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Just because school is back in session, doesn’t mean that summer is over! In most of the country, we’re still experiencing heat waves that SCREAM for ice cream! Popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and sundae bars are a fan favorite, no matter how old you are and where you live. 

Whether you have a small staff or large teams with remote employees, a hybrid ice cream social is a great way to reward employees and bring smiles to everyone. Let us help you plan one today!


What do you need for a COOL ice cream social? 

Stock up on a variety of ice cream (in coolers) and include shelf stable toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate, caramel or fruit sauce and cones. Be sure to offer some dairy-free options! 

Send out a simple invitation to have in-person employees meet up to enjoy a sweet treat and relax a bit. Remote employees can Zoom in if they’d like to participate (be sure to include a Zoom or Google Meet link in the invitation). 

Time the party when people would be interested in a little break from work and you can keep the ice cream from melting. 

Play some games, let people visit, and say “thank you” to everyone who joins, both for coming and for their hard work. 

How to Send an Ice Cream Gift

As you may know, sending ice cream in the mail can be a bit tricky! But we have a solution. 

Send a Certificate for Ice Cream from gThankYou which can be redeemed for any brand and flavor of ice cream at major grocery stores across the country. Certificates are available in $5 and $10 values. If needed, we can mail the Ice Cream Certificates to employees for you prior to your planned hybrid event so everyone has a chance to shop and be ready for the party.

Ice Cream Social ContestsgThankYou Ice Cream Gift Certificate

Looking for ways to build team connections in-person and online? Consider hosting contests to encourage creativity, engagement and fun!

Some ideas to consider:

  • Largest sundae
  • Best use of unusual toppings
  • Most creative
  • Most clever name for the ice cream creation
  • Would be even better as a shake

We also love this list of ice cream party games.

Be sure to have some prizes, too! Consider ice cream scoopers (with your company logo), ice cream making balls, molds, gift cards for a local ice cream parlor or gift certificates for a pint a month for an entire year.

Make Your Virtual Party Invite Part of the Fun

Start the party off right with a fun invitation. Paperless Post has festive virtual party options or recruit a creative colleague and make your own.

If you haven’t attempted any virtual social events for staff, Shutterfuly has a nice primer on the basics.

Wrap Your Event in Gratitude

Be sure to let your gratitude for employees be the focus of your event from your invitation to the wrap-up of your event. A handwritten note of support and appreciation along with your ice cream gift is the most meaningful. At gThankYou, every purchase comes with free Gratitude Cards so you can customize your message of thanks and even include an organization logo or signature.

To learn more about gThankYou or our Ice Cream Certificates call us at 888-484-1658 or email us at info@gThankYou. We look forward to helping you share your gratitude!


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