Workplace Special Holidays: Celebrate and Appreciate Together

Discover fascinating topics about workplace special holidays. Consequently, celebrate these occasions to promote sustainability, recognize employee contributions, and foster meaningful connections. Learn how to create a positive work culture by embracing holidays like International Day of Awesomeness. Moreover, honor veterans on Veterans Day. Get inspired with creative ideas to engage employees, build camaraderie, and cultivate a positive work environment.

Promoting Sustainability: Celebrating Earth Day at Work

Make a positive impact by celebrating Earth Day in the workplace. So, host events that raise environmental awareness and encourage sustainable practices among employees. Engage them in activities, such as organizing a potluck lunch or participating in a tree-planting ceremony. In other words, involving employees in planning and promoting these events creates a sense of ownership and community. Encourage employees to take public transportation or carpool to work. Consequently, offer incentives like free parking or gift cards for those who choose alternative transportation.

Recognizing Employee Contributions: Employee Appreciation and Pi Day

Show gratitude and acknowledge employees’ valuable contributions on special holidays like Employee Appreciation Day and Pi Day. Firstly, plan team activities that allow employees to celebrate achievements together. Consider organizing team-building events or initiating new appreciation programs to foster a culture of recognition. Furthermore, by highlighting employees’ accomplishments, you boost morale, strengthen their sense of belonging, and enhance job satisfaction.

Fostering Meaningful Connections: Celebrating Workplace Friendships

Shift the focus of workplace celebrations to foster meaningful connections and friendships among colleagues. Meanwhile, explore team-building activities that promote camaraderie, trust, and collaboration. Organize events, for example, a family day at a local park, where employees can bring loved ones and enjoy food, games, and music. Similarly, rent a public pool or amusement park to create a fun and relaxed environment for team bonding. Additionally, encourage morning walks with leadership for exercise and one-on-one interactions, further strengthening relationships.

Embracing a Positive Work Culture: International Day of Awesomeness

Celebrate International Day of Awesomeness to cultivate a positive work culture. Above all, encourage acts of kindness and foster an environment that values and appreciates exceptional achievements. Recognize outstanding contributions through awards or special acknowledgments. Consequently, by emphasizing gratitude and positivity, inspire employees to bring their best selves to work and contribute to a harmonious and uplifting workplace culture.

Honoring Special Holidays: Recognizing Veterans and Promoting Kindness

Honor special holidays like Veterans Day and World Kindness Day in the workplace. In conclusion, express gratitude to veterans by organizing events that celebrate their service and sacrifice. Encourage acts of kindness within the workplace and community. Moreover, promote volunteer opportunities and charitable initiatives. Aligning your company with meaningful occasions strengthens reputation, fosters employee engagement, and values compassion and goodwill.

Explore various engaging topics about workplace special holidays. During this exploration, discover creative ideas to engage employees and create a positive work environment. Celebrate special holidays to inspire camaraderie, strengthen relationships, and honor the accomplishments and values that make your organization unique.

  • Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day & Pi Day!

    Employee Appreciation and Pi Day

    Two of our favorite events are coming up and we want to help you celebrate: Employee Appreciation Day and Pi Day! You still have time to rev up the fun engine and plan ahead for these excellent opportunities to recognize employees.


    Let the tone of appreciation ring loud and clear! Celebrate with a team activity and message of gratitude or use the occasion to kick off a new appreciation program.

    Some activities can include:


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  • Earth Day at Work

    Earth Day at work

    Earth Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the planet and take action to protect it. Whether or not sustainability is a core pillar of your business, sharing ways to care for the Earth is a wonderful message for employees.

    Celebrate Earth Day at work. Here are a few ideas:

    • Host an Earth Day event. This could be anything from a potluck lunch to a tree planting ceremony. Get your employees involved in planning and organizing the event, and make sure to promote it to the community.
    • Encourage employees to take public transportation or carpool to work. You can offer incentives, such as a free parking day or a gift card to a local business, for employees who choose to take alternative transportation.
    • (more…)

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  • It’s World Gratitude Day! Celebrate the Power of “Thank You”

    World Gratitude Day

    Today is World Gratitude Day!

    Celebrated every Sept. 21, World Gratitude Day was started by the United Nations more than 50 years ago. It’s also known as the International Day of Peace.

    In the workplace, World Gratitude Day is for celebrating the power of “Thank You” — from company leaders to employees, between coworkers, from employees to customers and, ultimately, as a building block for a culture of gratitude.

