Explore Delicious Recipes for Turkey, Ham, and More!

Discover mouthwatering recipes that will elevate your holiday entertaining and make your gatherings unforgettable. From tantalizing ham appetizers to comforting winter soups, we have a variety of recipes that will delight your taste buds.

Irresistible Ham Appetizers for Holiday Entertaining

Impress your guests with these easy-to-execute ham appetizers that are ideal for holiday entertaining. From savory Ham and Cheese in Puff Pastry to delectable variations using different cheeses, these finger foods will be a hit at family gatherings. With premade puff pastry, you’ll have bubbling and delicious appetizers in no time. Get ready to indulge!

Master the Art of Cooking the Perfect Ham

Preparing the best-tasting ham doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few simple tips, you can achieve ham perfection. Learn the key factors to consider when buying the right ham and avoid common mistakes to ensure a delicious outcome. Discover the secrets to cooking a ham that will have everyone raving about its flavor and tenderness.

Elevate Your Holiday Ham with Delectable Glazes

Take your holiday ham to the next level with these tantalizing glaze recipes. From tangy and sweet combinations to unique spice blends, these glazes will enhance the natural flavors of your ham. Explore the perfect balance of sour fruits, sweet elements, and aromatic spices that will create a symphony of flavors. Elevate your holiday ham and impress your guests with a moist and juicy centerpiece.

Transform Leftover Ham Bone into Scrumptious Soups

Make the most of your leftover ham bone with these comforting soup recipes. From hearty split pea soup to flavorful New Orleans red beans and rice, these recipes will transform your ham bone into a rich and satisfying meal. Allow the soups to simmer and develop deep flavors, and enjoy them reheated for a nourishing lunch. Embrace the rainy days of April with these heartwarming dishes.

Savoring Comfort with Winter Soups | Recipes for Recovery

When you or your loved ones are feeling under the weather, these comforting winter soups will provide warmth and nourishment. Chicken soup, known for its soothing properties, is a classic choice. Explore recipes that combine flavorful ingredients and healing properties to help you recover from cold and flu symptoms. Be the caring friend or family member who brings a bowl of comfort to those in need.

What to Serve at Your Festive Holiday Party?

Planning a holiday party and unsure of what to serve? Consider the crowd-pleasing options of a perfectly browned turkey or a glazed holiday ham. Each offers ample servings to feed a crowd and leave leftovers for the days to come. If you’re hosting a cocktail party, ham appetizers add a touch of decadence to the occasion. For picky eaters or those with dietary restrictions, turkey provides versatility with white and dark meat options. Explore unique flavor profiles and glazes to add excitement to your holiday menu.

With these enticing recipes and ideas, you’ll create memorable meals and impress your guests during the holiday season and beyond.

  • Ham Appetizers for Holiday Entertaining

    A holiday ham doesn’t have only one part to play in your end-of-the-year celebrations. Check out these great ham appetizer ideas for passing around at family gatherings — all finger food and easy to execute.

    Ham Appetizers You Won’t Be Able to Pass Up

    Ham and Cheese in Puff Pastry

    From Ina Garten, The Food Network.
    This is one of my all-time favorite holiday appetizers. It starts with premade puff pastry and comes out of the oven bubbling and delicious. (I especially like it because it doesn’t involve filling little individual quiche cups or wrapping dozens of shrimp in bacon. Who has time?)
    You can vary the cheese — cheddar is great for a more kid-friendly version, as is part-skim mozzarella — and any hard cheese could substitute for Gruyere. Yum!



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  • The #1 Best Tasting Way to Prepare Ham

    Delicous, juicy sliced ham

    A nicely cooked ham is beautiful to behold. But how do you prepare the absolute, #1 Best Tasting Ham?

    Borrowing advice from the ham-savvy Serious Eats Food Lab, it’s easy:
    1) Buy the right ham, and
    2) Don’t screw it up.
    Fair enough.
    But, seriously, ham needn’t be a complex dish. With these simple tips, you’re guaranteed to have success.  (more…)

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  • 3 Holiday Ham Glazes to Delight Your Taste Buds

    Just Cooked Holiday Ham

    Helping your holiday ham taste its best!

    Sometimes foods with distinct flavors need counterpoints to bring out the best taste combinations. Whether it’s strong coffee in barbecue sauce, a pinch of hot pepper in Mexican cocoa, or a splash of balsamic vinegar on a bowl of freshly sliced strawberries, these culinary marriages will delight your taste buds!
    Such is the case with ham. . . salty, smoky, and succulent it pairs wonderfully with sour fruit (pineapple, orange, cranberries, currants, rhubarb), sweet elements (brown sugar, maple syrup, honey, even cola!) and spices (cloves, mustard, (more…)

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  • One Ham Bone, Three Great Soup Recipes

    Just like I’ll fight (nicely, of course) the other cooks at the Thanksgiving table for possession of that flavorful turkey carcass — such a great way to make stock — I do the same at Easter for the leftover ham bone.
    These rainy April days are the perfect time to take that ham bone out of the freezer and put it to good use for some great tasting and heart warming comfort food.
    Bean soups especially benefit from a long simmer with a leftover ham bone, whether or not there’s much meat left on it. If there is, that’s just a bonus; slice it off at the end and add it to the soup.
    Allow at least two hours for each of these home cooked soups, and know that they’re just as good (more…)

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