert jokes that gratitude is a “gateway drug” because it’s a pathway to other emotional skills, like emotional intelligence, empathy, compassion and forgiveness. Other benefits include less stress and fewer health complaints, fewer sick days, higher satisfaction with our jobs and a greater sense that we can achieve our goals.

    “Grateful employees — as well as employees who receive more gratitude — also perform more ‘organizational citizenship’ behaviors: kind acts that aren’t part of their job description, like welcoming new employees and filling in for coworkers,” Newman writes.

    Thinking of gratitude as a culture-building practice is helpful because gratitude isn’t transactional. Once gratitude starts getting shared within an organization, it spreads: givers and recipients alike want to pass on the good feeling. Together, these interactions build a culture of gratitude.

    Key to building an organizational gratitude culture are leaders who prioritize and embrace gratitude in their communication, according to Newman.

    That’s where meaningful gifts, like gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Gifts, come in. Don’t miss the opportunity to express gratitude at the holidays with a heartfelt message of thanks and a practical token of gratitude that employees will value.

    “Gift exchange is a major part of celebrating the holidays,” according to South University researchers, and “the whole act of gift-giving can offer psychological benefits.

    “Giving a gift is a universal way to show interest, appreciation, and gratitude, as well as strengthen bonds with others.”

    gThankYou makes workplace gift-giving easy, convenient and flexible. Read on to find out how!

    How to Order Turkey or Ham Gifts for Christmas — With Time to Spare


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  • Meaningful and Appreciated Employee Christmas Gifts

    Employee Christmas gifts from gThankYou come with FREE customizable gift enclosure cards for your hollday thanks.

    All gThankYou Gift Certificates include customizable Enclosure Cards — FREE!

    Employee Christmas gifts are the perfect way to share end-of-year gratitude and strengthen manager-employee relationships.

    Choose gThankYou Gift Certificates for popular grocery items like Turkey, Ham, or Turkey or Ham for your employee Christmas gifts this year! It’s a practical, convenient and appreciated way to celebrate the season and your employees at the holidays.

    All gThankYou Gift Certificates can be redeemed at major grocery stores nationwide, at the time that’s right for your recipients, for any brandany size and any preparation of the product specified. Our Gift Certificates are Manufacturer Coupons, just like the cents-off coupons everyone is used to.

    Plus, you won’t need to worry about finding Christmas cards to accompany your gifts at the last-minute. All gThankYou Gift Certificates come with customized, personalized “Thank You” Enclosure Cards — FREE.

    Christmas gifts for employees, accompanied by a heartfelt note of thanks in an Enclosure Card, sends the right message to employees — that you value your relationship with them and want it to continue into the New Year.

    A new study conducted by Ultimate Software shows a need for better manager-employee relationships in the workplace. Read on to learn how appreciation plays a role in relationship-building.


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