Halloween treats

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Halloween is one of America’s favorite holidays.

According to the National Retail Federation, 69% of consumers plan to celebrate Halloween this year. People love getting into costume, putting up scary decorations, and sharing their favorite treats. With interest like this, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to bring your workplace together for a holiday celebration.

Download gThankYou’s “Halloween Team Building Guide” — a one-page PDF that highlights 20 time-tested exercises, games and activities for Halloween team building to help you engage your staff in a meaningful celebration.Halloween party ideas

In many ways, it marks the beginning to the holiday season. Many of your employees want to celebrate Halloween at work — and they will. Take the opportunity to use the holiday as an opportunity to engage and have some workplace fun consistent with your culture.

Host a Halloween Party at Your Work

Halloween celebrations don’t have to be elaborate. Halloween is an affordable holiday that favors imagination over expense. Here are a few simple ideas for celebrating Halloween at your workplace:

  • Have a pumpkin carving (or decorating) contest.
  • Hold a costume parade complete with prizes for most creative, scariest, etc.
  • Set the mood with a Halloween playlist.
  • Provide a spread of Halloween themed treats.
  • Play Halloween movie trivia.
  • When in doubt, everyone loves the gift of candy!

Plus, if your company is hosting kid-friendly fun, Halloween also provides the perfect setting for the families of your employees to see the workplace where Mommy or Daddy spend most days.

No matter how your team works — on a factory floor, in an office, in retail or sales, at an outdoors construction site, even remotely or on the road — gThankYou’s “Halloween Team Building Guide” has ideas for engaging everyone.

Download yours free today and start planning now for a fun, productive and inspiring Halloween in the workplace!

 Halloween Team Building in the Workplace – Just Add Candy!

Best Halloween Team Building idea - Candy and a sincere note of thanks!
Looking for a last-minute treat for your workplace Halloween celebration?

Add a Certificate of Gratitude for Candy, Ice Cream or Pizza – all fun treats that can be shared with family and friends. Adding a small gift gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with employees that you value their contributions.

All gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude come with free ‘Thank You’ Gratitude Cards which can be customized with your message of appreciation and even a company logo.

Celebrate your team this month with some Halloween-inspired fun in the workplace and your sincere appreciation. Download our “Halloween Team Building Guide” and start planning today!

Happy Halloween from your friends at gThankYou!

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