Motivating teams with a "thank you."

Motivating teams couldn’t be simpler — just thank your employees for their efforts and they’ll feel more valued. When employees know you’re grateful for their efforts, they work harder, and productivity improves. It’s remarkably easy but it takes a little bit of effort and consistency.

It’s important to thank your employees for accomplishments both large and small. Besides, when you feel and express gratitude, it lifts your spirits too! In fact, a Harvard Business Review study found that 95% of employees agree that a grateful boss is more likely to be successful. This suggests that expressing gratitude is not just beneficial for employees, but also for leaders themselves.

Say “thank you” to build and maintain a better workplace.

There are mountains of research that underscore that recognition and gratitude are important to people. Here are some simple reminders of why leaders need to step up and embrace saying, “thank you” regularly.

  • Employee morale and well-being: Studies show a strong correlation between employee appreciation and job satisfaction. Feeling valued contributes to a positive work environment, which in turn leads to happier and more engaged employees.
  • Increased productivity and performance: When employees feel their efforts are appreciated, they’re more likely to go the extra mile and contribute their best ideas. Research by the American Psychological Association revealed that 93% of employees who reported feeling valued said they are motivated to do their best at work. Gratitude fosters a positive work environment which leads to increased happiness and motivation.
  • Reduced absenteeism and turnover: Appreciation fosters loyalty and commitment. Employees who feel valued are less likely to look for jobs elsewhere.
  • Motivation requires recognition. Pay attention to workers’ efforts that keep things running smoothly and customers coming back. People love to hear positive feedback, and it’s especially fulfilling when it comes from company leadership!

Thank employees in front of others and encourage peer-to-peer gratitude.

Employees often worry that leaders will only point out their mistakes in front of others, so it’s important to also say thank you publicly! Try motivating teams with: “Hey, everyone—listen to what Tyler accomplished!” In general, people love to receive compliments in front of peers.

Reassure new recruits and long-time employees as they learn more about their jobs and themselves. Motivating your team requires thanking all employees, even the most seasoned and skilled! Don’t assume they know how much you appreciate them — affirm it regularly!

Coach Foundation reports that 88% of people say expressing gratitude to colleagues makes them feel happier and more fulfilled. Gratitude fosters positive relationships and teamwork within the workplace.

It’s good business.

Vocalizing appreciation to your workforce pays off in many ways with motivating teams. A study by TINYpulse found that 53% of employees would stay at their company longer if they felt more appreciation from their boss. This strengthens the link between gratitude and employee retention, which results in significant cost-savings for businesses.

According to Great Place to Work,

Compared to those who do not consistently feel recognized at work, people who do feel recognized at work are:

  • 2.6x more likely to think that promotions are fair
  • 2.2x more likely to drive innovation and bring new ideas forward
  • 2.0x more likely to say people here are willing to go above and beyond

So, thank your employees for a job well done! Even a handwritten thank you note will make a difference. You can also give small tokens of gratitude that employees can enjoy with their families or friends, such as a gThankYou! Gift Certificate for Pizza

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