Staff appreciation gifts don't have to break the bank


Staff appreciation gifts that send a meaningful message of thanks don’t need to break your budget! In fact, budget-friendly staff appreciation gifts are more effective than even expensive bonuses because the focus is on your gratitude and on a thoughtful gift that has personal significance.

Consistently engaging employees – or even reengaging detached employees – doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor.
Cost-effective recognition is vital to business success and a healthy workplace culture. Here are some examples of staff appreciation gifts that will fit any budget and still send a strong “thank you” message.

8 Affordable Ideas for Staff Appreciation Gifts

Employee recognition and gifts have true ROI, and the biggest mistake companies make is to treat them as impersonal transactions. Expensive gifts that “wow” have short-term impact, like fireworks with lots of flash and boom. Meanwhile, affordable staff appreciation gifts that convey heartfelt gratitude have lasting impact on employee motivation, loyalty and happiness.

What makes a gift memorable is why you chose it and how you share it. Be thoughtful, and always include a short note of thanks. Even alone, without a gift, a Thank You letter is a powerful way to recognize and appreciate employees!

Here are eight examples of affordable, popular staff appreciation gifts:

Free concerts are fun staff appreciation gifts.

1. Movie or sports tickets

Share a gift employees can enjoy with friends and family! Movie passes or game tickets to college athletics or local sports teams are inexpensive to give yet provide a fun experience for employees to enjoy.

2. A free outdoor concert

Invite everyone to a summer concert. Invite employees to sit together and provide a picnic for everyone to enjoy outside.

3. Lunch

Take your team out for lunch at a nearby restaurant. Leave work behind! Spend an hour or two simply enjoying each other’s company over lunch.

4. Phone accessories

Whether a portable charger or a phone stand for their desk, everyone has a phone that needs some “extra” supplies. Small and easy to purchase in bulk, employees will be charged up!

5. Time off for workplace fun

Announce an afternoon off from work for fun and games. Board games, a treasure hunt, basketball, softball — it doesn’t matter what, as long as employees feel included and have a good time together. Play is key to creativity, so don’t think of this as wasted time!

6. Flowers or office-friendly plants

A bouquet is a classic way to brighten someone’s day. Especially in the middle of winter, a colorful display of flowers will raise everyone’s spirits. A great gift for onboarding is a desk plant that provides multiple benefits!

Ice cream, candy, and pie are great staff appreciation gifts.

7. Office treats to share

Brownies, fruit, cake, cookies or a veggie tray — homemade or store-bought, treats bring people to the break room and create a lively atmosphere.

8. Gift certificates for pizza, ice cream, pie and more!

gThankYou gift certificates are an easy and convenient way to give delicious treats to employees, especially remote workers.

Treats are an inexpensive way to make anyone feel special and recipients love the flexibility to shop at their favorite stores for the brands they like.

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