Making Gratitude Part of Your Workplace Culture.

Successful companies have great workplace cultures. Building that culture begins when employees are valued and appreciated. Expressing “thanks” – so team members know they are valued – is the first step to creating good feelings and goodwill.

At gThankYou we are committed to helping companies build great workplaces – workplaces with proud, loyal and productive workers.

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“Celebrating Work: Insights for leaders building great workplace cultures”

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2021 Day-to-Day Employee Appreciation Calendar

Our work world has been transformed by the pandemic – bringing both challenges and opportunities for recruiting, nurturing and retaining employees. Employee engagement, wellbeing and appreciation have become mission critical for all organizations. In our 2021 version of this popular resource we presume social distancing and remote work remain the norm.

Inside this one-of-a-kind resource you’ll find the inspiration, creative ideas and current examples to help you keep employees feeling valued and important to the success of your organization in the year ahead. Why wait? Download your free copy now.

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Transforming Your Workplace With Gratitude

Here at gThankYou, we feel strongly about the transformative potential of gratitude. That’s why we updated our most popular eBook to provide everything you need to put the power of appreciation to work for your organization. Download this free guide and discover the stunning difference genuine appreciation makes.

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Put the ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving: How to Write a Thanksgiving Letter to Employees

Your employees work hard all-year. Thanksgiving is the season of gratitude and the perfect time to share your heartfelt appreciation. With this new eBook, you’ll learn from today’s workplace leaders how to write a Thanksgiving letter of gratitude that employees will remember for years to come.

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Making Employee Gifts Count

Research backs up what successful organizations have known all along – that appreciating employees day-in and day-out feeds productivity, retains employees and transforms workplace culture. Gift-giving in the workplace is an opportunity to show you care and to make employees feel valued.

Now more than ever, your gifts of appreciation really matter. Whether employees are front-line or just coming back, they are all essential to the success of your business. Show them you care. In this free eBook, you learn from experts the secrets to making employee gifts meaningful and memorable.

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Making Employee Gifts Count

Writing Thank You Notes That Employees Will Treasure

Sharing a sincere workplace thank you is a powerful force that improves employee wellbeing, happiness and loyalty. Start putting your appreciation into action today by learning how to write workplace thank you notes that are meaningful and impactful with this free how-to guide.

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The Ultimate Employee Gift-Giving Guide

Everyone wants to be valued and appreciated, especially in the workplace. Learn why employee recognition is crucial to building your bottom line. In The Ultimate Employee Gift-Giving Guide you’ll discover what employees really want, how to motivate them and what’s in it for you!

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The Top 20 Employee Engagement Blogs You Should Read

This is the ultimate ebook for organizational excellence. Follow these cutting edge blogs and you’ll be up-to-the minute with insights from world-class employee engagement experts. These blogs are loaded with best-practice ideas, insider tips, and the latest research for building superior teams. Don’t miss them.

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