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Motivating your team couldn’t be simpler — just thank your employees for their efforts and they’ll feel more valued. When employees know you’re grateful for their efforts, they work harder and productivity improves. It’s really remarkably easy.

Say thank you and employees work harder

Just consider the results of this recent Glassdoor survey. As Huffington Post writer Chad Brooks discovered in Appreciation Motivates Employees To Work Harder, Study Says,” the study shows:

  • Over 80% of employees work harder when their boss shows appreciation
  • Over 60% of employees lose motivation when their boss is demanding or they fear losing their job
  • Over 50% confirmed a willingness to stay at their job if a boss exhibited appreciation
  • 46% of respondents feel appreciated when their boss offers an unexpected treat like snacks, meals, or Thank You notes
  • 24% report interest in company-sponsored social events such as  a holiday party!

Remember to say Thank You for employees’ successful everyday tasks, not just showy big wins. In “10 Things Employees Really Need to Hear From You,former CEO and contributing editor Geoffrey James reminds us that the little things count much more than we think they do!

Team motivation requires recognition. Pay attention to workers’ efforts that keep things running smoothly and customers coming back,  “including refilling the copier and double-checking reports for errors before sending them on.” People love to hear positive feedback—it’s especially fulfilling when it comes from company leadership!

“Whether you say, ‘Thanks for staying late last night, ‘Thanks for being so patient with Mrs. Smith–I know she can be a difficult customer,’ or something else, your people treasure your appreciation more than you realize.”

Thank employees in front of peers

Employees often worry that leaders will only point out their mistakes in front of others, James writes, so it’s important to also say Thank You publicly! Try: ”Hey, everyone—listen to what Tyler accomplished!” Everybody loves to receive compliments in front of peers.

Reassure new recruits and long-time employees as they learn more about their jobs and themselves. Motivating your team requires thanking all employees, even the most seasoned and skilled! Don’t assume they know how much you appreciate them — affirm it regularly!

“Constantly challenge your people, and push them to improve while reassuring them that you believe in them,” writes James. “Everyone, no matter how capable or experienced the person is, appreciates encouragement.

In “9 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated and Productive During the Holidays,” Schiff & Schiff Communications marketing buff Jennifer Lonoff Schiff lists team motivation ideas from business leaders and HR experts. Her list focuses on the holiday season, but the savvy advice applies year-round.

Schiff quotes Eric Mosley, CEO of employee recognition company Globoforce:

“In workplace culture, the power of thanks is too often overlooked. When employees are thanked for a job well done, they are motivated and inspired to do great work; they are driven to surpass company goals; and they are happier and more committed to their employer.”

So thank your employees for a job well done! Kara Simon, general manager of 3Cheers Recognition & Rewards, suggests a handwritten note. Our favorite too, here at gThankYou! Your workers will appreciate and remember that you took the time to write a sincere thoughtful note why you appreciate them.

You can also give small tokens of gratitude that employees can enjoy with their families or friends, such as a gThankYou! Gift Certificate for Pizza. Karen Miller, senior vice president of food delivery service GrubHub, confirms the benefit of sharing something that many people can enjoy! A Seamless Corporate Accounts Food in the Workplace survey finds food-based perks make 57% of respondents feel more valued and appreciated.

It’s good business

Motivating your workforce pays off as productivity increases. It’s good business to thank your employees for accomplishments both large and small. Besides, When you feel and express gratitude, it lifts your spirits too!

For more great tips and insights into motivating your team, be sure to download our free e-book“The Top 20 Employee Engagement Blogs You Should be Reading.”

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