Welcome to our ultimate guide on workplace Christmas and winter holiday celebrations!

Christmas and the winter holiday season are a time of joy, traditions, and spreading cheer, making it the perfect opportunity to create a festive atmosphere in your workplace and show appreciation to your employees.

Workplace Christmas Celebration Ideas

Discover creative ideas for celebrating Christmas and the winter holidays in the workplace. From hosting a Workplace Christmas Celebration to organizing fun activities like ornament decorating contests or holiday-themed team building exercises, there are endless ways to make your workplace Christmas celebration special.

The Meaning of a Christmas Gift

Learn why a Christmas gift is so meaningful and how it positively impacts both the giver and the recipient. Explore the history of gift-giving in the workplace during the holiday season and why it continues to be a cherished tradition that brings joy and camaraderie.

Embracing Holiday Traditions: Christmas Around the World

Explore holiday traditions from around the world that celebrate Christmas and the winter holidays. Discover how different cultures express their holiday spirit, from festive parades to exchanging gifts and enjoying traditional holiday meals. Embrace the diversity of these traditions and find inspiration to incorporate them into your workplace celebrations.

Planning a Workplace Christmas Celebration

Find out why planning a workplace Christmas celebration is essential for fostering employee engagement and creating a positive work environment. Early planning ensures that you can focus on celebrating with your team and organize a memorable event that will bring joy and appreciation to everyone.

Be the Office Santa: Christmas Gifts for Employees

Discover meaningful Christmas gift ideas for employees, including gift certificates, holiday bonuses, or personalized presents. Show your employees how much you value their hard work and dedication during the holiday season. Choose gifts that align with the festive spirit and bring a touch of joy to the workplace.
Celebrate Christmas and the winter holidays in the workplace, foster employee engagement, and create a culture of gratitude and cheer. Plan ahead, embrace the holiday spirit, and make your workplace Christmas celebration an unforgettable experience for your employees.

  • Throw a Holiday Work Party Your Employees Will Love!

    Holiday party on the slopes

    Holidays at work can be a delicate subject. Diverse workforces mean that there are different ways to celebrate a variety of holidays. However, it’s possible to ensure that the season is festive and fun for everyone. Holiday work parties go one of two ways — something people (leaders and employees alike) have to do or want to do.

    We’re in the peak season for companies throwing a holiday work party for their employees. Most parties happen before the New Year, but for many in the service industry, the season continues through the end of January.

    How can your company pull off a warm and inviting experience for everyone? Here are some considerations for making your holiday work party an appreciated event that employees of all ages want to attend.


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  • Meaningful and Appreciated Employee Christmas Gifts from Managers

    Wishing your employees a Mery Christmas


    Managers: It’s Your Time to Shine!

    Employee Christmas gifts are the perfect way to share end-of-year gratitude and strengthen manager-employee relationships. According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report, “the manager is the linchpin of engagement. Seventy percent of team engagement is attributable to the manager.”

    This holiday season, managers should feel empowered to celebrate their team’s hard work, even if it’s a small gesture. It’s important to remember: giving employee Christmas gifts and notes of gratitude is not a one-time transaction. It’s an opportunity to build and strengthen relationships. Encourage all managers in your workplace to take advantage of this communication opportunity!

    At gThankYou, we pride ourselves as a manager’s BFF, helping you simply give thoughtful appreciation gifts.


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  • Spread Holiday Cheer with Employee Gift Baskets

    You can pick a variety of thoughtful gifts for a gift basket

    As the holiday season approaches, companies seek ways to express gratitude to their employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Employee gift baskets are a thoughtful and fun way to show appreciation. A basket with an ornament, some candy and a gift certificate are a perfect gift. And if you have company swag, now’s the time to share it! Here are some compelling reasons why employee holiday gift baskets are a great idea:


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  • Ham: A Holiday Staple and Thoughtful Gift

    Holiday hams are a crowd favorite

    As the holiday season approaches, thoughts turn to gatherings with loved ones, festive feasts, and of course, the delectable treats that grace our tables. Among the culinary staples that evoke the spirit of the holidays, ham holds a special place. Its rich flavor, versatility, and symbolic significance have made it a timeless choice for both celebratory meals and thoughtful gifts.


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  • Holiday Gift Certificates Meet Many Human Needs

    Food is a fundamental need


    The holidays are often a time to take stock. What’s working? What’s not? How can we improve the human experience?

    One way to look at how employees, partners, volunteers and others are treated is to look at how their needs are addressed all year long. Organizations likely have an HR department or someone who is charged with ensuring that people are safe, paid, and generally taken care of. However, it’s a useful exercise to think through this lens for gift-giving, too.  Everyone has “wish lists,” but what do people really need to live … and live well?


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  • Say Thank You to Our Blue Collar Workers

    Blue collar workers love food gifts


    Whether on top of buildings, fixing plumbing or electrical, or any other in-demand trade work, our blue-collar workers work hard every day. These individuals form the backbone of our economy, keeping our infrastructure functioning, our homes comfortable, and our lives running smoothly. And while we’re grateful all year long, now is the time to say, “thank you!” for their dedication, long hours, and challenging work. (more…)

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  • The Best Holiday Corporate Gifts Balance Tradition and Functionality

    Surprised Santa

    ‘Tis The Season for Holiday Corporate Gifts! 

    The holiday season is a time for giving and gratitude, and businesses are no exception. Many companies choose to send or deliver gifts to their employees, clients, and partners as a way to show appreciation. However, it can be difficult to choose the right holiday corporate gift, especially when you want to make sure that it is both personal and practical.


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  • Top 5 Employee Holiday Gifts for Christmas

    The countdown is on to buy employee holiday gifts for Christmas


    The Countdown Has Begun!

    The holidays have a tendency to come like a freight train once the calendar flips over to the “BER” months. Be ahead of the game this year! As you prepare for your seasonal parties, activities, and year-end chaos, it’s possible to swiftly check off EMPLOYEE CHRISTMAS GIFTS. Based on our experience and recent conversations, we’ve rounded up a list of the best Christmas gifts to help you out.


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  • Favorite Christmas Foods, Music & Movies

    Merry Christmas

    We thought it would be a jolly ol’ time to round up some lists of top favorite Christmas foods, music and movies surrounding the holiday from a variety of creative sources. Enjoy and share!

    We are so grateful for our family, friends, employees, customers and partners. Thank you for your support all year round! Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

    Top 5 Christmas Carols (New York Public Library)

    While the list has 18, here are the top 5, according to the author.

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