Welcome to our comprehensive guide on workplace recognition programs and events

Employee recognition is a crucial aspect of fostering a positive work culture, enhancing engagement, and boosting productivity and retention. At gThankYou!, we understand the significance of recognizing employees for their hard work, dedication, and contributions. In this guide, we explore the power of workplace recognition programs and events, backed by statistics and research.

The Importance of Workplace Recognition

Creating a culture of appreciation starts with recognizing employees for their achievements, big or small. Studies have shown that when employees are rewarded for their contributions, they feel a sense of ownership and pride in their work, leading to increased motivation and loyalty. Recognition not only connects employees to the organization but also elevates their performance and encourages them to strive for excellence.

On-the-Spot Recognition: Instant Results

One effective way to reap instant results is through on-the-spot recognition. By acknowledging employees’ efforts and achievements immediately, organizations can reap the benefits right away. Whether it’s a simple thank you or a small gesture, on-the-spot recognition shows employees that their hard work is valued and appreciated. It helps create a positive work environment and boosts morale.

Recognizing Small Wins: Building Confidence

Recognizing employees for their small wins regularly plays a significant role in building confidence and fostering a productive workplace. Praise for specific acts of excellence not only boosts employees’ self-confidence but also increases their engagement. Studies have shown that organizations with formal recognition programs have significantly lower turnover rates and are more likely to achieve strong business outcomes.

Employee Appreciation in the Digital Age: Leveraging Technology

In today’s digital age, leveraging technology for employee appreciation has become essential. Digital feedback platforms provide a convenient and efficient way to build recognition programs and events for employees. These platforms allow for real-time feedback, making recognition more timely and impactful. They also serve as a means to communicate appreciation to other employees, reinforcing the desired culture of the organization.

Maximizing Employee Recognition Time: Making It Count

Maximizing employee recognition time is another important aspect to consider. As a leader, it’s crucial to prioritize and dedicate quality time to recognize employees sincerely and purposefully. By breaking bad habits and adopting new practices, leaders can create a workplace culture that boosts morale, productivity, and ultimately the bottom line. Making recognition a daily and meaningful practice helps ensure that employees feel valued and appreciated consistently.

In conclusion, workplace recognition programs and events are instrumental in fostering a culture of appreciation and driving employee engagement and productivity. By recognizing employees for their contributions, organizations can create a positive work environment, enhance retention rates, and achieve stronger business outcomes. At gThankYou!, we believe in the power of recognition and are here to help you develop effective recognition programs and plan memorable recognition events. Join us in harnessing the power of workplace recognition and create a motivated and thriving workforce.

  • Corporate Gift-Giving Etiquette

    Holiday gifts

    The holiday season is a time for giving, and many organizations choose to give gifts to their employees and other stakeholders. Corporate gift giving can be a great way to share your appreciation, strengthen relationships, and boost morale. However, it’s important to be mindful of corporate gift-giving etiquette.

    Many organizations have corporate gift giving guidelines to help streamline their giving practices. Do you? If not, here are some tips for corporate gift-giving etiquette that should serve as some guidelines to keep everyone on the same page.


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  • How To Implement a Corporate Gifting Program

    Big ribbon on a gift

    Corporate gifting is the practice of businesses giving gifts to employees, customers, and other stakeholders. It can be a powerful way to build relationships, show appreciation, and promote your brand. However, it’s important to have a corporate gifting program and policies in place to ensure that gifts are given in a consistent and ethical manner.


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  • Mid-Year Engagement & Recognition Check-in

    Engagement and recognition plans

    A lot of strategic planning and budgeting happens at the end of the year, with certain elements deployed in January and February. Everyone enjoys buying their new year calendars when everything is fresh for a new start. However, many important plans, like those for employee engagement & recognition, need to be consistently reviewed. Here are some questions to ask yourself as a mid-year check-in to see if the right activities are happening and objectives are being met:

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  • The Benefits of Employee Recognition

    Even a fist bump and thank you count as employee recognition.


