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The craziness of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, make it easy to lose the joy and spirit of the holidays. Feeling tired and stressed with the holidays looming ahead? You are not alone.

Your colleagues likely feel this way too. When it comes to sharing year-end employee appreciation, no one wants yet another holiday trinket.

Take Back the Holidays

You can take back the holidays with gratitude.

Gratitude is transformative – it lifts spirits, reminds us of the goodness in others and inspires hope and happiness. It changes our focus so we see more clearly what’s really important.

What employees want most is your personal attention and appreciation for all they do.

Let Gratitude be your Guide for Holiday Appreciation

Help colleagues and friends reclaim the spirit of the season with gestures of kindness and gratitude. In the process of making a memorable holiday for others, you’ll rejuvenate your holiday spirit too!

Plenty of time remains to show employees you care about them and value all that they do.

Ideas for Sharing Holiday Workplace Gratitude:

Thank you note
  • A card written from the heart.
    Put your sincere and heart-felt appreciation in writing. It is the most memorable gift you can share.

    Employees often say private or public recognition is more memorable than monetary rewards. (For card-writing inspiration, check out our guide, “Writing Thank You Notes Employees Will Treasure.”)
  • A gift that enriches employee holiday celebrations.
    Focus on what makes the holidays special and memorable – sharing them with loved ones.

    A gift that contributes to the holiday meal such as a gThankYou! Turkey Or Ham Certificate is a way to make your appreciation especially meaningful.

  • Unexpected “no strings-attached” time off.
    Who wouldn’t love a few unexpected hours to help manage holiday demands?

  • Host a simple holiday work break.
    With the stress of the holidays, sometimes what people want most is real connection and a little kindness. Create an opportunity for colleagues to enjoy time together without the pressure of rushing back to work.

    It is as simple as sharing coffee and a treat while everyone has a chance to unwind and share stories. Not everyone can do this easily, but if you can, it builds bonds and company spirit. 

  • Throw a party employees love.
    While holiday parties are time-honored, they are not always a beloved workplace tradition. Catered meals and open bars are generous, but what employees remember is authenticity. A story that’s always resonated with us is that of  “The Nicest Party I’ve Ever Been To.” The author shares what was most memorable to him – how much his employer wanted to throw the party.

    Host an event that makes employees feel like the stars of the show. Invite families, if you want. It doesn’t need to be glitzy or fancy. Your authentic gratitude needs to shine through.

With anything you choose, let gratitude and appreciation take center-stage. It will focus everyone on what’s really important – families, friends, health and good fortune.

There is still time to give the thoughtful gift of Certificates of Gratitude for the center piece of a special meal or a special treatOrder online or call us at 888-484-1658.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season!

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