The Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Guide for Cooking the Perfect Turkey

Download Your Free Thanksgiving Turkey Cookbook and Guide!

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving?

For many, the shopping, menu planning, and preparing the meal is enjoyable and nostalgic. For others, knowing how to choose, prepare and cook the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal is daunting. And, sometimes you are pretty sure you know what you are doing, you just need a little help!

We believe preparing your Thanksgiving turkey should be fun — and at gThankYou, we are here for you and your team!

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Guide - Download Your Copy Now!

• Are you new to cooking a turkey?

• It’s been a while since you have hosted Thanksgiving?

• Are you a seasoned cook looking to spice up your traditional menu?

• Not sure how to defrost a frozen turkey?

• Never made gravy before?

• Not sure what kind of turkey to purchase?

• Want to take the stress out of cooking a turkey?

Then we have the perfect resource for you! gThankYou’s popular Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Guide.

The Perfect Addition to Your Holiday Turkey Gifts

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is quintessentially American and an ideal reminder for us all to embrace and share feelings of gratitude and togetherness.  The gift of a Thanksgiving turkey for employees means that you are providing the centerpiece to their meal as they gather with friends and family.  Contributing to the good will that permeates Thanksgiving ensures that your generosity and thoughtfulness will be remembered by your employee and their guests.

At gThankYou, we think your holiday turkey gift deserves a special unexpected addition – our Turkey cookbook and guide! And, everyone loves an unexpected gift!

If you have turkey gifts planned for your organization, then share the link to our free Turkey Cookbook and Guide so recipients can download it as desired or download the eBook and share it via an employee electronic bulletin board for all to enjoy.

Employees will appreciate that not only did you provide the centerpiece of their holiday meal, you were also helpful in making sure they have the resources to make it easy to prepare and loved by family and friends.

Download your copy today and share this helpful how-to guide with colleagues, employees and friends.

The Ultimate Resource for Serving a Perfectly Cooked Holiday Turkey

gThankYou’s Turkey eBook is much more than a traditional cookbook. It’s the complete resource for serving a beautifully cooked bird from start to finish.

What’s Inside?

Everything you need to know to successfully serve a turkey centerpiece for your Thanksgiving or holiday meal!

Novices or seasoned pros will find useful tips and resources in this handy guide. It helps anyone successfully choose, prepare, cook, and serve a holiday turkey.

We poured through the advice of some of the world’s leading turkey authorities to find definitive answers to the questions that vex home cooks every Thanksgiving, such as:

  • How do you make perfect gravy?
  • Can you really grill a turkey? How?
  • What’s the difference between stuffing and dressing?
  • What kitchen tools are essential for cooking a turkey?
  • How many pounds of turkey should you buy per person?
  • How long should you thaw a frozen turkey?
  • How do you carve a bird like a pro?

“The Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Guide” is FREE – the perfect “side” for gThankYou Turkey Gifts.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Enjoy this special time in the kitchen, around the table, and among your loved ones.

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