4th of July at work

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Some of the most effective, easy ways to thank employees can be done on the fly, or with just a few days’ notice – just remember to keep the message of gratitude in mind!

Try it! You have your chance coming up with a holiday that’s easy to celebrate in the workplace: the 4th of July.

Independence Day has themes that bring people together — patriotism, community, family — plus it has traditions everyone loves: fireworks and sparklers, parades, neighborhood barbecues and events for kids.

Some businesses shut down over the 4th of July weekend, giving their employees some well-deserved time off. Many companies have no choice but to stay open, particularly those in the service industry.

If you have employees working on 4th of July or over the 4th of July weekend, take the opportunity to acknowledge that they’re working over a popular holiday and let them know how much you appreciate their valuable time (grocery gift certificates are always a good choice).

Easy Ways to Thank Employees: 8 Ideas for Independence Day Fun

Try your hand at these on-the-fly, easy ways to thank employees. With so many fun traditions to draw on, it turns out the 4th of July is surprisingly appropriate for celebrating in the workplace!

1. Dress Code: Red, White and Blue
Go casual and encourage everyone to dress for the day in the colors of the American flag. Decorate the office to match, too!

2. Host a Company Cookout
Have a barbecue lunch for staff. Keep the menu simple and focus on appreciation and enjoying time together outside. It will mean more if workplace leaders are present as well and say a few words of gratitude.

3. Go to Your Neighborhood Parade
Take a break with your team, in shifts if you need to, to watch the city’s 4th of July parade or to walk through the festivities. Dress in company shirts or hats to represent the company.

4. Take a Night Shift Break for Fireworks
Have employees working the night shift? Take a break to go to the roof or another good spot to view your local fireworks display. Make a mini-party of it and serve punch and snacks.

Ideas for easy ways to thank employees for 4th of July

Yum! Red, white and blue treats are a visually appealing, tasty and affordable way to thank employees. (Photo via brownpau, Flickr)

5. Share Red, White and Blue Sweet Treats
Pass out cupcakes, breakfast muffins, doughnuts or other sweet treats decorated in red, white and blue. Or choose a fresh, seasonal healthy option: red, white and blue fruit salad.

6. Participate in a 5k Run/Walk for Charity
Register as a team for a nearby 5k run/walk. No pressure to demonstrate athletic prowess! Keep the focus on being active, raising money for a good cause and having fun together.

7. Invite Contributions to a “Freedom Board”
How do you define freedom? What about independence? Invite employees to write about an incident from their lives when they experienced the power of independence or freedom and pin it to a board in a common area, or go around and invite employees to share at the top of a meeting. (Idea courtesy of HR Digest.)

8. Write Thank You Notes
Nothing’s classier or more memorable than an unexpected thank you note! Ask managers to write notes to staff (individuals or teams) with a specific focus of gratitude. Give your thank you notes a little extra gratitude power with $5 gift certificates for ice cream or the all-American treat, pie.

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“In life, one has a choice to take one of two paths: to wait for some special day — or to celebrate each special day.” – Rasheed Ogunlaru, coach and author

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