Building a culture employees love, sustains a workplace of appreciation, long-term commitment, and strong execution.

Research proves appreciating employees day-in and day-out enhances engagement, fuels productivity, retains employees and transforms workplace culture.

And at it’s heart, appreciating employees means finding and making opportunities to share your heartfelt and sincere thanks – now and throughout the year.

gThankYou’s 2020 Day-to-Day Employee Celebration Calendar – is your unique how-to guide for building that vibrant, lasting culture of appreciation that employees will love.

How-to Guide Provides Research & Tools for Celebrating Employees

In this one-of-a-kind eBook, we give you the tools to educate and inspire you to build an everyday culture of appreciation.

This year’s fresh and fun engagement and appreciation Calendar contains:

  • Recent trends in employee appreciation, engagement and gratitude in the workplace
  • Creative ideas for employee appreciation
  • New case studies of appreciation in action
  • Exciting new resources for building a healthier, happier workplace.

It’s the perfect resource to inspire 2020 employee engagement and appreciation planning!

Every year at this time, we share our brand-new Day-to-Day Employee Appreciation and Celebration Calendar for the coming year. It’s free and our holiday gift to you and your colleagues!

Easy Month-by-Month Celebrations

Each month identifies “Don’t Miss Celebrations” and “Ready-to-Go Celebrations” to make your job engaging and appreciation colleagues easier and more fun! Use our ideas “as is” or modify them to better meet your needs.

This Calendar resource is intended to inspire your employee engagement and appreciation planning. Use our examples and ideas for a basis of brainstorming with your team for GREAT ideas that fit your workplace culture.

Let us know what works well for you and we might feature you in next year’s Calendar!!

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We wish you and your colleagues an inspired and joyful new year!

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