navigating the new world of work

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NEWS ALERT: The work world has shifted. Priorities have changed, hybrid and remote working has become status quo, and flexibility is key. Collectively, we are figuring out how to navigate new ways of working.

What’s really keeping HR people up at night is how to RETAIN talented and hardworking staff. If we thought retention was important before, we have a tighter grip now. But what is the secret sauce to keeping employees happy, healthy and gainfully employed by you? Appreciation and recognition go a long way. Here are some ways to navigate new ways of working:

Pay attention equally to employees regardless of their location.

With a shift to remote and hybrid workplaces, it is important to “spread the love” to those who may be working elsewhere. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the wrong approach. Be sure to show appreciation equally for people across town or the globe.

Focus on wellbeing.

There are staggering statistics on COVID-related stress and its impact on mental and physical health. It is extremely wise to take a look at how your organization addresses wellbeing and fosters an environment where people can thrive — or at least ask for help. Here is a great resource on this topic from the folks at Achievers Workforce Institute.

Ask questions.

When status quo drastically changes, it’s an excellent opportunity to shake things up. Ask questions about what the workplace can and should be — not just what it’s historically been! Use pools and open forums and conversations to reveal new ideas for this new world of work. Employees are your subject matter experts!

Communicate effectively.

While this phrase can seem obvious or trite, now is a critical point to audit your internal communication practices. Are you reaching employees? Is there 2-way communication? Are you being creative in ways to inform, educate and involve team members? Consider new ways to communicate and forgo the methods that don’t work.

Show gratitude at every turn.

At gThankYou, we are passionate about gratitude! We believe employee recognition and appreciation is at the heart of a sound organization. Fostering a workplace filled with personalized appreciation blooms into a happy, productive workforce. Try gift certificates as a company-wide thank you. Grocery gift certificates are always well-received.

While no one asked for the challenges that we’ve collectively faced, we may as well be positive. We’ve made great strides and can apply these lessons to improve. Our organizations can — and should be — stronger than before. Let’s take our newfound agility and continue to be grateful, productive and resourceful as we rebuild the workplace and navigate new ways of working.

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