Putting the “Thanks” into Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will soon be here. It’s the ideal time for writing thank you notes, letters, and messages to your employees. gThankYou’s eBook provides inspiration for crafting the perfect business thank you notes. Anytime is perfect for thanking employees. But Thanksgiving adds a special touch. It’s more personal, allowing employees to feel valued. Be a part of the gratitude-filled holiday and celebrate with them.

Sharing Gratitude and Crafting Memorable Messages

Times have been tough for everyone. Amid these trials, people have stepped up. Share your company’s gratitude this Thanksgiving with a memorable letter. Let your employees know, “Thank you for all you do.” Your organization thrives thanks to dedicated team members. Show them that you recognize their hard work. A simple “thank you” can make a big difference in the workplace.

The Power of a Thanksgiving Letter

Thank you notes, letters, and messages of gratitude are memorable. Learn to write a Thanksgiving letter that your employees will treasure. It can transform your staff and company culture. It’s time to express your gratitude to employees. Use gThankYou’s free eBook to learn how to write a meaningful holiday letter. It’s what employees really want – genuine gratitude from leadership.

Expressing Gratitude and Building Good Habits

Write a Thanksgiving message that truly communicates your appreciation. Let gratitude be a motivator and connector in your organization. Gratitude lets employees know their hard work matters. Express your gratitude with Thanksgiving thank you cards for employees. Did you know, every order of gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude includes free customizable Enclosure Cards? Make your gratitude shine!

A habit of writing thank you notes, letters, and messages to employees can be transformative. A thoughtful note can motivate employees more than a cash bonus or promotion. Handwritten thank you notes are a powerful way to show appreciation. Even in the digital age, it’s one of the best ways to praise and motivate employees.

  • 7 Benefits of Starting a Thank You Note Habit

    Start a thank you note habit today!


    According to the New York Times article, “Do Thank-You Notes Still Matter?”, the author states, “The thank-you note may seem to be an archaic holdover from a time of Rolodexes and rotary phones. But etiquette experts and social observers argue that a handwritten expression of gratitude has never been more important. It can even be a gift itself.”

    The article goes on to say, “And while an emailed thanks is a nice gesture, many experts say that, in this virtual age, a traditional, physical note is more powerful than ever.”

    One of the best ways to say thank you is with a handwritten note. It’s a classic, meaningful way to show appreciation and motivate employees with a keepsake of your gratitude. Start your own thank you note habit and share the benefits with your team for a shift in workplace culture.


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  • Share Gratitude with a Thanksgiving Letter

    Thanksgiving letters are a wonderful way to show employee appreciation.


    It’s that time again to put pen to paper and consider writing appreciation letters from “boss to employee”. Sound old school? It is! At gThankYou, we are believers that some traditions are worth holding onto, and the Thanksgiving letter is well worth the effort.

    What’s a Thanksgiving letter to employees?

    Thanksgiving letters express true gratitude to the people who make your business work every day. The best letters have a heartfelt tone and offer specific examples of why the organization and leadership are grateful for the individuals who show up, do the work, bring innovation, stretch the boundaries, and keep the lights on. No matter the size of the organization, there should be a leader who can take the time to write a personal “Thank you” to their teams.


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  • Put the “Thanks” into Your Thanksgiving Letter

    Thank you messages

    Thanksgiving is coming quickly, and it is the perfect time to write a thank you letter to employees and share your heartfelt appreciation for all they do for you and your business.

    If you are new to writing business thank you notes or need a little inspiration, gThankYou’s eBook “Put the ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving: How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees” is here to guide and inspire you.How to write a Thanksgiving letter

    Thanking employees any time of the year is one of the best ways to engage employees and motivate them to do excellent work. But at Thanksgiving, your thanks takes on added meaning. Gratitude at Thanksgiving is more personal; it lets your employees know you value them as people. You’re honoring the all-American holiday when we celebrate and share our gratitude with family and friends.

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  • Write a Holiday Thank You Note to Remember

    Learn how to write a holiday thank you note!

    Your organization flourishes and grows thanks to the commitment, creativity, and, most of all, hard work of loyal team members – do they know that???

    Two BIG words — “thank you” — make a world of difference in the workplace. Study after study shows employees work harder, work smarter, and are retained longer when they feel appreciated.


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  • Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees

    Download your free guide, How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees by gThankYou.

    Ever notice how people save and collect the holiday cards they receive? A holiday message of gratitude is memorable and meaningful. (Photo via slgckgc, Flickr)

    Learning how to write a Thanksgiving letter to employees can be a transformative experience — for you, your staff and your company.
    Take it from Brian Buffini, founder and chairman of the real estate training and coaching firm Buffini & Company.
    In a recent column for Entrepreneur, Buffini writes about why sharing Thank You notes “should be as automatic as brushing your teeth.”
    Buffini got the idea early in his career to write 10 notes a day to people he’d recently met, to business contacts and friends, or simply to those who came to mind. (more…)

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