National Thank You Month

Did You Know that January is National Thank You Month?

The holidays are an excellent time to give and receive, but January is the time to slow down and say THANK YOU! January is National Thank You Month and is the perfect time to invest in new activities to nurture gratitude and kindness in the coming year.

We’d like to revisit 5 ways to embrace gratitude in life and the workplace, setting the stage for a year full of thankful habits.

5 Ways to Embrace Workplace Gratitude Now

1. Make thank you note writing EASY and FUN for employees.

After the holidays, parents often sit their kids down to write thank you notes for gifts. However, we don’t often practice what we preach. January is a perfect time to think of the gifts not only received during the holiday season but in life overall. What are the intangible gifts that you receive from others that make life better? Take the time to ponder who deserves an extra thank you and write a special note to them.

In the workplace, share gThankYou’s how-to guide “Writing Thank You Notes Employees Will Treasure” to managers and provide supplies. Ask leadership to participate and make written appreciation part of your workplace culture.

Provide an “Appreciation Station” where all employees can grab thank you cards, colorful pens, markers, and stamps. Make it easily accessible and regularly encourage team members to write notes to each other, customers, business partners, or anyone else in their support system.

This small investment will instill a sense of gratitude that translates into feelings of goodwill and happiness in the workplace.

gratitude journal2. Practice gratitude journaling.

The act of written acknowledgement can be key in embracing gratitude. It puts words around feelings and can serve as a great reminder of all the positives in life, even when times are challenging.  There are volumes of research on the science of journaling. It can do wonders for our brain and how it impacts not just us, but also the people around us.

If you are a leader in your organization, we highly recommend starting a gratitude journal and giving them out as gifts to your team. It serves as a thoughtful, productive gift that may resonate deeply with others.

3. Embrace tech-based appreciation text

We are huge fans of written thank you notes (see #1), but there are also many ways to infuse gratitude into other platforms. In honor of National Thank You Month, try something new. As you know, tech can take may forms, so what works for you? What would employees appreciate? Ask them!

  • A group text sharing thanks can be a high point of someone’s day – it’s quick and easy!
  • A shout out on an internal message board can make a team or individual feel like a VIP.
  • A social media spotlight can express thanks to a wide audience with some imagery, a video or a link to a success story.
  • A digital showering of “thank yous” when an employee is recognized by peers, customers or managers.

Organizations that have collaborative platforms, message boards, internal communications channels, and social media tools should embrace gratitude in tech-savvy ways.

4. Reach out and thank those who deserve extra appreciation this year.Reach out with appreciation.

Whether your team has worked extra hours, gone the extra mile, worked the front lines, or kept the company running from the back room, be sure to say thank you! We always think a Grocery Gift Certificate is appropriate – the gift of food is universal and always appreciated.

Looking for creative yet meaningful thank you gift ideas? Check out The Big List of Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas and be inspired!

5. Find a quote and make it visible.

Read it, say it, live it. Find a quote about gratitude that speaks to you and put it somewhere in your line of sight. It can be a sticky note, a screen saver, a note pinned to the wall. Let this visual item be a constant reminder that you are grateful. Encourage others to do the same, and watch how contagious gratitude can be.

Consider updating the office with a culture wall and even provide a budget for employees’ offices to display inspirational artwork. (The old inspirational quote posters have come a long way!)

Commit to Gratitude in the New Year

Let the new year inspire you to focus on nurturing gratitude in your personal and work lives. To go deep into understanding why gratitude is so powerful and how to harness it for the workplace, download our FREE eBook, “Transform Your Workplace with Gratitude“.

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