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There isn’t just one recipe for success when it comes to employee recognition; there are many thoughtful ways to acknowledge employees’ dedication. Leaders who take the time and energy to show employee gratitude year-round end up with happier team members and a more enjoyable workplace. Each season provides multiple opportunities to recognize employees, partners, and other stakeholders. Below are some ways to celebrate spring in the workplace.

Celebrate Spring in the Workplace

Many people are gearing up for Easter, which comes early this year (March 31). While not everyone celebrates this holiday, it can easily be regarded as a “Spring into Spring” workplace celebration with chocolate, bunnies, family-style meals and egg-hunting – which everyone would welcome and enjoy.

If you have concerns about tackling Easter at work, take a look at our blog post about Time for Easter Employee Appreciation. It is chock full of ideas about how to make Easter and spring workplace celebrations entertaining and appropriate for everyone!

An easy way to get into the spirit is to add extra plants and flowers around the office, providing a fresh reminder that the warmer months are coming soon! If you live in a temperate climate where the end of winter isn’t what people are pining for, simply bring in some seasonal blooms. 

Then, start thinking about a day in March when you can throw spring and Easter festivities. Teambuilding.com has a great list of activities to consider like rubber duck races, a team brunch, and a Peep diorama contest. And, as always, dying eggs is easy and relaxing, allowing employees to chat while dipping. 

Share the Gift of an Easter HamShare the gift of an Easter Ham with employees and clients - it's a gift everyone will appreciate!

If you are pondering how to shower employees with a “Happy Spring” thank you, consider the gift of a holiday ham. For many, the gift of a ham for Easter is a valued and welcome gift. It evokes family and underscores the joy and warmth that comes from sharing a special meal together. gThankYou makes it easy to share the gift of ham – during springtime or whenever you want to share your workplace appreciation.

Want more choice? Consider our Ham or Turkey Gift Certificate. Recipients choose what’s best for the centerpiece of their family celebration.

Thinking you’d rather go the sweet route? How about a Candy Gift Certificate? Since sugar makes the world go ‘round, this is always a fan favorite for employee appreciation gifts. There are many seasonal candy classics like jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, and Cadbury Eggs that recipients can buy with your spring gift!

Spring in the Workplace – Holiday Ham Guide

At gThankYou, we love a delicious, juicy ham with all the fixings. That’s why we created our Ultimate Holiday Ham Guide – so everyone can cook a a crowd-pleasing ham! Our guide is packed with pages of ham goodness, including an explanation of the different kinds of ham, cooking tips, menu planning ideas, food safety strategies, recipes and much more!

And even better, it’s FREE! Download it now and share with colleagues and friends. Give this guide/cookbook with your gift of a holiday ham. They will appreciate getting not just the centerpiece of their meal, but all of the helpful hints contained in the guide.

Do you want to learn new ways to glaze a ham? Interested in how to properly cook and carve? Intrigued by new recipes that inspire novice and top chefs alike? Then look no further! Check out the Ultimate Holiday Ham Guide for inspiration and practical advice.Ultimate Ham Guide

Happy spring and Easter from your friends at gThankYou! We appreciate YOU.

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