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January is full of forecasting, goal-setting, and looking forward to a successful new year. It’s also National Thank You month, which is why it’s the perfect time to plan ahead for acts of gratitude and appreciation.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Check out these gratitude resources that will inspire and help you build and maintain a culture of appreciation and employee celebration ALL YEAR LONG!

We have a wide variety of FREE RESOURCES to help you
build your own employee engagement calendar.

It is our tradition to publish a day-to-day appreciation calendar tailored to people who are committed to celebrating employees. This popular guide helps you plan for holidays as well as your own anytime celebrations; it offers tons of ideas to keep employee appreciation front-and-center all year long.

The Day-to-Day Employee Appreciation Calendar is chock-full of awesome information: event ideas, topical articles, resources and much more!

This how-to guide walks you through planning for seasonal engagement and a wide variety of holidays, organized by month. You’ll also find important statistics, mini case studies, “anytime recognition” ideas, and tips for building a happier workplace through engagement and fun.

By planning ahead, you’ll lessen any stress, and the recognition, enjoyment and positive responses will ensue.

Peruse this gorgeous resource and think about how you can implement ideas every month, every season. Employee appreciation best practices focus on frequent recognition and appreciation. Don’t wait for the holidays next year – your employees deserve so much more!

Download and share this free Calendar with colleagues, friends, and executive, social media and benefits teams and start planning!

BIG List of Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

This hefty gratitude resource offers ways to support and recognize the people who make your business work. It’s simple to download, share, print and use when you are planning ahead or need quick ideas.

The BIG List of Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas is broken down into helpful categories so it’s easy to find just the right gift or concept for whatever your objective or occasion may be:

  • Support new ways of working
  • Encourage employee wellbeing
  • Reinforce teamwork and organizational values
  • Celebrate holidays with flare
  • Acknowledge milestone moments in work and life
  • Recognize people anytime with simple gestures

The Big List of Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas
We guarantee you can find something for everyone, regardless of their position and your budget. From free to extravagant, recipients will be wowed by your sincere acts of gratitude. Read to learn more here!

Download your free copy now and use it to inform your appreciation planning now and in the future!



Appreciation Planning Checklist

Don’t let the name fool you! Our Appreciation Planning Checklist is a helpful two-pager that serves as a terrific kick start to your employee appreciation and recognition conversations.

Here are some examples of when appreciation is key:

  • Celebrating achievements
  • Embracing seasonal activities
  • Highlighting milestones
  • Supporting core company values
  • Encouraging smart behaviors

With this planning checklist you’ll be sure to both be inclusive and proactive! Download your free copy today.

Download free Employee Appreciation Planning Checklist

Guide to Writing Meaningful Employee Thank You Notes

The foundation of having employees feel valued and appreciated is sincere gratitude. One of the easiest and most meaningful ways managers can share gratitude is with a heartfelt note of thanks. Thank you notes should be part of any employee appreciation plan. They are low cost, easy to do, and make both recipients and givers feel good.

A written thank you note that can make someone’s day can be as simple as “Thank You! You are Awesome” on a post-it note or “You are a Life Saver” on a roll of Life Savers.

At gThankYou, we are big believers in the power of a meaningful “thank you.” We believe leaders should be trained, held accountable for, and given resources to share thank you notes with employees, customers, and other vital constituents. Senior managers should model the behavior and peers encouraged to share their written gratitude through gratitude boards and appreciation stations.

Thank You Guides

We have two guides to writing thank you notes for workplace leaders. Be sure to download and share one or both with your appreciation planning team.

The first is our Writing Thank You Notes Employees Will Treasure.

Download free ebook - Writing Thank You Notes That Employees Will TreasureThis resource is your go-to for writing an employee thank you note.

Inside this book you will learn:

  • The anatomy of a memorable thank you note
  • What is the difference between recognition and appreciation and why that’s important
  • Practical tips for writing great thank you notes
  • How to build a culture of gratitude with written notes of appreciation.

Download and share your free copy today!

The second resource is our ever-popular, Put the Thanks in Thanksgiving; How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees.

While we just closed out the holiday season, this book is really a year-round reference for how to write a company-wide employee letter of appreciation holiday-time or anytime, or a longer-form individual letter of thanks.

Inside this book you will learn:Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees

  • Real-life examples of well-written company-wide Thanksgiving letters from bosses in a variety of industries.
  • Best practices for thanking employees and ideas for brainstorming your own unique approach.
  • How-to details on crafting a meaningful and memorable employee letter of appreciation.
  • Tips on how to share your Thanksgiving letter.

Download now and share with your team.

Plan Ahead with an Employee Engagement Calendar
and Everyone WINS!

Let gThankYou be your ally in winning the workplace appreciation game. An employee engagement calendar is a GREAT way to start! Plan ahead so you can focus on what’s really important, engaging with and personally appreciating employees year around, not just on special employee engagement days. These gratitude resources will help you make employees feel valued, save time, lessen stress, build loyalty, and foster a culture of appreciation and gratitude.

We hope these resources bring creativity and inspiration to your employee engagement and appreciation planning this year and in the future.

We want to hear what ideas you implement! Shoot us a note any time to: info@gthankyou.com.

Good luck creating your own employee engagement calendar — your employees will thank you!

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