Roll out the red carpet! Welcome gifts for new hires are trending as a way to help employees feel appreciated from day one.

First days can be challenging, even for the most seasoned professionals. People don’t yet have their footing yet, don’t know all the jargon, the processes, the overall vibe. The most successful managers see onboarding as an opportunity, not just a checklist.

Welcome gifts — accompanied by a nice introduction letter — are a great way to kick off effective onboarding and making a good first impression. You want to send the message right away, so each employee feels welcome, needed, and appreciated.

Read on for tips and best practices for sharing new-hire welcome gifts.

Why are Welcome Gifts Trending?Welcome gifts are trending for new hires.

  • Increased competition for top talent: In today’s competitive job market, companies are looking for ways to attract and retain top talent. A thoughtful welcome gift can show new hires that they are valued and appreciated.
  • Improved employee experience: A positive first day experience can set the tone for a new hire’s entire time at the company.
  • Enhanced employer branding: Welcome gifts can help to promote a company’s culture and values to potential hires. When new hires share their experience and gifts on social media, it can generate positive buzz.

Set a New Precedent

The trend of welcome gifts and more robust first-day onboarding is driven by company leaders who remember what their first days felt like. Now that they’re in charge, they want to change the status quo. Gone are the days of awkward bumbling around looking for the copier and Wi-Fi code.

An all-too-common mistake companies make with new hires is not being prepared for their arrival. Here are some considerations for a welcoming experience.


  • Welcome package: Package up a branded tote bag, a gift card to the local coffee shop, and anything else that is centric to the company’s ethos and location. This personalizes the experience and equips the new hire with daily use items. And don’t forget to include a personalized note!
  • Workstation setup: A prepped workspace with a laptop, ergonomic furniture, and any necessary equipment avoids confusion and helps people ramp up productivity from day one.
  • Tech setup: IT support to get them logged into the company networks and platforms and set up with the right passwords and software.


  • Company Information Folder: A folder with information about the company’s benefits, policies, and resources for new hires. This gives them a central location to find answers to their questions.
  • Onboarding materials: Presentations or online modules about the company’s culture, mission, and values. This helps them understand how their role fits into the bigger picture.

Welcome and Connection

  • Warm welcome: A friendly face to greet the new hire and make them feel comfortable. This could be from HR, a manager, mentor, or a designated “buddy” who knows the ropes.
  • Office tour: Introduce them to the workspace and different departments, showcasing the company culture and work environment.
  • Team introductions: Facilitate introductions with colleagues throughout the day, helping them feel like part of the team. Make connections based on what you know. “Hey – I think you both love the Packers!”
  • Team lunch: A casual team lunch allows for informal interactions and helps break the ice.


  • Company swag: A company t-shirt, hoodie, or other branded items make the new hire feel like part of the team and promotes company spirit. (We don’t think swag is always the answer, but it’s perfect during onboarding!)
  • Gift certificates: A grocery or pizza gift certificate says, “dinner is on us!” Or ice cream or pie gift certificates add a celebratory element.
  • Small, thoughtful gift: A desk organizer, a nice pen, or a plant for their workspace personalizes the experience and shows you care.

Welcome Gifts Have Lasting Impact

By making new hires feel welcome from their first day, you’re ensuring better employee retention in the long run. Sharing first-day welcome gifts sets the tone and lays the groundwork for a culture of gratitude — and it’s vital to keep it going!

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