Harness the Potential of Workplace Compliments for Enhanced Employee Engagement

Unleash the art of giving and receiving compliments to supercharge employee engagement, motivation, and overall workplace positivity. Discover proven strategies to express authentic appreciation, sidestep common Thank You pitfalls, and cultivate a culture of heartfelt gratitude.

Thank Employees Better: Mastering the Art of Genuine Appreciation

Embark on a journey to thank employees in ways that truly resonate, leaving a lasting impact on their engagement, happiness, motivation, and productivity. Avoid the pitfalls of generic gratitude and ineffective “compliment sandwich” approaches. Explore the profound benefits of heartfelt workplace compliments that forge strong connections and nurture a thriving work environment.

Everyday Employee Thank You Ideas: Elevating Gratitude Beyond Special Occasions

Uncover the transformative power of expressing gratitude and saying thank you to employees on any given day. Embrace the significance of valuing and appreciating your workforce, igniting a cascade of increased happiness, productivity, and loyalty. Harness the potential of employee recognition as a catalyst for a positive and supportive work environment.

Make Every Day “Say Something Nice Day” at Work: Cultivating a Culture of Uplifting Words

Embrace the spirit of “Say Something Nice Day” and take it a step further by instilling a daily practice of uplifting affirmations for your employees. Delve into the remarkable impact of regular verbal recognition and praise on workplace culture. In other words, unveil the magic of acknowledging and appreciating employees, fueling their satisfaction, productivity, and commitment.

Workplace “Thank Yous” Are Important, Even Belated: Timeless Appreciation and Lasting Effects

Explore diverse approaches to workplace gratitude, whether it’s expressing thanks promptly or utilizing specific holidays or annual events as opportunities for heartfelt appreciation. Unveil the profound significance of showing gratitude to hard-working teams and its tangible impact on employee morale and engagement.

Train Managers in the Art of Thanking Employees: Empowering Leaders for a Culture of Appreciation

Elevate training managers in the art of thanking employees to the top of your priority list. Recognize the pivotal role of appreciation in driving positive outcomes. Embrace National Thank You Month as an opportune time to equip managers with the essential skills to effectively express gratitude, cultivating a culture where appreciation thrives.
Embrace the transformative power of giving and receiving compliments in the workplace to create a positive, appreciative, and motivating work environment. By implementing proven strategies and nurturing a culture of heartfelt gratitude, you can unlock the full potential of employee engagement, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

  • 7 Ways to Thank Employees Better

    Learn how to thank employees better!

    Follow these workplace Thank You tips for better communication and happier employees. (Photo via USACE, Flickr)

    Is your workplace Thank You inspired — or is it tired?
    It’s critical for managers and company leaders to thank employees for excellent performance, and do it effectively. Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to thank someone!
    You may be making all-too-common workplace Thank You mistakes and not even know it. Many Thank You “rules” we learn — like the “compliment sandwich” — are actually ineffective and send the wrong message.
    The way you share your workplace Thank You isn’t just good for employee engagement, happiness, motivation and productivity. It benefits the whole team, including you.

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  • Everyday Employee Thank You Ideas

    Thank you mugs

    Any time is a good time to say thank you to employees! Workers who feel valued and appreciated will be happier, more productive and more loyal.

    The transition from spring to summer presents a wide variety of established opportunities to show appreciation that naturally fit into this season, but don’t lose sight of the impact of saying thank you and showing gratitude any day of the year.

    As American philosopher and psychologist Williams James astutely observed:
    “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”


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  • Make Every Day “Say Something Nice Day” at Work

    Celebrate "Say Something Nice Day" this June 1st.Find Nice Things to Say to Employees — It’s Worth It

    No surprise we love the idea of “Say Something Nice Day,” which is coming up next Friday, June 1. But there’s one surefire way to improve on it in your workplace: Find nice things to say to employees every day — and use Say Something Nice Day as an annual reminder to recommit to that goal.
    Research has found that workplaces cultures improve when managers take the time to look for nice things to say to employees. One Gallup study reported that regular verbal recognition and praise results in employees who are: (more…)

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  • Workplace “Thank Yous” Are Important, Even Belated

    Workplace "Thank You's" are an easy way to help employees feel valued and appreciated.Conventional wisdom suggests sharing workplace “Thank You’s” as close to possible to the act that you are thanking colleagues for. But that’s not always possible, especially in a busy workplace.
    Another approach is to use a traditional holiday like Thanksgiving, a year-end celebration or an annual event such as National Thank You Month in January as a prescribed time and opportunity to show gratitude to your hard-working team. (more…)

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  • Train Managers in the Art of Thanking Employees

    Make training managers in thanking employees a workplace priority this year!

