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A workplace requires employee engagement to thrive — or even survive. Increasingly more research supports the fact that people need to be positively engaged to perform their jobs, let alone enjoy them and stay with organizations. Retention is a critical topic in workforce management, and it requires attention and consistency. Post-COVID, when employees were quitting in droves, the theme was hot again — What IS employee engagement? But we’re here to make sure it doesn’t go dormant — complacency doesn’t work in talent management. The key is to lead as someone who is knowledgeable, excited about people-centric and leadership trends, and enthusiastically engaged.

A Harvard Business Review article, “How Companies Can Improve Employee Engagement Right Now,” stated, The evidence is clear. Engaged employees perform better, experience less burnout, and stay in organizations longer.” Enough said? Yes, but there’s plenty more to say about all related subjects, and we’re here to help you access relevant content in one place.

To do our part, we have refreshed one of our favorite self-published resources and given it a new name: Enthusiastically Engaged, which includes the top engagement blogs (and newsletters and podcasts) that we think are worth your time.

Enthusiastically Engaged is an invaluable collection of top blogs, newsletters, and podcasts dedicated to HR, leadership, and employee engagement. This curated list offers insights from celebrated experts like Alexander Kjerulf and Douglas Conant, as well as trendsetting platforms like Achievers and TalentCulture. Whether you’re seeking ideas for fostering gratitude, strategies for effective leadership, or trends in HR technology, this guide serves as a handy tool for anyone aiming to enhance workplace culture. gThankYou not only celebrates work but also empowers organizations to foster a culture of gratitude and engagement.

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