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It’s almost spring and Easter will be here soon! Now’s the time to start your Easter employee appreciation planning.

Why thank employees at Easter?
Besides being a widely celebrated family occasion, it’s a springtime holiday with cultural, non-religious traditions that appeal to everyone.

Easter employee appreciation is a great idea, regardless of employee religious affiliation, because it generally marks the beginning of spring and the sense of renewal and gratitude that accompany the new season.
And, as is often the case, Easter coincides with Passover.

In a diverse workplace where the majority of employees may not be Christian, focus on the secular aspects of Easter. Put employee accomplishments and community first!

Read on for five reasons to include Easter employee appreciation in your spring planning this year.

Why Easter Employee Appreciation Is Meaningful

With about five weeks until Easter, start planning now for a workplace celebration. Here’s why Easter employee appreciation is a good idea:

1. Showing gratitude to employees at family holidays recognizes work-life balance.
Thanking employees for a job well done is one of the most reliable, affordable ways to motivate excellent performance. But it’s also important to recognize employees outside of their work, as people.
This Easter, your employees will be hunting for Easter eggs with their kids, or traveling to visit their parents back home. Celebrate these small joys of the season with a workplace party to brighten everyone’s day — fresh flowers, non-religious Easter and spring decorations and treats like chocolate eggs or fun themed cupcakes are work-appropriate ways to mark the occasion.

2. It’s your chance to share a meaningful, family-friendly employee gift everyone can enjoy.

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It can be challenging to find an affordable employee gift that’s a crowd-pleaser. Easter provides an occasion to share a workplace gift that’s both meaningful and family-friendly – a Gift Certificate for the centerpiece to the holiday meal!

For the gift of the traditional centerpiece to the Easter meal, give the thoughtful gift of a spring Ham.

gThankYou! Ham Gift Certificates allow recipients to choose any brand and any preparation of half or whole ham, at virtually all grocery chain stores in the U.S.

For a more diverse workplace, choose Turkey Or Ham Gift Certificates and give recipients the choice of centerpiece to their family’s springtime celebration.

Even grocery or pie gift certificates are perfect!

3. Easter is a celebration of renewal and resilience.
Christians and non-Christians alike can identify with and appreciate Easter themes of renewal, growth, gratitude and new beginnings. Easter is a chance to honor the hope and joy of the spring season, invest in employee resilience, and celebrate growth. We all enjoy the optimism that spring brings.

4. It’s easy to celebrate in the workplace.
Keep the focus on the non-religious, cultural symbols of the holiday — Easter egg hunts, the Easter Bunny, Easter ham, etc. Let your celebration be a source of inspiration and energy for the coming season. Worried about what is and isn’t appropriate? Check out ChartHop’s thoughts on the subject How to Celebrate Holidays (Inclusively) at Work.

5. Easter employee appreciation shows you care.
Frequent employee appreciation is key to a productive, happy workforce. Easter employee appreciation puts your gratitude front and center. Make it count: invite company leaders to write brief Thank You notes to employees, individually or by team. Include the notes in gift baskets or hand them out at an employee party accompanied by a gift. Let your gratitude take center stage.

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