How will you share your receptionist appreciation this week?

Your receptionists are the face of your company! Do you have a receptionist appreciation plan for National Receptionists Day? (Photo via Michael Coghlan, Flickr)

You don’t have to break the budget to show heartfelt receptionist appreciation!
National Receptionists Day is always the second Wednesday in May.
First launched in 1991, National Receptionists Day celebrates the role of professional receptionists. It’s a day set aside to recognize and appreciate all the work that receptionists do to help organizations run smoothly.
Why receptionists? They’re the face of your company. Receptionists are usually the first (and sometimes only) company representative your customers or clients interact with. Often, they’re the first to explain your company’s products or services, or hear feedback.
And they’re doing all that while fielding phone calls, coordinating schedules and handling deliveries!
Great receptionists are knowledgeable, friendly and fast.
Making sure your receptionists feel appreciated and included in your company culture is key to promoting a positive company image. Your gratitude makes the difference. Read on for 10 receptionist appreciation ideas that won’t break your budget!

10 Ideas for Budget-Friendly Receptionist Appreciation

Get inspired with these ideas for making your “Thank You” to receptionists count — on National Receptionists Day or any day.

1. Spread the Word
Alert the whole company about National Receptionists Day, or your receptionists’ birthdays or stand-out work. Encourage everyone to stop by reception to say “Thanks.” It’s especially important for company leaders to participate. Your receptionists need to hear gratitude from the C-suite the most!
2. Download the Official Poster

The official National Receptionists Day poster is free to download and can be posted in break rooms, in the lobby and anywhere else it will get attention.

3. Bring In a Personalized Cake
Everyone loves sharing cake! Personalize your cake with receptionists’ names, a short message of gratitude and a fun graphic.
4. Decorate the Office
Balloons, flowers, streamers … make the reception area of your company festive and celebratory. Enlist help in decorating from as many departments as you can. It feels good to show gratitude, so why not engage all employees in the process?
5. Make It ‘Casual Friday’
Invite receptionists to dress casually or wear their favorite (work-appropriate) costume.
6. Give the Gift of Flexibility
Receptionists are desk-bound all day. Give them the flexibility to come in late or take a longer lunch. Switch it up and send a strong message of gratitude from management: arrange for the company president to cover reception during lunch!
7. Share the Practical Gift of Food
Food gifts are practical and always appreciated. Share gift certificates for grocery-store staples and treats, like turkey, ham, pie, ice cream or pizza. It’s a meaningful gift your receptionists will be able to share with their family and friends.
8. Share ‘Thank You’ Cards
Nothing beats a handwritten note of gratitude! A handwritten note has even more impact now in the digital age. For tips on crafting your message, download our free guide, “How to Write a Thank-You Letter to Employees.” (The guide is geared toward Thanksgiving gratitude, but we think the tips are applicable year-round!)
9. Create a Receptionist Gratitude Board
Crowdsource messages of gratitude from the whole company. Invite employees to leave short notes of appreciation for your receptionist(s) on a bulletin board in a common area. Encourage specific instances of gratitude — “Thank you for organizing my mail while I was on vacation!” or “You made my sales clients feel so welcome when they visited last week. Thanks!”
10. Say ‘Thanks’ and Pay a Compliment
Face-to-face gratitude builds camaraderie and goodwill, plus it’s motivating to hear words of encouragement directly. Pay your receptionist(s) a compliment or two — read our blog post “Grow Workplace Positivity One Compliment at a Time” for tips on giving awesome compliments!

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“In life, one has a choice to take one of two paths: to wait for some special day — or to celebrate each special day.” – Rasheed Ogunlaru, coach and author

Here’s to a happier workplace!

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