Nurse Appreciation Week


Nurse appreciation is the focus of National Nurses Week, which begins May 6. Be sure to plan your Nurses Week celebrations now so you can adequately thank the fabulous nurses you know or employ!

Nurses remain the most trusted profession, with 78% of U.S. adults currently believing nurses have high honesty and ethical standards, according to Gallup’s 2023 Honesty and Ethics poll.  In addition to being trusted, nurses are universally respected due to their deep knowledge, kindness, and overall care for people. Anyone who has needed healthcare in any capacity is likely to underscore that nurses are truly the heartbeat of medicine.

Everyone Can Thank a Nurse!

Expanded from Nurse Appreciation Day (May 12 in honor of Florence Nightingale’s birthday), National Nurses Week is held May 6 through May 12. This celebratory week is a great opportunity to engage in community outreach and gratitude-building, even if your organization doesn’t have nurses on staff!

In the fast-paced, hectic environments nurses work in — hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care, hospice — appreciation can get lost in the shuffle, or be reserved for doctors. Everyone can celebrate National Nurses Week by sharing a photo of your favorite nurse (or nurses) on social media with the hashtag #ThankANurse or donate to the American Nurses Foundation to show support.

Nurses are often quick to dismiss their critical role, stating that they are just, “doing their job.” But the fine balance of treating patients properly and with care is unique to their career. Gratitude is usually abundant among those who have been thoughtfully treated by nurses or watched them in action with a loved one. Nurses’ colleagues are also first to agree that they work hard and deserve praise.

Nurse Appreciation IdeasMale nurse feeling appreciated

Here are several ideas and resources for highlighting nurse appreciation.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) promotes and creates the annual National Nurses Week theme with a variety of resources.

Download the ANA Nurses Month Toolkit.

It’s always helpful to piggyback on resources created by well-respected organizations. This year’s free kit includes:

*Social media assets
*A printable poster
*Printable thank you cards (our favorite offering!)
*Printable certificates of appreciation

Bring in treats for nursing staff (or provide gift certificates – see below!)

Healthy snacks like fruit, veggies and dip, pretzels, oatmeal bars, string cheese, beef jerky, and yogurt are well-received by nurses who work long hours and need healthy fuel to keep moving.

Enable a process for people (patients, employees, colleagues) to recognize nurses.

Nurses enjoy knowing that their hard work and compassion makes a real difference in their patients’ lives. Provide a way for those who are impacted by nurses to easily share their stories of appreciation. Provide thank you cards and posters, highlight nurses on social media, bring in special coffee, and provide thank you gifts to the nurses that you manage or work with.

Hand out gThankYou Gift Certificates!

Make mealtime, snack time, or treat time easy for these busy caregivers! gThankYou grocery gift certificates are the are perfect option for flexibility. These convenient certificates can be used at virtually any grocery store nationwide and allow recipients to select what they need or want.

Simply Say “Thank You.”

Nurses spend their days caring for others, so it’s essential that they feel cared for, too! Therefore, a simple “thank you,” is always appreciated, whether it’s in person, by phone, through social media, or a nice handwritten card.

And please take note if you are in a leadership role! At least some of this weeklong gratitude should come from top management and colleagues.

Have a great National Nurses Week! Make it as special as the nurses who take care of us.


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Nurse and heart photo by Patty Brito on Unsplash
Nurse Photo by Bruno Rodrigues on Unsplash

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