Instant employee recognition drives engagement and reinforces desired behaviors.Instant employee recognition shows workers that you value them and reinforces behaviors that you want to encourage.

In fact, says a Rideau post, “Instant Recognition”:

“The most effective kind of recognition is immediate and instant recognition. This kind of recognition truly makes the link between the recognition received and the behavior exhibited. Immediate recognition is the most powerful, effective and meaningful recognition available.”

Instant recognition elicits great work

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Studies show the importance of recognition in eliciting top-quality work from employees. A Forbes article by David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom, “Employee Appreciation Day: 5 Last-Minute Ideas, and 1 Essential Message,” cites a survey of 1,000 U.S. workers. It reports that:

“The most important practice managers can adopt to cause employees to produce ‘great work’ is to recognize them. In fact, employees in a recent study cited recognition three times as often as any other [factor] that may cause them to produce great work.”

This is true of all employees, but especially Millennial workers, says Gary Beckstrand, vice president at the O.C. Tanner Institute:

“Of all age groups, those in the Millennial generation are most highly motivated by recognition and also value recognition from peers as influential in performing great work … a culture of great work for every generation and at all levels of seniority comes from individuals clearly understanding they are making a difference to their coworkers and the organization. The resulting sense of appreciation is most meaningfully communicated through recognition from managers and peers.”

It’s no surprise! There’s a connection between great work and company performance, the Forbes article reports:

  • Financial impact. Consistent performers of great work are 21% more likely than infrequent performers to have a high impact on the long-term financial performance of the organization, regardless of seniority.
  • Top talent. Consistent performers of great work—the very best employees—are 20% more likely to work at organizations with excellent recognition or promotion practices

Reap bottom-line benefits

Another article at, “Why Instant Recognition is So Vitally Important to the Workplace,” highlights the financial impact of an instant recognition program:

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater employee satisfaction in the working environment
  • Much higher customer loyalty and satisfaction scores
  • Enhanced teamwork
  • Much higher employee retention rates and lower turnover
  • Enhanced safety records and fewer work incidents
  • Greatly reduced absenteeism and stress

For better or worse, our society expects immediacy. As the Forbes article says:

“Interactions have changed forever. People can connect via social networks in an instant and have now come to expect this level of speed across all their daily experiences.

This shift means that immediacy, simplicity and openness are essential to meaningful recognition of employees in this new world of fast-paced, short-burst connections.”

So show employees you do value their hard work and daily successes.  You’ll be amazed at difference in your workplace!
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