    Celebrate world gratitude day with these two simple words "thank you"!

    The scientific argument for gratitude in the workplace is strong and backed by rigorous research.

    Numerous studies and business cases have shown the benefits of gratitude and the ill effects of a lack of gratitude — job dissatisfaction, turnover, absenteeism, burnout, gossip, negativity and exploitation.

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  • Every Day Can Be Employee Appreciation Day

    Employee Appreciation Day

    A sweet employee thank you! Via Flickr: CleverCupca

    While some may pick the official Employee Appreciation Day to celebrate their employees’ contributions, really any day is the perfect day to thank employees for their hard work and dedication to your business!
    Most leaders understand employee appreciation is not a one day a year deal.  It’s vital to business success to build engagement and recognition into daily business practices.  Still not a believer?
    Disney is a great example of a company that believes in the power of engagement. (more…)

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  • Making the Most of Valentine’s Day in the Workplace

    Celebrating Valentine's Day in the workplace

    Our favorite candy heart saying is “ur kind” but “you rock” is always welcome!  Check out this Reader’s Digest article if you’re curious about conversation heart messages.
    Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

    We spend more of our waking hours with co-workers than we do with our significant others, so take advantage of Valentine’s Day and celebrate colleagues! If you focus on gratitude and appreciation, it’s perfectly appropriate and thoughtful to do.

    Valentine’s Day in the workplace should be about celebrating workplace colleagues and a culture of kindness and compassion. Steer clear of romance and relationships. The opportunity is to communicate value for great working relationships and a culture supportive of compassion and camaraderie.


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  • Treat Employees on National Donut Day

    National Donut Day offers a great chance to thank employeesShare Your Workplace Love with Donuts!

    Friday, June 1st is National Donut Day and a perfect opportunity to celebrate colleagues with a donut, coffee (and maybe a side of fruit)!
    Donuts are a time-honored workplace treat, so it’s fun to have an excuse to pick up a box for the office. After all, they’ve been a sign of appreciation since at least World War I! (more…)

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  • Labor Day – Opportunity to Celebrate Your Workplace

    Celebrate your workplace in honor of Labor Day!

    Labor Day parades are an American tradition going back generations! Celebrate your workplace this Labor Day with fun, engaging activities. (Image via Kheel Center, Flickr)

    The Labor Day holiday celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate your workplace and have fun  — especially if you have team members working on Labor Day itself or over Labor Day weekend.
    Officially recognized as a federal holiday in 1894, Labor Day was born out of the rise of workers’ rights during the peak of the Industrial Revolution. To this day, we enjoy the benefits of this movement: minimum wage, overtime law, the weekend and more.
    “We commemorate Labor Day because it forever changed the relationship between employer and employee,” according to a Gusto blog post.

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  • Sharing Appreciation: National Doughnut Day!

    Sharing appreciation is sweet on National Doughnut Day!

    Grab a doughnut! National Doughnut Day is the sweetest way to show employee appreciation. (Photo via Edwin Tee, Flickr)

    Sharing appreciation couldn’t be sweeter — share a doughnut today with colleagues, customers and friends! It’s National Doughnut Day — always the first Friday of June.
    There’s a doughnut for everybody. Doughnuts are the most “craveable” treat in America.
    Give your employee appreciation program a little boost to kick off the summer season — bring in doughnuts to share with your team.
    Or turn the day into a fun opportunity for community outreach. Doughnut shops like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts always give away freebies on (more…)

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  • 5 Fun, Easy Employee Activities for Earth Day

    Easy activities for Earth Day - Get everyone involved!

    Plan easy, fun employee activities for Earth Day — such as recycling bottles to raise money for charity like these Cydcor employees are doing! (Photo via Cydcor, Fickr)

    Earth Day is April 22 — did it sneak up on you? No worries, we’ve got last-minute ideas for fun, easy employee activities for Earth Day!
    Everyday employee engagement is built through rewarding, everyday activities. Even the simplest team-building activities can energize and bring people together.
    And celebrating Earth Day in the workplace isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good for people, too — and your business, according to USA Today columnist Steve Strauss, a lawyer specializing in small business and entrepreneurship.
    Some benefits are obvious, as Strauss writes in a recent USA Today column.
    Reusing and recycling are money-savers, there are tax benefits for going green, and green practices are good branding and popular with consumers.
    But there are other benefits that are more behind-the-scenes. (more…)

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