    At gThankYou, we are obviously strong advocates of employee recognition – we’ve built our business upon this principle! In building and maintaining a culture of gratitude, it’s important to recognize employees for their hard work, initiative and commitment. Recognition can positively impact many facets of the business and should be part of a leader’s responsibilities.

    In The Importance of Employee Recognition: Statistics and Research by Quantum Workplace, the article states, “When employees are rewarded for their contributions, they feel ownership and pride and are willing to work just as hard on their next project. Recognition connects them to the organization, elevates performance, and increases the likelihood they’ll stay.”

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  • The Magic of On-the-Spot Recognition

    On-the-spot recognition = instant results. When you recognize employees right away, the benefits start right away. It’s simple and pays off. Try it today!

    Thank you for being.According to Indeed.com, “When people are offered consistent, actionable feedback, they can gain better insight into their successes and opportunities for improvement. Positive feedback is especially important because it increases morale, encourages good work and helps provide a sense of purpose.”

    A once-a-year party is great for tradition, but it doesn’t ultimately affect day-to-day performance. Shift your paradigm from celebrating at the end of the year or on an anniversary to how can we keep appreciation and a culture of celebration alive all year-round?

    It’s time to make recognition an ongoing, everyday activity. Read on to find out why on-the-spot recognition is so effective — and easier than you think!

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  • Recognize Employees to Build Confidence

    Clay Banks, Unsplash - happy workplace!

    We are here to remind you: Recognize employees for small wins regularly. Doing so results in a confident, productive workplace.

    Praise for specific acts of excellence builds employee self-confidence and increases engagement.

    Employee recognition is one of the most important responsibilities of leaders. It’s smart business, directly affecting productivity, retention and overall culture.

    According to Quantum Workplace,

    Organizations with formal recognition programs have 31% (more…)

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  • Employee Appreciation : Digital Feedback Platforms

    Employee Appreciation Really MattersIf you’re reading this blog post, it’s probably because you care about employee appreciation and you may be wondering how digital feedback platforms can help (and which ones could be a good fit for your company).

    Why Employee Appreciation Matters

    In a Workplace article on Gallup’s website examining the impact of employee recognition, writers Annamarie Mann and Nate Dvorak point out: (more…)

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  • 4 Tips To Maximize Employee Recognition Time

    Maximize employee recognition time.
    As a leader you’re probably getting pulled in a million different directions and your time is in short supply.  But the time you spend really being present in a sincere, mindful and purposeful way when interacting with your employees and recognizing them for their efforts and contributions is time well-spent.
    With a bit of effort you can break some bad habits and start embracing some new practices and ways of thinking that can help boost morale (and ultimately your bottom line). Read on for straightforward ways to maximize employee recognition time.

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  • Don’t (Just) Recognize Employees…

    Don't (just) recognize employees, appreciate them with your heartfelt gratitude!

    Genuine appreciation and gratitude for employees really resonates. (Photo by Carl Attard from Pexels.)

    People tend to think of recognition and appreciation as the same thing, but knowing the difference and focusing on genuinely appreciating the employees working for you can impact morale, engagement and satisfaction in the workplace.  So don’t (just) recognize employees, appreciate them with your sincere gratitude!

    What is the Difference?

    In an article for Ladders, Paul White described the reasons why employers should stop recognizing employees and start appreciating them. White shared that too often he has encountered employee recognition programs that not only don’t seem to be working, but are in fact generating apathetic, sarcastic and cynical reactions from employees.  White believes this is because recognition is different from authentic appreciation.

