Summertime Reboarding Means Outside Fun!

On the topic of “reboarding” employees, take advantage of being outside for social events to celebrate employees returning to the workplace or who have been there all along! Outside, it’s easier to socially distance and still have fun – perfect for summer reboarding activities.

Who needs workplace fun? We all do after more than a year of COVID, societal tension and volatile politics. Social events are great for workplace culture and morale which are as important as ever right now.

Parties and team building exercises may not look exactly like they used to, but with some creativity and agility, the fun committee is back in session!

Summer Reboarding Ideas for Bringing People Back Together

Casual Picnic:

What everyone really needs is social engagement after this challenging past year. Keep your event easy by hosting an outside breakfast, lunch, happy-hour, snack break or full picnic spread. Outside you have more space to spread out your event. Staff the food and drink tables to limit contact. If you don’t have the right outdoor space where you work, rent a local outdoor park and shelter.

Don’t want to get involved in the food? Schedule a food truck(s) to cater your outdoor event.

An outdoor social event lends it’s self to games or extending the invitation to families. Discuss what’s right for your workplace. Maybe everyone just needs a prompt to talk about how they spent the last year and a half. Or conversely, maybe they just want to play outdoor games with their colleagues and put the last year and a half past them.

Ice Cream Social:

summertime reboarding means ice cream social fun!The beauty of this event is it can be done both in-person and remotely.

If you can, do your ice cream social outside. Like many companies you may be hybrid in staffing employees both in-person and remotely. For your in-person staff, host your party outside. Be sure to offer a dairy-free option such as sherbet in your spread.

For remote workers, send team members a gThankYou Certificate for Ice Cream which can be redeemed for any brand and flavor of ice cream at major grocery stores across the U.S.! If you’d like to take it up a notch, provide remote workers with an “ice cream sundae gift” and send along non-perishable treats with your ice cream gift certificate such as sprinkles, chocolate, caramel, fruit sauce or cones.

It’s a fun summertime indulgence and excuse to be outside with your team.

Yappy Hour:

Dog Happy Hour for your Summer reboarding fun!

If your dog-friendly workplace hasn’t hosted a yappy hour, you’ve been barking up the wrong tree (couldn’t resist!).

A dog-friendly happy hour can also be done in-person or remotely. Think summertime happy hour but invite the dogs. If outside, be sure to vet the location and provide guidelines. Plan to provide water and dog treats too. Distribute smaller flexible freebees as party gifts that owners and dogs can share. Have a small office? Some dog parks have picnic tables – not a bad way to do it all.

This is even easier as a remote event, where more people can bring their home pets on screen and their furry friends can show off without a leash. Bandana’s, treats, toys are all good pet and owner gifts if you wish to send a little something for your event. Keep pets in mind if you need a creative outdoor Halloween event and host a dog costume contest (in addition to your human one).

Art or Craft Party:

Similar to games, an art or craft project can provide an easy way for workers to reconnect when re-socializing isn’t especially comfortable. Help employees by providing a range of activities that allow them to re-engage at their comfort level.

Arts and crafting are perfect summertime reboarding activities for outside. Consider painting – a picture, a planter, a birdhouse, rocks, etc. Consider crafting – tie-dying socks or t-shirts, hand-prints, paw-prints, creating a poster of your last year for sharing with your team. Make it optional and consider inviting families.

Inspiring Employee Engagement All Year Long

Seasons, holidays and milestones are perfect excuses to host an employee engagement event. But there are simple ways to show appreciation all year-round. Check out our free eBook on celebrating employees.

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