Use your gThankYou! Gift Certificate at your favorite grocery store!

Shop the way you like at your favorite grocery store with your gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Gift Certificate. (Photo via, flickr)

Wondering where you can shop using your gThankYou! Gift Certificate?
You can choose your favorite grocery store chain anywhere in the U.S.
As long as the store honors manufacturer coupons, they have the ability to accept your gThankYou! Certificate and there are no grocery chains that we are aware of that do not honor gThankYou! Certificates.
Your gThankYou! Gift Certificate is a manufacturer coupon, just like the cents-off coupons you’re used to, it’s just higher value. They have safety features built into the paper such that they can be validated easily over the phone.

The only stores that do not honor gThankYou Gift Certificates are those that do not accept any Manufacturer Coupons, including the club stores Costco and Sam’s, specialty stores such as HoneyBaked Ham and the Aldi chain.

We do not recommend discount general Merchandise stores such as Walmart and Target.

Specialty stores don’t typically honor coupons.  However, if your favorite specialty store is willing to call us, we will redeem it for them. We mentioned HoneyBaked Ham stores earlier, and here is some clarification since we’re often asked about them. Some of them may take our coupons, but not all.  For shoppers interested especially in HoneyBaked Hams, some grocery stores such as Kroger have been known to stock them.

Remember, a gThankYou! turkey certificate is good for one whole turkey, any brand, fresh, frozen, brined, smoked or cooked which gives the recipient a lot of flexibility to select the perfect turkey for their needs and taste.

Quick tip:
If the store you choose has any questions or concerns, please be sure they call us while you are there so we can take care of it for you.  You can always go to customer service on your way in to a store. Our toll-free number is on the coupon: 888-484-1658.

Learn more about your gthankyou! gift certificate with these free downloads!

gThankYou! offers several useful free downloads for Gift Certificate recipients including an “About Your Certificate,” guide available both in English and in Spanish.  (These can both be found on our website under the “Information for Recipients” tab.)
If you’re a recipient, download one for yourself for easy reference. If you’re an employer, download and print off as many guides as you need for your employees, for posting or distributing.



If you don’t have time to download the “Guide to Using Your Certificate” we have also gathered all the pertinent information about How to Redeem Your gThankYou! Certificate in one spot on our website.

We also offer free cookbooks that are full of helpful advice for the novice cook as well as the seasoned pro.
These popular cookbooks, “Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Guide” and “Holiday Ham Guide” are great companions to your gThankYou! Turkey or Ham Gift Certificate.  The turkey cookbook and guide was recently updated and will become a trusted resource!

We’ve been asked (and have answered) just about every possible question from both gift-givers and gift recipients regarding our certificates.  If you have question about certificates, please check out our FAQs.  It’s likely that you’ll find the answer there.  If you don’t, you can always give us a call at 888-484-1658. 
Our Customer Service line is open Monday – Saturday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Central time).
Spanish language customer service help is available during the holiday season (October – December).

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at gThankYou! However you celebrate, we hope your gThankYou! certificate helps you create a delicious and meaningful meal among family and friends.

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Gift Certificates

Learn More About gThankYou! Gift Certificates Download Our Free Guide Now!

How gThankYou Certificates Work

Step 1

Order Certificates

Choose the gThankYou Certificates you want and order them online or by telephone.

Step 2

Ship directly to your business

Your order is delivered by UPS. Nearly all orders ship the day received. Overnight shipping is available.

Step 3

Distribute to your employees

Personalize your gThankYou Certificates with Recipient and Giver names (optional) and give them to employees.

Step 4

Redeem at any grocery store

Recipients redeem Certificates at major U.S. grocery stores and select the items they want.