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Turkey Gift Vouchers by gThankYou are the perfect way to say “Thanks” at Thanksgiving-time or anytime. Plus, almost all orders ship the same day!

Need a workplace Thanksgiving gift, quick?
Order your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Vouchers today and have them as soon as tomorrow!
gThankYou is proud to offer same-day shipping on virtually all orders. That means you can have your Turkey Gift Cards in hand, ready to give to recipients — tomorrow.
Plus, unlike gifts of actual frozen turkeys, gThankYou! Turkey Gift Coupons give recipients the flexibility to choose the size, brand and preparation they want as the centerpiece of their holiday family celebration.
They’re good for any brand of merchandise specified and can be redeemed nationally at virtually all major grocery chain stores. And every order includes “Thank You” Gratitude Cards for recipients, FREE.

The All-American Symbol for Gratitude: Thanksgiving Turkey

In a column for the New York Times last year, “Choose to Be Grateful. It Will Make You Happier,” Arthur C. Brooks shares an anecdote about an experience that challenged and helped define his beliefs on gratitude.
Over two decades ago, shortly after marrying his Spanish wife in Barcelona, he had the “bright idea of sharing a bit of American culture” with his Spanish in-laws by cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner. It was easier said than done, he writes:

“Turkeys are not common in Barcelona. The local butcher shop had to order the bird from a specialty farm in France, and it came only partially plucked. Our tiny oven was too small for the turkey. No one had ever heard of cranberries.

Over dinner, my new family had many queries. Some were practical, such as, ‘What does this beast eat to be so filled with bread?’ But others were philosophical: ‘Should you celebrate this holiday even if you don’t feel grateful?'”

At the time, he believed gratitude had to be “authentic” to matter. But over the years he’s come to understand that gratitude is a practice, not a perfect outcome.

“If you want a truly happy holiday, choose to keep the ‘thanks’ in Thanksgiving, whether you feel like it or not,” Brooks writes.

How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees

Download our new eBook, “How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees” for tips and real-life examples to inspire!

Gratitude has powerful implications in our personal as well as professional lives. It’s one of the most reliable ways to build sustainable happiness, productivity and loyalty in the workplace.

“In addition to building our own happiness, choosing gratitude can also bring out the best in those around us,” Brooks writes, citing several social science studies.

Thanksgiving turkeys are the all-American symbol of gratitude we share at a holiday made for gratitude. It’s a great time to strengthen your workplace culture of gratitude with a gift that sends a widely understood message of “Thanks.”

And, as Brooks points out, gratitude shouldn’t wait until the completion of a project, the end of a fiscal year, or other milestone when gratitude levels are naturally high. You can spread the joy of gratitude anytime. Your employees, coworkers and customers will respond with appreciation!

“This Thanksgiving, don’t express gratitude only when you feel it. Give thanks especially when you don’t feel it. Rebel against the emotional ‘authenticity’ that holds you back from your bliss,” he writes.

Read on to learn how gThankYou can help you make it happen on a schedule that’s convenient and easy for you.

How to Get Your Turkey Gift Vouchers Tomorrow

Excited to start celebrating Thanksgiving gratitude? There’s no need to wait. Start today by ordering gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates. You can have them to share with your workplace as soon as tomorrow. Here’s how:

1. Call Us Or Order Online

Simply call us at 888-484-1658 or place your order directly online.

In addition to our popular Turkey Gift Coupons, we offer Turkey Or Ham Gift Coupons and a variety of Grocery Gift Coupons in a range of affordable values. You can give the whole Thanksgiving feast!

Distributed workforce? We can help! We can create custom online ordering for your distributed workplace with your choice of products, volume pricing and custom “Thank You” Gratitude Card. Call us to learn more.

2. Pick Out Your FREE Holiday Gratitude Cards

gThankYou! Turkey Gift Certificates come with FREE Gratitude Cards

All gThankYou! Gift Certificates come with Free customizable Gratitude Cards. You choose the design, give us your personal message and even have us include a company logo — all FREE!

Every great gift needs a Thank You card to go along with it, and we’ve got you covered! gThankYou Gratitude Cards are free with any purchase. Choose from dozens of card designs, then give us your personal message for recipients along with your company logo (if desired). We’ll create a proof for you to approve and include the cards with your order — all for FREE!

See our catalogs of Thanksgiving Card Designs and Holiday Card Designs for the full range of seasonal options, or visit our website for even more options.
Want to make your “Thank You” Gratitude Cards even better? Include a personal Thanksgiving letter to employees. Download our new eBook, “How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees” for tips and real-life examples to inspire your message!

3. Receive Your Certificates As Soon As Next Day

Have your gThankYou! Turkey Gift Vouchers (and Gratitude Cards) in hand as fast as the next business day! Virtually all orders ship same day, even large orders. Plan ahead and we’ll ensure you have them exactly when you want them.

4. Share Certificates and Gratitude Cards with Employees

Tuck your Certificates and Gratitude Cards into holiday mailings or payroll, or better yet, have managers give them out individually with a smile, a handshake and a heartfelt “Thanks!”

Let your recipients know we offer a free downloadable turkey cookbook with helpful tips and recipes — “The Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Guide” — as well as a free “Holiday Ham Guide.”

5. Enjoy the Holiday Season!

When gThankYou is helping you with your employee holidays gifts, you’re free to spend the holidays focusing on what really matters: sharing in the gratitude of the season with your employees.

Need more reasons why Thanksgiving turkey gifts for employees are a great idea? Download gThankYou’s new brochure “10 Reasons to Give Employees a Turkey for the Holidays” to learn why so many businesses give employees a Thanksgiving turkey.

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