Nutrition and happiness are connected. Apples make a great snack!


A great workplace starts with healthy employees. Plus, there is a strong connection between happiness and nutrition. Why not make work a healthier, happier place to be, one step at a time? We’re here to help.

Many organizations have committed to a healthy workplace, and wellness programs continue to flourish in businesses of all sizes. However, even with strides in tech-based wellness initiatives and other fancy programs, nutrition is a fundamental piece of wellness. Don’t leave nutrition-based education to personal trainers, dieticians and nutritionists. A healthy lifestyle can start at home AND at work.

The Connection Between Happiness + Nutrition

There are volumes of research on this topic, but a New York Times article, How Food May Improve Your Mood, in 2021 stated, “Large population studies, too, have found that people who eat a lot of nutrient-dense foods report less depression and greater levels of happiness and mental well-being. One such study, from 2016, that followed 12,400 people for about seven years found that those who increased their consumption of fruits and vegetables during the study period rated themselves substantially higher on questionnaires about their general levels of happiness and life satisfaction.”

Better moods, clearer thinking, happier employees…we think that sounds like a recipe for workplace success! Here are some ideas to make work a little fresher! Here are some ideas for showcasing wellness and reaping the benefits of happiness and nutrition – at work and at home!

Start a garden.Start a Garden

According to Gardening Know How, gardening at work has many benefits, potentially improving the mental, physical and emotional health of employees.

“Working side-by-side in a shared company garden eases the tension between upper management and employees. It fosters social interactions, teamwork, and cooperation. A corporate garden improves a company’s image. It demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and  environmental stewardship.

“Donating fresh produce to a local food bank strengthens a company’s ties to community. Additionally, green space and interactive landscaping is an attractive feature for potential employees.”

Fire Up those Brains

We’ve all heard of “brain food.” However, we tend to hear this more often about what students should eat before a test. We want employees to fuel their brains, too! From berries to greens to nuts to coffee – remind everyone that nutrition actively fuels our cognition, moods, memory and more – all critical in high-performing environments.

Other Ideas Include:

*Offer fruits and vegetables gift certificates as workplace appreciation gifts!

*Create a healthy eating group where people can share recipes, inspiration and success stories.

*Provide meeting snacks that offer nutritional value. Mixed nuts, string cheese, pita and hummus? Yes, please!

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