Worker with holiday appreciation planning checklist!

Believe it or not, the holidays are just around the corner. Planning ahead is key to avoid scrambling and making the season more hectic than enjoyable. The good news is that we have the tools to help you succeed! Our new holiday appreciation planning checklist can be used year-round, offering ideas for ways to celebrate your employees.

This time of year, we highly recommend ordering your Turkey Gift Certificates and free Gratitude Cards NOW so you can cross it off your to-do list.

Show Appreciation All Year

Everyone deserves recognition for a job well done. However, busy leaders and managers often don’t have the time or knowledge of when to show their appreciation. At gThankYou, we serve as a resource to help infuse gratitude and appreciation techniques into the workplace.

When should you show appreciation? Any time! But here are some excellent examples of when appreciation is key:

  • Celebrating achievements
  • Embracing seasonal activities
  • Highlighting Milestones
  • When you want to illustrate core company values
  • To support smart behaviors.

Download our FREE Holiday Appreciation Planning Checklist!

Download your employee appreciation planning checklist

Why Now? Your Team Deserves It!

We all know that summer rushes into fall and winter comes sprinting behind. By planning ahead now, our team can help you swiftly personalize your gift certificates and gratitude cards and ship them to you right away. Doesn’t it feel great to be ahead of the game? You can feel confident that your gifts are perfect, thanking your employees for a job well-done.

Let us help you celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and all other holidays and milestones in-between!

We all know it’s been a rough couple of years. Whether your teams are in-person, remote or hybrid, we have ideas and gift vouchers that are perfect…no matter where everyone puts in their hours. It’s easy to show gratitude when you keep handy our holiday appreciation planning checklist.

Are you ready for Spooky Fun!?

Halloween Gratitude Cards to delight employees!Halloween is just a couple of weeks away and is an excellent time to get in the spirit. Capitalize on a universal love of fall and the holiday, treats and amusement through parties, decorating and more! It’s everyone’s favorite time for creative team-building. We have put together several ideas for you to celebrate October 31 at any time this month. Check out the blog: Don’t Be Scared to Host Halloween Festivities!

Thanksgiving is Next Month!

Remember Thanksgiving Gratitude Cards!

Thanksgiving’s central themes of gratitude and inclusion are the perfect backdrop to show your employees you care. By giving the gift of a Thanksgiving turkey,  you can bring about feelings of gratitude, family traditions, bring families together, and show deep appreciation – among many other things. Check out our recent blog: Why a Thanksgiving Turkey Gift is so Meaningful.

View our 10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for Thanksgiving here!

Christmas and the December Holidays are Close Behind!

Employee Appreciation Planning Checklist

Closing out the year is always an important time to make sure employees feel valued and special. Focus on the joy of the season to illustrate how grateful you are for their time, dedication and great work. Food-related gifts have always been popular choices but even more so in these times. gThankYou has a wide variety of practical food gift options (such as turkey, ham, pie, fruit and veggies, groceries) that are sure to delight all!



Turkey OR Ham Gift Certificates

gThankYou offers Turkey and Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates for your holiday turkey gift-giving. Certificates can be redeemed in virtual all major grocery stores anywhere in the United States for any brand and preparation of whole turkey. Recipients choose the centerpiece of their holiday meal, when the timing is best for them and at the store of their choosing.

Turkey vouchers come in dollar valuations starting at $10 and go up to $30. They work as Manufacturer Coupons so they are single use and provide no change.

We offer free personalization of Recipient and Giver names or company logo.

All orders come with customizable Gratitude Cards if you would like – FREE, regardless the size of your order. Click here to see the range of our Autumn and Thanksgiving Designs. Or here for our Winter and Christmas Designs. All Cards can accommodate a logo.

Most orders ship same day. Order online or for volume discounts, call us at: 888-484-1658.

If you have a large or distributed workplace call us. We can help, including providing USPS direct mailings to remote workers if needed.

To learn more about gThankYou:


We look forward to helping you celebrate your dedicated, hard-working team!

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