what employees really want for the holidays - heartfelt appreciation.

Today’s headlines are full of crazy statistics about the workplace, with headlines like The Great Discontent ringing in our ears. Leaders are worried about retention rates, hiring, and assessing culture. While we understand the stress that accompanies these concerns, there is a bright light. This is an excellent opportunity! Let’s discuss what employees REALLY want for the holidays – your heartfelt appreciation for their hard work and loyalty.

This is the time to build a culture of gratitude. Thank those employees who have stuck through the hard times. Attract new talent by offering a culture that understands their needs. Build peer-to-peer and top-down communication channels and recognition that makes people feel valued.

As we dive right into the holiday season, gThankYou is here to help you share your appreciation. Personalized, heartfelt appreciation is in demand and, together, we can deliver.

Holidays are the PERFECT Time to Say “Thank You”

As illustrated with our Day-to-Day Employee Appreciation Calendar and our Appreciation Checklist, we are advocates of employee appreciation ALL YEAR LONG. That said, the tradition of heightened gratitude around the holidays is special. It offers nostalgia, warmth and rings in a new year with a deeper connection with each other.

What Effectively Illustrates Gratitude?

A personalized note of thanks is what employees really want

A thoughtful note of appreciation, that’s heartfelt and sincere. Ideally handwritten.

Crafting the right balance of personal and heartfelt appreciation for the workplace takes practice. If you are new to employee thank you notes, check out our holiday guide to writing employee appreciation letters or our eBook on how to write memorable employee thank you notes. Both guides are free to download and provide insights in how to craft effective and meaningful notes of appreciation.

What Employee Gifts Best Communicate Gratitude?

Any appropriate gift (tangible or experiential) given in the spirit of genuine gratitude will be welcomed and can be memorable.

In these uncertain times, upholding company holiday traditions is often important. Here are some case studies that show how easy gift-giving can be. When times are shaky, stability can be the best remedy.

Especially when retention is mission critical, engaging employees is key. Find ways to give on-the-spot recognition, celebrate holidays and milestones, and solicit ideas for ways to bring people back together as part of your gift-giving plan.

We also know that research is plentiful about how our collective mental health has suffered over the last two years. Frontline and supply chain workers, those who were sick or caretakers, and those who have faced isolation or loneliness are all examples of people who may need a little extra support this season. Time off, mental health resources and stress-reduction programs could be the best gift you can share with them right now.

At gThankYou, we believe the gift of food is always appropriate and appreciated. It’s practical and affordable, yet affords the opportunity to be shared and create traditions and memories. Some foods carry special meaning in our culture such as a Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham. In America, the gift of a holiday turkey is truly one of the most meaningful gifts to give.

Popular Holiday Food Gifts from gThankYou

This time of year, everyone appreciates the gift of food to make the holidays special. Whether you want to share the centerpiece of the holiday meal with the gift of a turkey or want to share a sweet treat, gThankYou has you covered. Share with your personal note of holiday thanks and you have the perfect gift of gratitude for the holidays!

  • Share the Centerpiece of the Holiday Meal
    No need to look further – the gift of a turkey or ham for the holidays will delight all! Recipients will be grateful for the thoughtful gift of the centerpiece to their holiday meal and will remember that gratitude while celebrating with family and friends.


  • Provide Choice and Flexibility
    Many employers want to provide complete flexibility to colleagues in the planning and choice of their holiday meal. Our Grocery Gift Certificates are able to be redeemed for any combination of food products only. Recipients can create the meal that their family wants.


  • Give a Sweet Treat to Share
    Looking for a less expensive but fun holiday treat? Consider the gift of a Pie and/or Ice Cream! Both Certificates are available in values as low as $5. Use them as an unexpected thank you or in a holiday food basket.


For more options, you can see all our Gift Certificate choices.

What employees really want! Your thanks and a gThankYou Gift Certificate!

All gThankYou Gift Certificates come with free Gratitude Cards for your custom note of appreciation. We offer dozens of designs to choose from and customize with a logo, management signature scan or personal signature. To see our Holiday selection, click here.

What’s more, most all orders ship same day so you can have your gifts as soon as tomorrow.

To learn more check out our website, watch our video or visit our FAQ.

You can order online or call us at 888-484-1658.

We wish you a bright and joyful holiday season regardless of how you share your gratitude!!

Your friends at gThankYou!

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