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  • Recognize and Retain Hospitality Industry Employees

    Hospitality Industry Employees
    Almost every industry is facing staffing challenges, but perhaps the hospitality industry is the hardest hit. Knowing how to recognize and retain hospitality industry employees is critical to business survival.
    It’s not unheard for restaurant employees to take a job at a competitor across the street for just .25 cents more an hour!
    Both front of the house and back of the house staff would be less tempted to leave for such a small raise if they felt engaged, valued and appreciated.
    In a blog post on Toast.com about turnover rates in the restaurant industry, these startling retention stats were shared: (more…)

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  • Savvy HR: Training Managers in Employee Appreciation

    Your workplace recognition program starts with training managers in employee appreciation

    Training managers in employee appreciation gives your company a competitive advantage. (Photo via Kevin Dooley, Flickr)

    Training managers in employee appreciation ensures the success of your workplace recognition efforts and protects your business. It also solves a common organizational problem: employees who don’t understand manager directives.
    “Simply put, almost two-thirds of all employees are 33 percent as productive as they can be because they don’t understand what they are now asked to do,” according to a survey of 50,000 employees.
    Understanding and appreciation are codependent.
    “Training and educating employees in company values and objectives in a way that makes sense to them — through their daily work — is a mission-critical goal for organizations today,” Derek Irvine writes for Training Industry. (more…)

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  • Show Your Teacher Appreciation In the Workplace!

    Share your teacher appreciation this week!

    Show teacher appreciation in the workplace this week! (Image via NEA.org)

    Your organization doesn’t have to be a school to celebrate teacher appreciation in the workplace this week!
    This is the week to thank all teachers, from classroom teachers to your employee development leaders — anyone who spreads the joy of learning and sharing knowledge in your organization and community.
    Teacher Appreciation Week is underway and continues through Friday, and National Teacher Day is Tuesday, May 9. (more…)

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  • Employee Appreciation Day: How Companies Show It

    Celebrate employee appreciation day in your workplace!

    How will you make your Employee Appreciation Day celebration last all year? (Photo via ufv, Flickr)

    Employee Appreciation Day is always the first Friday of March. It’s the perfect time to pause, reflect and show gratitude to your staff.
    Now, what about the other 364 days of the year?
    Not every day’s a party, but a day shouldn’t go by when your team doesn’t feel appreciated in some way.
    A strong, effective program for employee appreciation includes an Employee Appreciation Day celebration and lasts all year. (more…)

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  • 3 Mini-Case Studies in Employee Appreciation

    Share your heartfelt thanks this Employee Appreciation Day!

    Celebrate genuine workplace gratitude and teamwork for Employee Appreciation Day on March 3. (Photo via AFGE, Flickr)

    Employee Appreciation Day is this Friday, March 3. To get ready, we combed the news for case studies in effective, original employee appreciation to inspire your efforts.
    What makes a good employee appreciation program?
    Hppy’s infographic Top 10 Best Workplace Incentives has three criteria for worthwhile employee appreciation.
    First, it reduces turnover. Watching coworkers quit in frustration is demoralizing. It feeds gossip and unhappiness among staff and slows down productivity. (more…)

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  • Time to Reinvent Employee Recognition

    Employee recognition wake up call from Gallup

    Gallup’s latest in-depth report is a “call to action” for a more engaged leadership providing ongoing, effective employee recognition. (Photo via COD Newsroom, Flickr)

    Grab your coffee, Gallup is serving business leaders a wake-up call.
    Employee recognition needs to be a top priority, according to Gallup’s massive State of the American Workplace.
    Experts at Gallup are calling the report a “call to action” for companies, starting with a complete overhaul of employee recognition and engagement strategy.
    The old ways of managing employees just aren’t working, and change isn’t optional. (more…)

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  • Build An Employee Thank You Program

    gThankYou! knows a thing or two about employee thank you programs!Why start an employee thank you program? According to MIT’s human resources article, “Best Practices for Designing and Maintaining a Program,” it’s:

    “ … to recognize and reward work and behaviors that support/further the mission, goals, values and initiatives of the [organization].”

    And, as research shows, workplace morale, (more…)

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