Employee appreciation gift certificates are the perfect way to thank your staff — and gThankYou has one for every occasion!
From on-the-spot recognition to workplace wellness incentives to milestone celebrations, and from New Year’s to 4th of July to Thanksgiving, we’ve got you covered. gThankYou offers nine types of grocery store Gift Certificates in a variety of values to meet your company’s specific needs and budget.
U.S. employee engagement is slowly rising but remains dismally low, according to the latest Gallup report. Two-thirds of Americans remain unengaged in their jobs, and experts agree that employers need to do a better job of recognizing employees and rewarding excellence.
Regular, personalized appreciation accompanied by tokens of gratitude are “proven to motivate employees who then invest more effort and enthusiasm in their work,” according to 15Five.
gThankYou Employee Appreciation Gift Certificates are flexible, practical, meaningful and, best of all, appreciated. Read on for examples of workplace celebrations and other occasions that are perfect for sharing your gratitude and building a happy, motivated and engaged workforce.

Employee Appreciation Gift Certificates for Every Occasion!

All gThankYou! Gift Certificates are Manufacturer Coupons that are redeemed at checkout like other cents-off coupons — recipients can shop at virtually any grocery store nationwide and choose the brand, style, preparation and product sizes they want!
Order them online or call 888-484-1658, and in most cases your Gift Certificates will ship the same day you order.
Employee Appreciation Gift Certificates - Free Thank You Cards!Personalize your gift of gratitude with one of our free Enclosure Cards. You choose the design you want from dozens of holiday and seasonal designs, customize your message and have us include a company logo if desired. We even send you a proof – all free!
Pick your occasion — gThankYou has the Gift Certificate to match it!
gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate

  • When to Give It: Thanksgiving

Put the “thanks” in Thanksgiving by giving employees the centerpiece to their holiday feast. The gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificate is our most popular choice for workplace giving! It’s no surprise why: turkeys embody the grateful spirit of the season, and giving turkeys is an American workplace tradition going back generations. gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates allow employers to continue the holiday tradition without the hassle of handing and distributing frozen turkeys.

  • Also Good For: December Holidays, Employee Appreciation Day, Summer Holidays

gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Gift Certificate

  • When to Give It: Christmas/New Year’s

The gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Gift Certificate provides employees additional choice with all the same great benefits of the Turkey Gift Certificate. Employees use their Gift Certificate when they want, for the holiday and centerpiece of their meal that works best for their family. It’s a gift appreciated by everyone, and an affordable, easy way to share your holiday season gratitude.

gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificate

  • When to Give It: Easter

gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificates are good for any brand and any preparation of a whole or half ham. The gift of a ham is a springtime treat perfect for sharing with family and friends. Plus, a workplace Easter celebration is still a great idea, regardless of employee religion. It marks the beginning of spring and the sense of renewal and gratitude that accompany the new season!

  • Also Good For: Christmas, New Year’s, Spring Equinox, Summer Holidays

gThankYou! Grocery Gift Certificate

  • When to Give It: Employee Appreciation Day

Share your gratitude any-day or on Employee Appreciation Day with this versatile, practical Gift Certificate for Groceries. Employee Appreciation Day is an essential workplace celebration that puts your gratitude for employees front and center. Our Grocery Gift Certificates are for food products only. Any brands, any preparation. It’s a gift that’s appreciated anytime, by everyone.

gThankYou! Fruits & Vegetables Gift Certificate

  • When to Give It: Employee Health & Fitness Day

gThankYou! Fruit and Vegetable Gift Certificates allow recipients to choose any brand, variety or preparation of fruit and vegetables, including fresh, frozen or even cooked. It’s perfect as a special “thanks” for Employee Health & Fitness Day/Month or as a wellness incentive for anytime. Combine with a Turkey or Ham Gift Certificate and give the gift of a special occasion to share with families and friends.

  • Also Good For: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Workplace Wellness Incentives, Employee Wellbeing Month, Back-to-School

gThankYou! Ice Cream Gift Certificate

  • When to Give It: National Ice Cream Day

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day by giving certificates for everybody’s favorite summer treat. gThankYou! Ice Cream Gift Certificates can be redeemed for a wide variety of products, including custard, sorbet, novelties, gelato and even milk-alternative ice creams made with coconut, almond or soy.

  • Also Good For: 4th of July, Memorial Day, National Picnic Month, On-the-Spot Recognition, Peer-to-Peer Recognition, Valentine’s Day, Summer Solstice, Anytime Thank You

gThankYou! Pizza Gift Certificate

  • When to Give It: Back-to-School

Pizza Gift Certificates by gThankYou! offer recipients the choice of any brand of pizza, fresh or frozen, at their favorite local grocery store. Employees will appreciate Pizza Gift Certificates for sharing with their kids and friends — the perfect back-to-school treat for after sporting events, study sessions, neighborhood get-togethers and more!

  • Also Good For: Fun At Work Day, Employee Appreciation Day, Superbowl/March Madness Celebrations, Winter Solstice, On-the-Spot Recognition, Peer-to-Peer recognition, Anytime Thank You

gThankYou! Pie Gift Certificate

  • When to Give It: Independence Day

Share the All-American dessert of pie on the 4th of July! gThankYou! Pie Gift Certificates can also be redeemed for cake, cheesecake or similar items, fresh from the bakery section or frozen. Combine with an Ice Cream Certificate for a special anytime treat for employee families!

Also Good For: National Pie Day, Pi Day (March 14), National Picnic Month, On-the-Spot recognition, Peer-to-Peer recognition, Anytime Thank You

gThankYou! Candy Gift Certificate

  • When to Give It: Halloween

Put a smile on everyone’s faces with gThankYou! Candy Gift Certificates. Halloween is the perfect holiday for growing a culture of gratitude with team-building. Hand out Candy Gift Certificates as party favors or as prizes in a costume competition.

  • Also Good For: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Employee Appreciation Day, World Laughter Day, On-the-Spot recognition, Peer-to-Peer recognition, Anytime Thank You

Make Every Day a Workplace Celebration!

Download our FREE Day-to-Day Celebration Calendar for expert tips on engaging, recognizing and building a happy and loyal workplace every day of the entire year. This one-of-a-kind eBook will help you build everyday workplace spirit with month-by-month guides, case studies, research highlights, how-to recognition advice and celebration ideas for specific holidays and anytime.

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