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Giving at Thanksgiving

The season of gratitude is coming up, and it’s an important time of year to make sure that each and every employee knows that you’re thankful for what they do. Whether you work in a small office where people wear a variety of hats or oversee a multi-site organization, the fact remains: PEOPLE make the business work. And an employee Thanksgiving gift is the perfect way to say thank you to the individuals who show up every day and give it their all. We certainly think that a Turkey Gift Certificate checks all the boxes.

Turkey gift certificates as Thanksgiving gifts to employees:

  1. Saves employees money during an expensive time of year.
  2. Are easy to distribute without challenging logistics.
  3. Embrace the spirit of the season.
  4. Allow people to buy the turkey that works for them: the store, size, and brand are chosen by the recipient.
  5. Are simple to use and do not require any major effort to redeem or enjoy.

How do you gift a turkey?

Some people remember the olden days when a refrigerated truck would pull up and frozen turkeys were handed out to a line of eager employees. It may elicit some fond memories, but it’s 2023. It’s expensive, laborious, and the gift’s integrity was compromised if proper refrigeration wasn’t available.

These days, a gift certificate from gThankYou allows you to easily hand it directly to the recipients or even send it through the mail!


Yes, you heard us correctly! Mailboxes have become a receptacle for junk mail — even bills come through apps and email these days. But this makes a gift in the mail that much more welcomed! You can very easily mail gThankYou gift certificates yourself, or for a small fee, have gThankYou do it for you!

If you need support preparing your Certificates for distribution, mailing them direct through the USPS, or confidently and accurately delivering to many remote locations, we can do it all. We’ll handle envelope stuffing, label or address printing, postage arrangement, quantity verification, and bulk packaging, freeing your time up to focus on planning celebrations and exploring more ways to appreciate your dedicated employees, wherever they are!

Why turkey?

Turkey continues to be the best Thanksgiving gift for employees as it is the perfect centerpiece of a Thanksgiving table, providing a taste of nostalgia and tradition. Plus, the ability to choose the type of turkey that best fits their family makes Turkey Gift Certificates not only valuable but convenient and appreciated. If you’re short on employee Thanksgiving gift ideas, fret no more, gThankYou Gift Certificates are the only idea you’ll need.

The Turkey Gift Certificate values available include: $10, $15, $20, $25, $30. The common price of an average size whole turkey is $20 – $30. For values greater than $30, we recommend giving two certificates per recipient, (i.e.- 2 @ $20 = $40).

How do I make a Turkey Gift Certificate feel personalized?

Thanksgiving and Autumn Gratitude Card CatalogWe believe that personalization is key when it comes to expressing gratitude. In addition to the gift itself, we recommend a thank you letter or note that expresses heartfelt thanks. Fortunately, gThankYou makes that easier too! With dozens of designs and messages to choose from, you can easily include a message of “thanks” with Free Gratitude Cards available with each certificate purchase.

Check out our resources on writing a thank you letter and our catalog of gratitude cards (click the image).

Where can my employees redeem gift certificates?

Certificates can be redeemed at major U.S. grocery stores that honor Manufacturer Coupons. For specific store brands in your area visit our Participating Retailers – Store Locator.

Contact us today and kick off your holiday season feeling on top of things!


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