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Any time is a good time to say thank you to employees! Workers who feel valued and appreciated will be happier, more productive and more loyal.

The transition from spring to summer presents a wide variety of established opportunities to show appreciation that naturally fit into this season, but don’t lose sight of the impact of saying thank you and showing gratitude any day of the year.

As American philosopher and psychologist Williams James astutely observed:
“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”

Saying thanks in the workplace matters really does matter to the success of your business!  Check out these numbers from O.C. Tanner’s “The Business Case for Recognition”:
  • O.C. Tanner revealed that 94% of regularly recognized employees said it motivates them to do great work
  • WorkHuman shared that 89% of regularly recognized employees are highly engaged
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that 81% of employees say they work harder for a grateful manager
  • Glassdoor disclosed that 53% would stay longer at their company if they felt more appreciation from their boss

Springtime is the Right Time

The perfect employee thank you idea

Depending on the nature of your business, you can tie in your thank yous to these events in May (and keep in mind that you don’t have to be a clinic or hospital to thank nurses or have children in schools to thank teachers — these professions impact the entire community). Double check dates as some change annually.
National Nurse Appreciation Day and Week (May 6th though May 12 ) Incorporate these tips on showing appreciation to nurses who work so hard to keep us healthy.
Teacher Appreciation Day and Week (May 6 – 10) Learn how teachers really want to be thanked!
National Receptionist Day (May 8th) Often the first point of contact at your office so show them how much they are valued in these affordable ways.
National Employee Health & Fitness Day (May 21) Encourage your employees to get moving and get healthy – BTW May is actually Global Employee Health and Fitness Month so here are ways you can celebrate all month long!
Memorial Day (May 27) If you are open during the holiday show your thanks with a workplace celebration or kick-off the long weekend with a fun, themed event on Friday.
For additional dates and themes to take advantage of for the rest of spring and the remainder of the year, download gThankYou’s Day-to-Day Employee Appreciation Calendar. Updated annually with helpful “don’t miss celebrations” this popular resource is filled with current thinking on how best to build a workplace of gratitude and appreciation.

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Creative Ways to Say Thanks, No Matter the Season

With the explosion of video and social media, there are many, many ways to share a creative thank you these days! We encourage you to find ways that resonate with colleagues and fit with your company culture. Here are a handful of always appropriate, always appreciated thank you ideas:

Host Thank-You Note Thursdays
Give letter-writing a try as a group.  Supply the stationery and encourage notes between colleagues, from employees to customers and/or vendors.  Scheduling even just a little time together each week to do this can strengthen relationships both inside the office as well as those you do business with.  Simple treats like bagels can help fuel the fun.

Display a Gratitude Board
Hang up a physical board in the office or create a virtual board online to give employees a mechanism to thank one another and give kudos to their peersSend a Shower of ‘Thank You’s’
Someone do something special to help a team or take care of a sticky situation with a customer? Coordinate the rest of the team or the office send the individual lots of small paper ‘Thank You’s’ all at once! They’ll love the fun appreciation from colleagues and managers.Throw a Surprise Appreciation Party
Acknowledge your team’s hard work by conjuring up a surprise by ending work early and giving everyone a chance to eat, drink and be merry – hint, if you schedule it as a (mysterious) mandatory meeting your staff will be less likely to be out of the office. Don’t forget virtual workers. Invite them to join via Skype and send them a Certificate for a pizza or ice cream treat so they can participate in the fun!Take What You Need/ Give What You Can Boards
Popularized in schools across the country, these boards often have bright post-its with inspiring messages of support and thanks that people can peel off and use to help them tackle the day or find a positive way of looking at a challenge.  Search Pinterest for photos of boards to help get you started.

A creative thank you message for customers

Be creative with your ‘Thank You’! We love this message from Culver’s®

Share an Unexpected Note or Treat of Kindness
“The right message at the right time, found by a person can change their day, their outlook, and even their life,” says Laura Morales, of her daughter’s involvement with The Kindness Rocks Project. We agree!

Making someone feel appreciated is as simple as an unexpected note with a sincere, thoughtful message of thanks.

Make it fun by attaching a post-it saying “Thanks A Million” to play money million dollar bills and you’ll have a winner. Or attach a smiley note with “You are appreciated. Thank you!” on Hersey® Candy Bars. Check out this story of a 94 year-old Iowa man who hands out Hersey bars to make peoples’ day. You can do that too!

Sharing appreciation doesn’t need to cost anything. It just needs to be sincere.

Make it Memorable with a Classic Thank You Note

Don’t underestimate the lasting power and impact of a simple, handwritten thank you note.  When you reflect on thank you’s you have received over the years doesn’t it generate a warm feeling even now? You may have even saved a few of those notes because they were meaningful. It doesn’t need to be lofty or poetic writing, it just needs to be sincere.  A few sentences that convey gratitude can resonate as much as parties, gifts and awards.
Uncertain about what to say and how to say it? We can help. This quote from our guide, “How to Write Thank You Notes That Employees Will Treasure,” sums up why anyone can (and should) write them:
…anyone can afford to write a thank you note.  And it’s always within your reach.  All you need is some stationery, a few minutes of your heartfelt attention and the will to write an authentic message.

Learn How to Write Thank You Notes That Employees Will Treasure

Writing Thank You Notes That Employees Will Treasure

Click the image to download your free copy now!

Download this free eBook and learn how to write a note of thanks that will be both meaningful and memorable.
Inside this valuable resource, you’ll find examples and ‘how-to’s’ to help you craft your own thoughtful message of appreciation.
Here are four pillars of praise to keep in mind when sharing workplace appreciation:
  • Simple: 
    Avoid being stuffy or too formal – think of having a conversation with the person you are thanking (expert tip – consider recording a message of your thanks and transcribe that in your handwritten note)
  • Sincere: 
    Base your appreciation in truth – focus on the behaviors that are beneficial to the team or the business and in alignment with your organization’s values or you’ll risk sounding insincere
  • Specific: 
    Be specific – share relevant details so the recipient knows you are paying attention
  • Swift: 
    If the praise is related to a specific action, send it immediately – if the praise is more general, the timing isn’t as critical
And about that swift pillar…Do you owe someone a thank you?  If so, you’re not alone — but there is no reason to feel sheepish.  Read about how to tackle overdue thanks and why it’s never too late.

A Culture of Gratitude Makes Everyday Employee Thank You’s Easy

When your organization culture is based on respect and gratitude, then appreciation is easy because it’s the fabric of the culture. To learn more about how gratitude is the foundation of successful cultures of appreciation and how amazingly easy it is to nurture workplace gratitude, download gThankYou’s free eBook, “Transform Your Workplace with Gratitude”.

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