Fall is a great season for enjoying apples a wide variety of crops from the harvest.


It’s always wise to consider ideas for simple seasonal thank you gifts for employees. No need for extravagance, but — let’s be honest — a little present when it’s not a holiday or birthday provides a pick-me-up for most people. As part of your employee appreciation efforts, do you ever give a small gift for a job well done? Here are some seasonal ideas for applicable fall gifts that just may make someone’s day a little brighter.


Five Fall Thank You Gift Ideas


Professional sports tickets can be pricy, so if that’s not in the budget, how about handing out free tickets to a corn maze, apple orchard, pumpkin patch or haunted house? Fall is usually a favorite time of year for people to go outside and enjoy the cooler air and wholesome activities. It’s also a fantastic way to promote community agriculture, local farmers, and “agritainment” businesses!

Food Gift Certificates

Fresh corn, pumpkins, peppers and more — fall is an awesome time to enjoy the bounty of the harvest. Consider grocery gift certificates as a thank you, congratulations, or onboarding gift to enjoy some delicious fall meals at home. With just a little more time investment, you can also gather up some employee recipes to share (chili recipes offer a diverse array of cultures and flavors)!

Seeds or Bulbs

Fall is a common time to do some seasonal planting, so why not package up some seeds or bulbs or provide a wide variety in a basket and pass them around? It’s a fun way to engage people about their love for gardening; and for those without a green thumb, provide some guidance on how easy it can be to do a little digging now for big payoff in the spring! It’s guaranteed to bring a smile now and when they bloom or grow.

Back to “School” Pack

Remember when it was fun to get all new supplies when you geared up for a new school year? Do the same for employees by providing a reusable lunch tote or company branded bag with new pens, markers, sticky notes, earbuds, hand sanitizer and whatever else applies to their job! There may be some giggles of joy — new supplies can actually be pretty exciting!

Personalized Mugs

Is it possible to have too many mugs? We think not. What about giving a personalized mug to team members with some assorted teas and coffees? All summer long, people tend to long for crisp fall days and warm beverages. This little goodie kit (some caramels wouldn’t hurt either) is sure to help everyone gear up for the colder months with something new. BONUS: if you personalize them, there is no confusion if you have a shared kitchen area!

We wish you a fantastic fall as you gear up for the holidays and year-end — and these gift ideas are sure to rev up the motivation engine along the way!

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