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At gThankYou, we like to think of ourselves as “gratitude experts.” We are strong believers in year-round employee appreciation but encourage an extra dose of thankfulness during the holidays. Here are some resources as you focus on holiday appreciation ideas.

Holiday Appreciation Ideas & Resources

Thank You Notes

Although we often publish our guide to thank you notes around Thanksgiving, it’s not too late to write a letter of gratitude in December. We encourage leaders to take the time to write something personal to those who make an impact on the business. It’s well-received and appreciated — and is a smart business move in a world where retention is key. Read more here: Put the “Thanks” into Your Thanksgiving Letter or Write a Holiday Thank You Note to Remember.

People clinking glasses at a holiday partyHave Some Fun!

We highly encourage a little time away from the desk, mingling with co-workers. It should be optional because, let’s face it, some people would rather crank out year-end reports. But for those who are still delighted to be “back to normal” after years of isolation and cancelled celebrations, we are here with ideas! A few resources include: Top 10 Ideas for Throwing Year-End Festivities and How to Celebrate on a Tight Budget.

Offer Practical Gifts

When times are tight, practical gifts are more appreciated than ever. The gift of food not only offers a warm gesture for celebration, but also gives the recipient some money back in their pocket for family gifts and experiences. This time of year, a turkey or ham, grocery, or pie gift certificate is a perfect solution.

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