Workplace Onboarding and Reboarding: Key Elements for Success

Discover the vital role of workplace onboarding and reboarding in fostering a positive and thriving work environment. Explore the significance of creating engaging and enjoyable reboarding experiences through outdoor activities, social events, and team-building exercises. Delve into the impact of mental health on the reboarding process and uncover strategies to support employees’ well-being during this transitional period. Understand how employee appreciation and gratitude play a pivotal role in rebuilding a positive culture during reboarding. Gain insights into the value of self-compassion and affirmations in easing workplace transitions, and explore the importance of safety incentives and best practices for intern onboarding. Discover the latest trends and effective strategies for successful onboarding and reboarding experiences.

Make Reboarding Fun with a Splash of Summer Vibes!

Embrace the warmth of the season and infuse your reboarding activities with excitement and enjoyment. Consequently, explore how outdoor events and social gatherings can cultivate a positive work culture while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Discover imaginative ideas to make the reboarding process both entertaining and memorable for your team.

Addressing Mental Health during the Reboarding Process

Recognize the paramount importance of mental health throughout the onboarding and reboarding journey. Gain an understanding of the mental health challenges faced by employees and explore how organizations can establish a supportive and inclusive environment. Discover effective strategies to promote well-being and provide the necessary support for employees’ mental health during the reboarding phase.

Rebuilding a Culture of Gratitude during Reboarding

Comprehend the profound significance of gratitude and employee appreciation in the reboarding process. Learn how to cultivate a culture that genuinely values and appreciates employees’ contributions. Gain practical strategies to express gratitude and ensure employees feel valued as they return to the workplace.

The Power of Self-Compassion in Navigating Workplace Transitions

Explore the transformative power of self-compassion and affirmations when navigating workplace onboarding and reboarding. Learn how to cultivate self-compassion and foster a positive inner dialogue during periods of change. Discover the profound effects of positive affirmations in building resilience and adapting to new work environments.

Creating a Safe Workplace through Effective Safety Incentives

Recognize the indispensable role of safety incentives in promoting a culture of workplace safety. Gain insights into the essential components of a successful safety program and understand how safety incentives can enhance employee engagement and motivation. Discover strategies to actively engage employees in safety initiatives and ensure a secure work environment.

Best Practices for a Seamless Intern Onboarding Experience

Acquire valuable insights into effective intern onboarding practices. Learn how to create a welcoming and enriching experience for interns, ensuring their successful integration into the workplace culture. Explore practical tips for engaging and supporting interns throughout their internship journey.
In conclusion, unlock the full potential of workplace onboarding and reboarding to foster a positive and successful work environment. Discover strategies to create enjoyable reboarding experiences, prioritize mental health and well-being, rebuild a culture of gratitude, navigate workplace transitions with self-compassion and affirmations, implement effective safety incentives, and optimize intern onboarding practices. Gain practical insights and valuable tips to ensure a smooth and impactful onboarding and reboarding process for all employees.

  • What’s Trending? Welcome Gifts for New Hires



    Roll out the red carpet! Welcome gifts for new hires are trending as a way to help employees feel appreciated from day one.

    First days can be challenging, even for the most seasoned professionals. People don’t yet have their footing yet, don’t know all the jargon, the processes, the overall vibe. The most successful managers see onboarding as an opportunity, not just a checklist.

    Welcome gifts — accompanied by a nice introduction letter — are a great way to kick off effective onboarding and making a good first impression. You want to send the message right away, so each employee feels welcome, needed, and appreciated.


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  • Gifts for Onboarding New Staff

    Welcome aboard!


    Giving small, thoughtful gifts to a new employee is a great way to show them that you’re excited to have them on board. It can also help them feel more welcome and connected to the company culture. Onboarding gifts for new hires are always a friendly way to extend your kindness to someone who is entering into unfamiliar territory.

    When choosing a gift for a new employee, it’s important to consider what you know about their interests and personality. You also want to make sure that the gift is something that they will actually use.

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  • Summer Reboarding – Make it Fun!

    Summertime Reboarding Means Outside Fun!

    On the topic of “reboarding” employees, take advantage of being outside for social events to celebrate employees returning to the workplace or who have been there all along! Outside, it’s easier to socially distance and still have fun – perfect for summer reboarding activities.

    Who needs workplace fun? We all do after more than a year of COVID, societal tension and volatile politics. Social events are great for workplace culture and morale which are as important as ever right now.

    Parties and team building exercises may not look exactly like they used to, but with some creativity and agility, the fun committee is back in session!


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  • Safety Incentives Done Right Get Everyone on Board

    Is your safety incentives program working?

    June is National Safety Month! Free Materials from the National Safety Council.

    Safety Incentives Work — When They’re Deployed Properly

    Does your company have a safety incentives program? And if you do, is it working? June is National Safety Month, making it the perfect time to reflect on how to engage employees and motivate them to work more safely.
    Make no mistake, a safety incentives program isn’t sufficient on its own. As one expert told EHS Today, “Safety incentives programs are icing on the cake. They complement a well-rounded safety program.” Essential components of an effective safety program include return-to-work light-duty programs, accident investigations, and safety committees. (more…)

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  • Intern Onboarding Tips and Best Practices

    Onboard interns like any other employee.

    Summer’s coming! Are you preparing your internship program?

    The time is right for making sure your interns have a rewarding work experience this summer. That experience begins even before their first day on the job. Here are intern onboarding tips to ensure they feel valued and an important part of your workplace culture from the start. Don’t forget – these young adults are potential future employees and will also serve as ambassadors for the company during and after their internship.


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  • Employee Welcome Gifts Help Your Company

    Share employee welcome gifts by gThankYou!

    Hang out your “welcome” sign! Welcome gifts for new hires and interns builds workplace gratitude from day one. (Photo via Bob Duran, Flickr)

    Employee welcome gifts for new hires and interns send a message from day one that your company values and appreciates its staff.
    Welcome gifts show your company is ready and excited for their contributions.
    At the San Francisco office of ad agency DDB, new employees on their first day are chauffeured to work in a Town Car. Flowers, a hoodie and a water bottle greet them at their desk. (more…)

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