gThankYou Turkey Gift Vouchers are the Perfect Thanksgiving Gift for employees and customers.Turkey Gift Vouchers from gThankYou give you the ability to share a token of holiday appreciation with your employees that’s both meaningful and convenient.
Our gift certificates for Turkey (or for Turkey or Ham) allow you to easily reward and thank your staff with a gift they’ll remember all year. Recipients love the ability to choose the turkey that’s best for their family holiday celebration. gThankYou vouchers can be redeemed for any brand of whole turkey, at virtually all major grocery stores in the U.S.
The gift of a holiday turkey — the centerpiece to the Thanksgiving meal — lets your employees know you care. It carries the symbolism of holiday gratitude and family togetherness, plus it’s a practical gift your employees will be able to share with family and friends.
gThankYou gift vouchers are easy to order, online or call us at 888-484-1658 and come with free personalization and free customizable ‘Thank You’ Enclosure Cards. What’s more? We ship same day so you can have your order as fast as tomorrow.
Have a distributed or very large organization? We can help you with a custom program that meets your timing and logistical needs. Interested in our volume pricing for turkey vouchers? Give us a call and we are happy to help.
Order Thanksgiving Turkey Gift Vouchers today and let us take care of the logistics of your holiday appreciation so you can focus on what’s really important: thanking employees and celebrating the gratitude of the season with them!
Read on to find out how gThankYou’s Certificates of Gratitude work and why they’re your best choice for rewarding employees at the holidays or anytime.

Celebrate Your Workforce this Thanksgiving

Your employees are craving your gratitude! It reassures them, creates a bond and motivates their loyalty, creativity and hard work. Entrepreneur contributor Joey Faucette says thanking employees (and doing it well) is “one of most profitable business strategies you can have.”
Expressing gratitude to employees all year round is vital to a happy, productive workplace culture, but the holidays are a key time to celebrate gratitude. It’s the season for gratitude, after all!
Studies show that impersonal workplace holiday gifts like cash bonuses are much less effective than a meaningful, personalized gift that creates a memory for the employee.
Tangible gifts that provide an experience are the way to go, writes Forbes contributor Glen Tullman in his article, “Traditional Cash Bonuses Don’t Work — Try One of These 5 Instead.”
It’s especially meaningful when you engage with the employee’s family.
“Engage not just your employee but also his support network, in a customized way,” Tullman writes. “The great thing about family gifts is they can be tailored to what matters to the employee. And if you actually ask employees what matters, you might be surprised.”
gThankYou turkey vouchers provide your employees the centerpiece to the all-American holiday meal of Thanksgiving. Your employees will be thinking of you, your company and your gratitude as they sit down to share Thanksgiving dinner with their loved ones.
Americans love turkey at other holidays, too. We consume millions of turkeys at Christmas and Easter, in addition to the 46 million turkeys carved and shared at the Thanksgiving table.

Turkey Gift Vouchers Provide Flexibility

Giving employees a turkey at the holidays is a workplace tradition going back generations. Continue the spirit of this beloved workplace gift-giving tradition, without the hassle of handling bulky frozen turkeys that require refrigeration and storage.
Sharing a Certificate for a whole turkey honors the meaningful tradition of Thanksgiving gifts for employees while making it easier for you and more flexible for recipients. And, you are take the guesswork out of buying the right-sized turkey for everyone and they don’t need refrigeration or a complicated distribution plan!
Simplify your workplace holiday gift giving with gThankYou. We’ve got you covered with a range of meaningful yet affordable products and price points to fit any budget.
In addition to our popular Turkey Gift Vouchers, we offer Certificates for all the components of a Thanksgiving meal:

Combine Certificates if budgets allows and give employees a gift they’ll remember: an entire Thanksgiving feast!
Recipients love the flexibility to choose any Brand, size or preparation, at the time they need it and at the store they want. gThankYou! Certificates are redeemable at all major grocery stores in the U.S.

FREE Custom Enclosure Cards with all Turkey Gift Voucher Purchases
Plus, all gThankYou! Certificates of Gratitude come with free personalization and free “Thank You” Enclosure Cards to customize your message of appreciation. We have dozen of seasonal and everyday designs to choose from. Add your personal message of ‘thanks’ and we’ll even add your company logo (if you want) and send you a proof – all for free.
The most important part of your holiday gift is your genuine and personalized gratitude, so take advantage of our free Enclosure Cards to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to employees to accompany their holiday gift.
Need your order right away?
No problem! Virtually all orders ship the day they are placed. That way you can have them as soon as tomorrow (next business day).
Ordering is easy: online ( or over the phone (888-484-1658).

Why Customers Love gThankYou Turkey Gift Vouchers!

Sharing special Thanksgiving gifts for employees has never been easier. But don’t take it just from us. Here are a few comments we’ve received from our customers:

    • “Thank you … this is a great program. We have been distributing turkeys and hams for the past 20 years! This makes it a lot easier for us to distribute and allows our associates to pick up their product when they are ready.”

    • “I love gThankYou because of the ease of ordering, the quick turnarounds and the awesome and very friendly help I always received.”

    • “gThankYou! Certificates are a perfect and simple way to show gratitude for our employees! Everyone can use help with Grocery coupons.”

    • “You are so fabulous! I am so impressed with how responsive and professional you have been.”

Contact us today and let us help you start planning your holiday gift program for employees! By planning ahead, you ensure a smooth and stress-free holiday season. That way, you can spend the holidays focusing on what really matters: sharing in the gratitude of the season.

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How gThankYou Certificates Work

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Order Certificates

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Recipients redeem Certificates at major U.S. grocery stores and select the items they want.