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Get your calendar out and start scheduling some fun – happiness will follow! March is the ideal month to build workplace happiness – winter is dragging on and for most of us, spring seems a long way off. Luckily this month is FULL of opportunities to share workplace appreciation and inspire some easy fun.
Hopefully you have already downloaded our free Day-to-Day Employee Appreciation Calendar for 2019 so these celebrations may already be on your radar. If not, click the link above and let’s get started!

March is full of occasions to build workplace happiness:

  • March 1 Employee Appreciation Day
    It’s always the first Friday in March (wow February seemed to fly by even faster than usual).  You can check out some our blog posts about this day from prior years for more ideas and to learn why employee appreciation is so important but here is a key takeaway – just share your sincere appreciation – that’s it.

    “Your Employee Appreciation Day party-planning doesn’t need to be extravagant, expensive or time-consuming — what matters most to employees is hearing a heartfelt, honest “Thank You” directly from company leaders.”

  • March 10 International Day of Awesomeness
    Any day that has a tagline of “No one’s perfect, but everyone can be awesome” is indeed awesome.  Start gathering some tips to help get your awesome on in the workplace.
  • March 20 International Day of Happiness
    This year’s theme is Happier Together. “Because life is happier when we focus on what we have in common, rather than what divides us.”  Get daily “happiness action” messages when you download the app at
  • March 14 Pi Day (3.14 get it?!)
    How about a pie baking contest?  Or how about some Pie Gift Certificates from gThankYou?  Or an office challenge to see who can recite the most digits of pi from memory? Let’s not forget that pies can be savory too – order pizza for your staff at lunch.

Looking for a Shortcut to Happiness?

gThankYou! Happiness Billboard

We talk about gratitude all the time here at gThankYou, and guess what?  It turns out that gratitude is the happiness hack Darius Foroux lays it out simply by explaining that we all want to wake up happy, go to work happy (he shares some career advice too) and come home happy.  He goes on to say:

When you’re grateful, you don’t only feel better, you also get a better life..Good things come to those who appreciate what they have.

On the flipside, Foroux reminds us that:

Conversely, when you don’t appreciate what you have or what people do for you, you become bitter and resentful. You push the positive people away. And you will only surround yourself with a bunch of other ungrateful people.

If you learn better by watching than reading, Foroux has a quick video for you.

We Love a Good List

And luckily the team at SnackNation put together a list of the top ten ways to foster happiness in the workplace and increase employee engagement.
Here are some highlights from the top three:
Greet your team – Smiling and saying good morning may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes we forget the basics.  Hopefully putting some pep in your step in the a.m. will inspire others to follow your lead.
Deliver praise and recognition often – Nevermind low salaries, not enough vacation time and lack of flexibility, the number one reason people leave their jobs is feeling underappreciated.  Be consistent and generous with praise and don’t save it up for your team members’ annual reviews.
Make work fulfilling – Ensure that your staff knows why they are doing what they do and how it moves the company’s mission forward.
This SnackNation article shared some insights from happiness expert Shawn Achor’s interview with Forbes and summed up it nicely:

Finding new ways to access happiness on an ongoing basis generates more success in our lives. Success does not breed happiness – it’s the other way around.

Zappos Seems Like a Good Company to Emulate

Zappos knows from experience how to build workplace happiness!
We’re always hearing about the positive culture and Zappos and how happy their employees are.  And it’s not just because shoes are delightful.  Hear from Zappos themselves about what kind of amenities increase the happiness quotient for their employees.
Writing for (Beyond the Box),  Julianna Young said:

“Happy employees” is more than a millennial fad. There are real benefits to helping your workers feel at home. Besides boosting the bottom line, investing in the happiness of your employees promotes trust, loyalty and a belief that their contributions matters. With a little effort, you may find the best benefit of all: An improved work environment and an overall more positive company culture. In short, more happiness. That’s something you just can’t put a price on.

Seven Zappos Employee Amenities:

  1. Relaxed dress code
  2. Team buildings
  3. Office library
  4. Internal currency
  5. Discounted food and drink
  6. Relaxation area
  7. A place to be themselves

Working on Your Own Happiness Isn’t Selfish

Facing opposition or grumpiness as you try to change the culture at your job to one of increased happiness?  Well, don’t get frustrated, focus instead on your own happiness.  Maybe it will rub off on others? The Muse put together a list of 37 ways that you can be happier at your job and many of them easy-peasy strategies that you can try out today.

Oprah Said It Best

Foroux quoted Oprah in his happiness hack post and we thought it’s an appropriate way to wrap things up (another good thing to do is download our workplace gratitude ebook):

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

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