Your thank you fuels company culture - read The Power of Thanks"!

Learn how your Thank You fuels company culture in this book by recognition gurus Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine. (Image via Globoforce)

The power of your Thank You can transform your workplace – especially when you use it to recognize employees for exhibiting behaviors that impact your business for the better.

But how does your Thank You fuel positive company culture?

The Power of Thanks is a new book by Globoforce executives Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine. They’re determined to guide companies toward “providing a more human workplace.” One where thank you plays a pivotal role.

Today, we’re taking a look at the first chapter of The Power of Thanks. In a later post, we’ll share real-life examples of companies (like Ford and Jet Blue) that successfully use the power of thanks to create and maintain positive, effective company cultures. Workplace gratitude is more successful than any technology, strategy, cost-cuts, or productivity improvement measures!

Do you know how to instill values-driven company culture? Learn how with The Power of Thanks!

Choose a set of values Important to your culture

As Mosley and Irvine write:

“Creating a culture means choosing a limited number of values that define the company as surely as its products or logo do, and then encouraging expression of those values in everyday behavior.”

What does this mean? Here’s an example: If you value innovation, express that, and then use the power of thanks to reinforce it. Leadership should thank employees who innovate in even small ways. You should also recognize people who thank other employees for their innovations. Over time, innovation—and the power of thanks—will become part of your culture.

Reinforce Behaviors Through the Power of Your thank you

If you consistently watch for innovative behaviors and reinforce them through the power of thanks, your workplace culture will change. According to Mosley and Irvine, that’s the definition of culture management!

What if you accidentally reinforce negative behaviors? Let’s say an employee tries something new and it doesn’t work. If you correct the employee by scolding or shaming them, you’ll incentivize sticking with the status quo rather than innovating and improving it! This negative reinforcement leads to a culture with:

“Disgruntled employees, disappointed shareholders, and turned-off customers … [that] feed a downward spiral from which a company never recovers.”

A positive company culture, on the other hand, creates competitive advantage. Talented people seek you out for employment, employees are optimistic and energetic, and workers organization-wide share a set of values that inform their decision-making and behaviors. The workforce earns customers’ trust and goodwill!

This positive culture, “…is important at all times and critical in a crisis,” according to The Power of Thanks.

build a culture of recognition

The Power of Thanks advocates building a culture of recognition in which employees express gratitude and promote the company’s core values. Reinforce employees’ behaviors that embody these values by thanking them often (and sincerely!). Your commitment to sharing your thanks will fuel positive company culture.

Want to learn more about The Power of Thanks? Download a free chapter of the book or buy a full copy of The Power of Thanks.

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