Mentors and trainers are teachers, too.

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up May 8 – May 12. It can be argued that teachers are the most hardworking group of people on the planet. We think they deserve to be celebrated all year long. Thank you, teachers! Be sure to send your kids to school with handwritten thank you notes. (Teachers love them!)

Mentors and Trainers are Teachers, Too!

As we honor the teachers who educate our children, we should also show gratitude for those who teach in the workplace. Trainers and mentors should be celebrated for their critical roles, too.

According to the Association for Talent Development (ATD), “Training is one specific and common form of employee development; other forms include coaching, mentoring, informal learning, self-directed learning, or experimental learning.”

Everyone deserves a well-respected trainer or mentor to help them onboard, gain knowledge and pave a path to success.

An HBR piece, What Great Mentorship Looks Like in a Hybrid Workplace states that, “Mentorship and sponsorship are critical to employee retention and satisfaction — especially for people of color and women, both of whom are more likely than others to report mentoring as very important to their career development.

“On the retention side, mentorship supports employee development and progression. On the recruiting side, involvement in undergraduate mentorship builds talent pipelines and provides access to students who are often excluded from traditional recruiting…Hiring mistakes and poor employee support are always costly, but the stakes are even higher in today’s environment. Mentoring helps us avoid both.”

The right training, development and mentorship can drastically impact an employee’s experience. That said, let’s embrace the ambassadors who train, lead and teach – we need them at every age and stage of life and business.

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