Learn how to write a holiday thank you note!

Your organization flourishes and grows thanks to the commitment, creativity, and, most of all, hard work of loyal team members – do they know that???

Two BIG words — “thank you” — make a world of difference in the workplace. Study after study shows employees work harder, work smarter, and are retained longer when they feel appreciated.

Holiday employee letters are an annual tradition for major corporation CEOs, directors of government agencies, and university presidents.

Why? Because thank-you notes work! (Research proves thank-you notes work even better than cash bonuses, say HR experts.)

6 Tips to Writing Meaningful Employee Thank-You Notes

When you write your letter of appreciation this season — whether for the first time or as part of your yearly ritual — here are tips to help you put your sincere gratitude on paper:

  • Go beyond recognition, which focuses on employee performance, to appreciation, which acknowledges an employee’s character and intrinsic worth. People want to feel valued for who they are.

  • Describe specific ways employees have contributed to your organization’s success this year.

  • Speak from the heart. Be honest. Be sincere. Avoid sentimentality which can come off as fake.

  • Reflect on the meaning of the season. Thanksgiving is a treasured American tradition that has meaning to everyone.

  • Deliver your letter on paper, in person. With today’s overflowing inboxes, no one wants another email.

  • Package your letter with a thoughtful gift that reflects the spirit of Thanksgiving.

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Real-Life Examples of Thanksgiving Employee Letters

For real-life employee holiday letter examples, DOWNLOAD, “How to Put the ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving.”

When you express genuine appreciation with employees, they share it back not only with you – but also with colleagues and customers.  That’s what’s so remarkable about gratitude –gratitude is contagious and makes givers and recipients feel great!

End the year with your workplace feeling valued and appreciated. Brighten everyones’ holidays with your thoughtful holiday letter of gratitude. 

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