Halloween in the office


Are you looking for exciting Halloween contest ideas to liven up your workplace? There is still time to plan ahead and give your team tools to help them unleash creativity, foster teambuilding, and create a memorable experience.

With a record 179 million Americans expected to celebrate Halloween this year, you can take the lead by offering ideas like asking employees to submit creative Halloween themes for work and plan an event with that theme. Provide Halloween costume ideas for everyone in the office. Throw an office costume contest and your employees can enjoy festive energy and positive team dynamics.


Fun Office Halloween Contest Ideas: Elevate Your Workplace Celebration

Spark Creativity with these Halloween Contest Ideas

Let’s explore some Halloween contest ideas that will ignite creativity and make this year’s celebration the best your workplace has ever seen. Remember to include remote employees and those unable to participate on-site by utilizing Zoom, social media or other internal communication channels to share photos and videos. Halloween contest prizes don’t have to be extravagant; small bags of candy, Halloween trinkets, or $5 gift certificates can be shared in the spirit of fun and gratitude.

Pumpkin-Carving Contest
Arrange a spontaneous pumpkin-carving activity by providing pumpkins, carving utensils, and protective tablecloths. With a lively Halloween playlist in the background, invite employees to unleash their creativity and showcase their carving skills. Pinterest offers countless pumpkin-carving pictures for inspiration.

Costume Contest
Who doesn’t love an office costume contest? When you organize the office Halloween costume contest, make sure to prioritize clear communication of costume rules that discourage any inappropriate choices. Plan award categories in advance to encourage workplace-appropriate costumes, along with categories like “scariest” and “funniest.”Halloween contest ideas for the workplace

Pet Costume Contest
If your team includes pet lovers, organizing a pet costume contest can be a heartwarming bonding activity. You can provide Halloween office costume ideas for pets and — if allowed — bring them in the office for a few hours! If they can’t attend, allow costumed pet posts on your social media for the day.

“Count the Candy” Contest
Teams love Halloween office games! Set up a simple guessing game where employees can estimate the number of candies in a jar. This contest is quick to organize and serves as an easy game alongside some simple Halloween decorations.

Make it a Community Affair

Get Movin’
Engage in a charitable activity as a team by signing up for a local run/walk event or organizing a Halloween-themed dance-a-thon. You can even provide ideas for office group Halloween costumes for work to help support this team event. Coordinate the initiative with any existing wellness programs to recognize employees’ participation and promote a healthy workplace culture.

Invite Neighboring Businesses to Come By
Hand out candy, marketing swag and other desired items on Halloween and invite your clients, neighbors and friends! It’s a great day for an open house, allowing everyone to ride the sugar high and spread some goodwill. Wear costumes, play music and mix and mingle with members of the community.

So, now it’s time to plan an unforgettable Halloween celebration that will have your colleagues eagerly awaiting each year’s spooky festivities!

Need to provide prizes for Halloween? We’ve got you! 

Everyone needs to leave a Halloween party with goodies! Provide gift certificates to all participants with higher-value certificates for those who put in the extra effort for an impressive costume.

FREE Download: How to Engage Employees with Halloween Team Building

20 Ideas for Halloween Team Building in the Workplace


Contests are just one cost-effective method for engaging and appreciating employees. Find more fun team-building activities for your staff in our free one-page guide to “Halloween Team Building — and start planning today.

Need talking points to convince management a Halloween celebration is a great idea? Look no further. We’ve put together 20 ideas for fun, engaging and time-tested Halloween activities for any workplace.

Have a terrifyingly great Halloween!



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