Employees receiving gift certificates as appreciation from their employer.

The Many Reasons To Choose gThankYou Certificates For Employee Gifts

Are you committed to a culture of employee RETENTION?

Are you building and maintaining an employer brand that helps with RECRUITMENT?

Two important elements in these endeavors are RECOGNITION and REWARDS!

Recent Gallup research found that when an employer recognizes life events and work milestones, employees are …

  • 3x as likely to strongly agree they feel connected to culture
  • 3x as likely to strongly agree their organization cares about their wellbeing
  • 30%+ more likely to say they plan to be at their organization in five years

“To build the right workforce for the future and leverage its capabilities, leaders must take a human-centered approach to building their employee experience and employer brand. It starts by demonstrating to employees they are valued by recognizing their contributions.”
Gallup, From Praise to Profits: The Business Case for Strategic Recognition

Let Us Help!

gThankYou employee gifts can help you build and maintain an employer brand that is attractive to potential and current employees. They’re also an excellent way to show employee appreciation. This budget-friendly employee gift option allows for customization and quick turn-around to show employee recognition anytime, anywhere!

Are Gift Certificates a good idea?

Gift Certificates are meaningful, practical, and favorite employee gifts everyone appreciates. gThankYou Gift Certificates are good for any brand at virtually any grocery store in the U.S., allowing recipients to choose the food items they want.

Whether a traditional turkey or ham for the holidays, pie for Easter, groceries year-round or another selection, our employee gift vouchers are the perfect retention incentive, recognition reward, or way to simply say, “thank you!”

We are here to help you celebrate and reward employees by recognizing personal and professional achievements and even “just because.”

Gift certificates are perfect for:

  • Achievement recognition
  • Work milestones and Retention incentives
  • Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Major life events
  • Recruitment, Onboarding, and Welcome Employee gifts
  • Financial support
  • Bonuses (Referrals, Signing, or Spot)
  • And so much more! They are the perfect feast coupon!


Happy team of chefs


gThankYou Gift Certificates come in a variety of values to meet budgets of every size. We provide free personalization of Certificates with recipient names (if desired) and giver names. gThankYou also offers free custom Gratitude Cards – you choose from dozens of Gratitude Card designs, add your message and include your organization logo. Certificates fit in a standard business size envelope so they are easy to send with company mailings or distribute in person.

It’s no wonder, gThankYou Gift Certificates are favorite employee gifts. They’re easy to purchase, either online or over the phone (888-484-1658). And, virtually all orders ship the same day, so you can have it as early as tomorrow!
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How gThankYou Certificates Work

Step 1

Order Certificates

Choose the gThankYou Certificates you want and order them online or by telephone.

Step 2

Ship directly to your business

Your order is delivered by UPS. Nearly all orders ship the day received. Overnight shipping is available.

Step 3

Distribute to your employees

Personalize your gThankYou Certificates with Giver name or logo (both optional) and give them to employees.

Step 4

Redeem at any grocery store

Recipients redeem Certificates at major U.S. grocery stores and select the items they want.