    Thanking employees effectively is an important skill. Are your managers learning it?

    Happy New Year! Is thanking employees more frequently on your management team’s list of resolutions?
    How about a “Thank You training”? Make it a company resolution this year to train managers in the art of thanking employees!
    January is National Thank You Month. This year, do more than resolve to thank people more. It’s time to recognize that showing appreciation isn’t just a nice-to-have soft skill but integral to successfully managing a team. (more…)

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  • It’s Say Something Nice Day – Spread Workplace Gratitude!

    Spread workplace gratitude today!

    Spread workplace gratitude on June 1 — it’s Say Something Nice Day! (Created using Recite.com)

    Workplace gratitude spreads through small, everyday acts of kindness. Spread workplace gratitude in your place of work June 1 to celebrate Say Something Nice Day! It’s an easy opportunity to take time to engage with staff and share your appreciation.
    Saying something nice to employees (and doing it well) isn’t a squishy soft skill without hard benefits. It’s a critical aspect of leadership and business success.
    Even a quick look at recent headlines shows that civility, positivity and gratitude are sorely lacking in the workplace today.
    “Does HR Have a ‘Humanity’ Problem?” — that was the question an HR Dive headline posed earlier this week. It was prompted in part by the BackChannel essay, “Human Resources Isn’t About Humans.” (more…)

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  • Grow Workplace Positivity with a Compliment

    It's easy to build workplace positivity!

    It takes just a few minutes a day to build workplace positivity with compliments. Start today — World Compliment Day!

    Building Workplace Positivity

    Workplace positivity grows through appreciation and, specifically, great compliments. Start practicing today, World Compliment Day, to get ready for Employee Appreciation Day later this week.
    Held annually on March 1, World Compliment Day has its origins in the Netherlands.
    World Compliment Day is not commercially oriented, “so everyone can afford to participate,” according to a history at WorldComplimentDay.info. It “simply addresses the basic human need for recognition and appreciation. … And therein lies its power.”
    Hans Poortvliet, a Dutch recognition professional and the driving force behind the annual event in the Netherlands, points out that compliments cost nothing but have a huge impact. (more…)

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  • Make Your Workplace Thank You a Commitment

    workplace thank you gthankyou

    What is your team thankful for? Make a commitment in 2017 to the workplace Thank You. (Photo by Sadie Hernandez, Flickr)

    In a memorial tribute to Mary Tyler Moore this week, Baltimore Sun TV critic David Zurawik recalls an iconic example of a workplace Thank You on her show in the 1970s.
    The brief speech Moore gives to her newsroom coworkers during the show finale, in character as the “groundbreaking, professional, working-woman” Mary Richards, still resonates with Zurawik.
    After asking her boss if she can say a few words, she tells the assembled employees:
    “I get to thinking my job is too important to me. And I tell myself that the people I work with are just the people I work with, and not my family.
    “And last night I thought, ‘What is a family anyway?’ They’re just people who make you feel less alone and really loved. And that’s what you’ve done for me. Thank you for being my family.” (more…)

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  • Jumpstart Springtime With Employee Thank You Ideas

    Springtime is a great time for your employee thank you!

    Employee thank you programs are essential all year-round. Photo via Jonathan Leung, Flickr.

    Springtime is time for spring cleaning! So why not start with your assessing and re-energizing your employee recognition efforts with a revitalized thank you program?

    As warm weather and brighter days approach, it is the perfect time to invest in your company culture, inspire workers, and reiterate your company values. And guess what? You can accomplish that and more with a strong employee appreciation program!

    Read on for easy and effective ideas we’ve collected for outdoor, seasonal, and values-based employee recognition activities. Start building the everyday culture of appreciation you want, and plan for brighter days ahead!


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  • The Secret to Motivating Teams: Say Thank You!

    gThankYou! knows about motivating your team!

    Photo via woodleywonderworks, Flickr.

    Motivating your team couldn’t be simpler — just thank your employees for their efforts and they’ll feel more valued. When employees know you’re grateful for their efforts, they work harder and productivity improves. It’s really remarkably easy.

    Say thank you and employees work harder

    Just consider the results of this recent Glassdoor survey. As Huffington Post writer Chad Brooks discovered in Appreciation Motivates Employees To Work Harder, Study Says,” the study shows:


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