Say Thank You with a Thanksgiving Turkey


Say Thank You witha Thanksgiving turkey. Now is the perfect time to give thanks!

November is National Gratitude Month. The month leading up to Thanksgiving is perfectly fitting for us all to embrace the act of gratitude. There are many ways to express our appreciation for those in our lives. After the last year and a half, we especially appreciate being acknowledged and valued.

And, World Kindness Day is November 13. It is a global day that promotes the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world. The purpose of this day, celebrated on November 13 of each year, is to help everyone understand that compassion for others is what binds us all together. This understanding has the power to bridge the gap between nations.”

There are many ways to celebrate the day, but we encourage you to be creative!
At gThankYou, we encourage gratitude and kindness all year long. But if there ever is a time to show employees, families, business partners, vendors and others gratitude, this is it!

What better moment could there be to distribute your turkey gifts?

To say Thank You with a Thanksgiving turkey is to give a symbolic “Thank You”

As your employees and their families prepare for Thanksgiving, a perfect gift from you is a Turkey or Ham Gift Certificate from gThankYou. It represents the fundamentals of the holiday: tradition and gratitude.

The gift of a turkey for the holidays has been a business tradition for over a Century. It’s a practical and affordable gift that has universal appeal and takes on special meaning around Thanksgiving and the year-end holidays. If you are new to the turkey gift-giving tradition, check out our 10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for Thanksgiving and share with your management team.

10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Holidays

Our gift certificates also come with free enclosure cards that can be branded and personalized just for your team. Visit our library of options.

“Thank You” notes: the perfect act of gratitude

Giving thanks can make you happier, it states what we know to be true:

You can make yourself happier and nurture your relationship with another person by writing a thank-you letter or email expressing your enjoyment and appreciation of that person’s impact on your life. Send it, or better yet, deliver and read it in person if possible. Make a habit of sending at least one gratitude letter a month. Once in a while, write one to yourself.”

Need help? Here is our free eBook, How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees.

gThankYou makes workplace turkey gift-giving easy!

gThankYou is a one-stop resource for Turkey and Turkey Or Ham gift vouchers (or grocery, pie or other gift certificates) for convenient and affordable ways to give thanks.

gThankYou turkey vouchers are good for any brand, any preparation and redeemable at major grocery stores across the country.

Certificates come with free personalization of giver via text or logo and recipient names if desired.

We offer bulk pricing for Turkey and Turkey Or Ham Certificates. Call us if you have a large or distributed workplace (888-484-1658). We can help make gift-giving easy for you!

All orders come with free gift Enclosure Cards for your personal message of thanks. To see our gallery of choices, check out Autumn & Thanksgiving Designs or Christmas and Winter Holidays.

Turkey or Ham Gift Certificate

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Offer workplace Thanksgiving Fun!

The holiday season provides a wealth of opportunity for activities that help employees engage and have fun together. The Month of November provides Thanksgiving, National Gratitude Month and World Kindness Day. Get inspired and be creative with employee appreciation activities.

Turkey Handprint

Here are a few to get your brainstorming started:

  • Volunteer together – Coordinate opportunities for employees to volunteer together at food banks, shelters and other community based organizations needing help. Do virtual volunteering if preferred.
  • Provide Thank You Note writing stations with supplies – Encourage employees to write thank you notes to peers and customers.
  • Create a recipe swap actual or virtual bulletin board – Have employees post favorite recipes and let participants request recipe help
  • Hand out gThankYou’s free downloadable Turkey Cookbook and Guide
  • Participate in an existing or establish your own “Turkey Trot” run/walk – Provide some outdoor fun as part of your holiday mix. Share small prizes for creative categories.

Help colleagues get ready for Thanksgiving

The Ultimate Turkey Cookbook and Guide.

Click the image to download your free copy of this popular resource for buying, cooking and serving your holiday turkey!

Not everyone hosts Thanksgiving, of course. But those who do tend to put in a lot of time, thought and hard work into making it special for family or guests. Consider sharing some tips in your newsletter or internal communications, provide pumpkins for decor, giving the gift of a Thanksgiving turkey, or a maybe offer a few hours off as a nice gesture to prep!

Don’t forget to share gThankYou’s FREE downloadable all things turkey cookbook and guide. A priceless resource for serving turkey for the holidays.

Be sure to support employees who have to work on the holiday feel especially appreciated. Host a workplace Thanksgiving spread and provide flexibility so everyone working at least has some time with family during the holiday.


We believe in celebrating employees year-round. For inspiration and a creative planning piece, download our free annual “Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar”. You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have making other people feel valued and celebration.

This month of gratitude, share yours frequently.

The gThankYou! Team

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