On-the-spot recognition = instant results. When you recognize employees right away, the benefits start right away. It’s simple and pays off. Try it today!

Thank you for being.According to Indeed.com, “When people are offered consistent, actionable feedback, they can gain better insight into their successes and opportunities for improvement. Positive feedback is especially important because it increases morale, encourages good work and helps provide a sense of purpose.”

A once-a-year party is great for tradition, but it doesn’t ultimately affect day-to-day performance. Shift your paradigm from celebrating at the end of the year or on an anniversary to how can we keep appreciation and a culture of celebration alive all year-round?

It’s time to make recognition an ongoing, everyday activity. Read on to find out why on-the-spot recognition is so effective — and easier than you think!

5 Instant Benefits of On-the-Spot RecognitionOn-the-spot Recognition

On-the-spot recognition can feel awkward at first. Why? Because traditional attitudes toward workplace recognition have conditioned us to wait — or not say thank you at all!

Everywhere else, we naturally thank each other immediately and don’t think twice about it.

On-the-spot recognition should be the standard in every workplace.
Here’s why:


1. It improves performance.
When employees hear appreciation regularly, especially right after they do a job well, they understand what they’re doing right and invigorated to keep it up.

2. It’s what young workers expect.
“According to a research, 60% of the Gen Z workforce themselves acknowledge the need for regular check-ins from managers, at least in a week. 40% of this number further wishes for this interaction to happen daily or even several times a day. Keeping in mind that this generation grew up in a fast world of instant feedback and regular communication, it is not a far stretch that Gen Z wishes to constantly receive feedback at work.”

3. It’s affordable.
Saying “thank you” is FREE! No catch! A little goes a long way when you share on-the-spot recognition with small gifts of appreciation such as thank you notes, gift certificates, flowers or lunch.

Timely, meaningful appreciation gestures and gifts are a far better use of your organization’s employee recognition funds than a big year-end bonus.

4. It’s simple.
Employee recognition is finally being acknowledged for how it improves workplace culture, employee happiness, and the bottom line. However, just because recognition is now taken more seriously doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. Just the opposite.

On-the-spot recognition harnesses a natural impulse that is often repressed in the workplace: gratitude. When managers and other workplace leaders share gratitude, good feelings of appreciation grow and spread among employees. Simple, yet powerful.

5. It’s appreciated.
Take it from Victor Lipman, retired Fortune 500 executive. On-the-spot recognition is what employees want, he writes in an always-relevant Forbes article, “Employee Recognition: Cost-Free to Provide, Costly to Neglect.”

“If I learned anything in decades in business, it’s that the kind of recognition employees really appreciate in the trenches, in the day-to-day grind,” he writes, “is a pat on the back from their manager. It’s being told they’re doing a good job. It’s a heartfelt thank you for a tough project well done. Sincere appreciation sincerely expressed.”

Make On-the-Spot Recognition Part of Your Culture

Building a great workplace culture takes time. Commit to everyday recognition in your workplace. Train and incentivize managers in recognition activities that make sense for your workplace. Senior managers should model the behaviors wanted. Commit to writing employee thank you letters. Consider buying stationary supplies for your staff.

For more great tips and insights into building a vibrant culture of workplace gratitude, engagement and appreciation, download our free Gratitude Guide today!

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