Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas - The Best Gift is You!


2-4-6-8 – Who do we appreciate? Our hardworking employees!!

Just in time for the holidays, gThankYou has released our Big List of Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas! This book is perfect all year for inspiration for ways to support and recognize the people who make your business work. Best yet, it’s FREE to download and share with colleagues.

Still looking for the perfect holiday workplace gift? Check it out! Although here’s a few quick suggestions!

The eBook is broken down into categories and lists so it’s easy to read, get inspired and apply. It’s the perfect go-to resource as you brainstorm and think through employee appreciation planning now and in the coming year.

As you skim this guide, you’ll find something for everyone. Some gifts are costly or come in a big box. They always leave a big impression. Others are more modest, but they’re just as meaningful, especially when combined with your sincere gratitude.

eBook, "The Big List of Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas"


Browse high-impact ideas in every category, including gifts that can help you:

• Support new ways of working
• Encourage employee wellbeing
• Reinforce teamwork and organizational values
• Celebrate holidays with flare
• Acknowledge milestone moments in work and life
• Recognize people anytime with simple gestures

Boundless Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas & Inspiration

The Big List of Appreciation Gift Ideas is chock-full of great ideas that we have curated through research, experience and conversations. We are thrilled to offer this book FREE as part of our commitment to help leaders recognize, appreciate and celebrate their staff.

With retention at the forefront, keeping employees happy and feeling valued is absolutely critical. Regardless of your budget or time constraints, there are concepts and ideas that will work for you.

Celebrating Employees in the New Workplace

The Big List of Appreciation Gift Ideas was created with the understanding that the workplace has changed. Now is the time to accept that employees’ needs and desires may not be what they used to be. Helping someone set up an efficient and effective home office has become normal! A decade ago, that would have been foreign to leaders.

Is your team in-house? Remote? Hybrid? Spread around? Small? Large? It doesn’t matter! We’ve got you covered. We have all kinds of suggestions that cater to all types of organizations.

Younger generations have also impacted how we do business. They are more likely to want on-the-spot recognition. This isn’t needy, it’s an opportunity to provide valuable feedback to keep teams on the right track.

The Big List of Appreciation Gift Ideas provides ideas for on-the-fly needs or ways to think ahead for holidays and milestones.

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas for All Budgets

Small budget? Sizable budget and need ideas? We’re on it! Download it free today and share it with other leaders, colleagues, friends and family. There is truly something for anyone who wants to give a gift – especially in the workplace.

gThankYou offers a suite of free resources to help you with employee appreciation. Check out our Day-to-Day Employee Appreciation Calendar, blog, eBooks and more.

Hopefully, the Big List of Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas will inspire you to try new ideas and keep gratitude at the center of your work culture, every day. Here’s to great gifting!

Your Friends at gThankYou!

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